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EarthLink launches industry's first nationwide wired and wireless Home Networking

EarthLink broadband subscribers will be offered 2Wire's award-winning HomePortal residential gateways

ATLANTA and SAN JOSE, Calif., April 2, 2001 -- EarthLink (NASDAQ: ELNK) transformed its broadband connections from a one-on-one experience to a family affair, as the company today announced EarthLink Home Networking, the industry's first nationally available wired and wireless home networking service. Powered by a recent agreement between EarthLink and 2Wire*, Inc. (, the new offering provides EarthLink broadband subscribers with co-branded versions of 2Wire's HomePortal* 100 and HomePortal 1000 residential gateways, and full home network support, including the ability to add future services.

EarthLink Home Networking allows users to easily link their computers and peripherals onto a single, shared network. The resulting system will enable entire families and individuals to enjoy a variety of Internet, telephony and entertainment applications simultaneously. The 2Wire gateways will allow EarthLink to offer a variety of different networked-home products, widely seen as the next step in the evolution of broadband. According to the Yankee Group, 37 percent of broadband households and 29 percent of PC households have multiple PCs. In addition, 42 percent of broadband households and 34 percent of PC households were "very" or "somewhat" interested in home networking. 

"We see the networked home as the next 'big thing' in broadband, allowing our broadband subscribers to create true home networks, including printers and other peripherals, and get the most out of their EarthLink broadband connection," said Mike Lunsford, executive vice president of broadband services at EarthLink. "In the future, EarthLink Home Networking will also allow us to provide a variety of additional value-added services to our broadband subscribers, like voice over IP and video on demand." The HomePortal transforms a broadband Internet connection into a rich avenue capable of delivering data, telephony, networking and next-generation entertainment services throughout the home. 

By plugging the HomePortal into any telephone jack, EarthLink Home Networking users instantly gain high-speed Internet connectivity and the ability to network PCs, peripherals and Internet appliances via an Ethernet, home phoneline (HomePNA), or wireless network without adding any additional wiring. The wireless version of EarthLink Home Networking allows wireless connections to multiple computers throughout the home using an integrated WiFi (802.11b) access point. In addition, the HomePortal gateway provides commercial-grade firewall protection, as well as VPN capability and enhanced protection against common Internet attacks. "By combining the versatility and power of our HomePortal residential gateway with EarthLink's lightening-fast broadband services and award-wining Internet tools and support, the consumer will get best-of-breed services in a single, easy-to-use package," said Brian Hinman, president and CEO of 2Wire. "And the versatility of HomePortal means that EarthLink can easily supplement its basic services with future value adds." 

Beginning today, wired and wireless versions of EarthLink Home Networking will be available to all new and existing EarthLink DSL subscribers for $9.95 a month. Users incur a one-time cost of $149.95 for the wired version and $299.95 for the wireless version. Lunsford continued, "Our deal with 2Wire ensures that EarthLink has all the pieces in place to offer an industry-leading home networking service. EarthLink is paving the way to the future of the connected home." 

For more information about EarthLink home networking services, please call 1-800-EARTHLINK or visit For information about EarthLink's other award-wining Internet access, Web hosting and e-commerce services, please call 800-395-8425 or visit For information about 2Wire, please call 877-349-3304 or visit

-- more -- 

About EarthLink Broadband With more than 215,000 broadband subscribers, EarthLink is one of the leading broadband Internet service providers. EarthLink DSL is currently available in more than 70 major metropolitan markets through more than 2,650 Central Offices (COs). The company also offers its award-winning Internet services through cable, Ricochet* and fixed wireless technologies. Its commitment to offer a variety of broadband technologies through multiple vendors allows EarthLink to offer its high-speed services to subscribers in more areas of the country.

About 2Wire 2Wire, Inc. ( is dedicated to developing integrated products that deliver broadband content and services throughout the home. 2Wire's full suite of broadband solutions, which includes the award-winning line of HomePortal residential gateways, provide consumers with a simple, flexible way to leverage a broadband connection to enable feature-rich Internet, telephony, entertainment, and other services to be delivered to computers, phones and entertainment equipment. 2Wire was recently named Technology Partners Technology Outlook "Investor's Choice" for the second consecutive year. The company has also been recognized as one of the Hot 100 Private Companies by Upside magazine. 2Wire's HomePortal wireless residential gateway was awarded Best of Show honors at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2001.

About EarthLink The #1 Provider of the Real InternetTM, EarthLink brings the magic of the Internet to 4.7 million subscribers every day. Headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink provides a full range of innovative access, hosting and e-commerce solutions to thousands of communities internationally through broadband and wireless technologies, and over 6,500 dial-up points of presence. EarthLink is committed to doing an exceptional job of pleasing its subscribers, shareholders and the community by following the company's Core Values and Beliefs. Information about EarthLink services is available by calling 800-395-8425 and through EarthLink's Web site at # # # 

This press release contains forward-looking statements, forecasts and predictions that involve risks and uncertainties. Our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements; forecasts and predictions as a result of many factors including those discussed in the EarthLink's various reports filed from time to time with the SEC.

2Wire, the 2Wire logo and HomePortal are trademarks of 2Wire, Inc. * 2001, 2Wire, Inc. Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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