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Alliance to Publish UWB Standard
IEEE deadlock? No problem. The MBOA is formalizing its own group to promote ultrawideband. - 1/30/04

RFID's Marquee Cast Expands
A-list technology vendors make noise about bringing radio frequency identification data into the supply chain. - 1/29/04

Service Model Security
A new wireless ISP for small-to-medium businesses lifts off today with the promise of providing extra security to customers as simply as possible. - 1/28/04

Atheros Rolls One Die with 802.11g
The Wi-Fi chipmaker pushes ahead with its consumer plans for WLAN technology. - 1/27/04

Intel Preps for WiMax Chips
The No. 1 chipmaker signals to product designers that it is ready to play hardball in an arena it says is a good 'last mile' alternative. - 1/26/04

WiMax Chip Race Begins
As a new version of 802.16 nears completion, chipmakers ready their wares. - 1/23/04

Extending the AP Architecture
Colubris says its new wireless Extension Architecture makes WLANs easier and cheaper than switches. - 1/22/04

WiMax Forum Expands
The group backing the 802.16 broadband wireless standard welcomes new members, including a couple of major operators. - 1/21/04

Wi-Fi Rocketing Up the Charts
The popularity of Wi-Fi in the home hit a new high last year, primed by cheap prices, faster equipment, and embedded chips. - 1/20/04

Intel Adds 11g to Centrino
After making the wrong bet on 802.11a, the chip giant this week begins shipping its own 802.11g silicon to laptop vendors. - 1/16/04

Voice Standard on the Horizon?
Industry leaders push for a new 802.11 standard to address real-time applications such as voice. - 1/15/04

Predictions for the New Year
In 2004 it's not just new Wi-Fi deployments to look forward to: the majority of current WLANs will be expanding to further improve productivity. - 1/14/04

Microsoft Plays to the House
The software company unveils a home media center and a way to extend it to other rooms, the car — even the wristwatch. - 1/12/04

PRISM Jumps to 140Mbps
Another chip makes the leap to super-high speeds, promising to work with legacy WLANs and avoid the pitfalls its competitors have encountered. - 1/12/04

Wi-Fi at CES 2004 Goes Multimedia
Looking for high-end, enterprise-class wireless? Look elsewhere, my friend: the Consumer Electronics Show's wireless announcements are all about fun at home with wireless audio and video. - 1/9/04

Intel Puts Its Money on the Connected Home
The chip-making giant will invest $200 million to get more of its chips into the digital home. - 1/9/04

Broadcom Says No 11n in 2004
Chipmakers might be dodging the 'draft' of future 802.11 specs after claims surfaced of potentially early 802.11n hardware, but that's not stopping increased throughput technology from going into products today. - 1/8/04

Wi-Fi Planet's Hotspot Hits
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Toronto convention center goes wireless, Boingo adds ARESCOM locations, California town offers Wi-Fi as a utility, and more. - 1/7/04

It's Still a PC-Driven Home Network
A new survey from the NPD Group finds that PC makers are the go-to guys for consumers' increasing interest in home networking. - 1/5/04

Making the Segue From AP to PC
A joint offering promises to turn the PC into a Wi-Fi access point for other home or office computers. - 1/5/04

SMC Ships "Universal" APs
The WLAN equipment maker emphasizes security and range in its new enterprise access points. - 1/2/04

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