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Security Vendors Team Against Spyware
Security vendors try to reduce the "enormous confusion" over what is, and isn't spyware. - 1/31/06

ID Theft And Internet Fraud Declining?
New studies indicate that the Internet isn't as dangerous as other places. - 1/30/06

Blackworm May Have Already Hit
The true number of infected PCs is currently unknown. - 1/26/06

Symantec Increases Security Options
The company adds a mail appliance to its security arsenal, which now gives SMB three ways to protect against spam and viruses. - 1/26/06

Windows Mobile 5: An OS for All Devices
Microsoft's latest operating system supports the three major types of handhelds Smartphones, Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phones. What else does Mobile 5 offer workers who are on the run? - 1/19/06

The Windows Ad-Hoc Exploit
How XP connects to Wi-Fi networks potentially puts users at risk, but the fixes to this "lame" problem are simple and plentiful. - 1/18/06

Is Secure Computing Coming Soon?
If 2013 is 'soon.' An HP security exec says that, while progress is being made, ubiquitous security is years away. - 1/18/06

Symantec Gets to Root of Rootkit Controversy
Security provider says latest update removes potential danger. - 1/13/06

2006: The Year of Home Controls
Products for automation and control of your home are on the way, but this week, one technology in particular — Z-Wave — surged ahead, in no small part due to backing from Cisco. - 1/12/06

Flaws Hit QuickTime, iTunes
QuickTime is the target, but tight iTunes integration puts it at risk. - 1/11/06

Searching for Small-Network Tech at CES
Don't let the name fool you. The Consumer Electronic Show offers small businesses plenty of products designed to help start 2006 on the right tech track. - 1/10/06

Otellini Touts Next-Gen Notebooks, Home Theater
More powerful laptops and Hollywood premieres in your living room -- that's Intel's calling card. - 1/9/06

Netgear, Skype Team on Mobile VoIP
Companies work jointly on family of VoIP-enabled handsets and router. - 1/5/06

INSTEON Wants To Control Your Home
Another entrant in the wireless home automation field plans to make a splash with low prices and better PR. - 1/4/05

Google in Home Network Play?
Rumors have the search goliath subsidizing a home entertainment 'Cube.' - 1/4/06

Microsoft Readies WMF Patch
Zero-day Windows Metafile exploit to be patched in the first update of the year. - 1/3/06

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