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Summer School for Product Failures
With the number of 802.11 products that fail to get an official Wi-Fi stamp hovering around 30%, the Wi-Fi Alliance has plans to make it easier for companies to achieve interoperability certification. - 2/27/04

D-Link Takes Wireless to the Switch
The wireless home networking player partners with a switch startup pushing a thin access point standard on a new product targeting businesses. - 2/26/04

Switches Team for Security
As the wireless LAN switch market heats up, many vendors are looking to partners to provide the little extra something they lack: high security. - 2/25/04

Broadband over Powerline Is for Real
Every year for the past three years, you've heard that broadband over powerline is coming this year. Now, in 2004, Amperion says it's really ready to deliver. - 2/24/04

Smarter Than Your Average Antenna
The future of Wi-Fi might not be dominated so much by fancy new specifications as it will be clever antenna technology that pushes signals past their limits. - 2/23/04

Intel Backs UWB for Wireless USB
The chipmaker is among the members of a new industry group that will create a wireless USB protocol based on ultrawideband technology. - 2/20/04

Coming to a Desktop Near You: Gigabit Wi-Fi
If 100+ Mbps isn't enough for your WLAN needs, wait a while: the aim of Gi-Fi is to crank up the throughput past 2 Gigabits. - 2/19/04

Move the Router, Move the Paradigm
Mesh architecture – an intriguing and innovative way to deploy Wi-Fi networks – takes a big step toward maturity as a result of this evolutionary development. - 2/19/04

Vernier's Latest: All Security, All the Time
The gateway vendor's latest software release adds new features designed for a highly-secure, centrally managed WLAN. - 2/18/04

Cisco has submitted a draft of a new protocol for use in 802.1X authentication in hopes of fixing the problems found in its own proprietary LEAP. - 2/17/04

Atheros Launches IPO
The Wi-Fi chipmaker bets that the success of the WLAN market will make for a successful stock offering. - 2/13/04

Wi-Fi's Best Quarter Ever
In the final quarter of 2003, consumer WLAN products sold like hotcakes, but switches didn't add up to much. Meanwhile, Cisco took a beating (or did it?). - 2/12/04

PoE Powering WLAN Growth
Tearing your hair out over how to get AC power to access points? That's what Power over Ethernet is for. - 2/11/04

Proxim Sounds Off on Switch
The new architecture from Proxim — designed in tandem with partners like Motorola — will be tuned specifically to support future VoIP implementations. - 2/10/04

TI Talks Chips
The wireless chipset developer says 2003 was a great year for sales and expects this year to be even better. - 2/9/04

RFID's Hidden Costs and Opportunities
A research firm predicts interesting — and lucrative — times for RFID consultants. - 2/6/04

New Wi-Fi Security Spec Due Mid-Year
The Wi-Fi Alliance plans to upgrade the security capabilities in WPA2, a new version of its Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) protocol. - 2/5/04

Exploring the New Wireless Frontier
The latest UWB startup aims to pick up where Wi-Fi leaves off. - 2/5/04

Ultrawideband: Still a Player?
Pulse-LINK promises to have technology for proprietary UWB-based wireless LANs within a year — but says it's not a Wi-Fi killer. - 2/4/04

Hotspots for the Home Network User
Shifting the focus back to consumer customers, T-Mobile will begin marketing its hotspot business directly to cable modem users. - 2/3/04

No Hockey Stick for WLAN
New research says the growth curve for 802.11 technology will look more like a speed bump instead of a hockey stick. - 2/2/04

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