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New Firefox Vulnerability Pushes Latest Update
A new vulnerability in the browser makes the latest update more important. - 2/28/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Fujitsu announces WiMax SOC; Propagate becomes AutoCell; China is mad about WAPI; and more. - 2/25/05

Wi-Fi Revenues Grow, Prices Drop
According to a new report, Wi-Fi revenues grew by 15 percent last year. Findings show that Cisco and Linksys dominate a market that's evenly split among enterprises and consumers. - 2/25/05

New IE Phishing Exploit Reported
A new potential phishing attack vector was revealed this week that might put Microsoft Internet Explorer users at risk if they're not careful. - 2/23/05

FBI: We're Not Infecting You
A new version of the Sober worm is believed to be behind e-mails that supposedly come from G-man servers - 2/23/05

Junk IMs Spim Out of Control
As if the constant deluge of spam filling inboxes were not intrusive enough, a new report shows spammers are sending huge amounts of unsolicited ads through instant messaging services, a practice known as spimming. - 2/22/05

Alcatel, Microsoft Want IPTV
Network equipment vendor Alcatel will join Microsoft to market IP Television (IPTV) products to broadband providers worldwide. - 2/22/05

ChoicePoint Data Theft Fallout Spreads to 145,000
Responding to pressure amid a growing PR mess after the breach of sensitive consumer data, credit-check company ChoicePoint is notifying 145,000 people to be on the guard for identity theft. - 2/18/05

Cabir Hits U.S.
Mobile phone virus Cabir targets Southern California in its quest to block Bluetooth connectivity. - 2/16/05

Symantec Battles Spyware, Bots and Microsoft
CEO John Thompson dismisses Microsoft's security efforts as child's play. - 2/15/05

Gates Touts New IE With Better Security
Bill Gates takes wraps off IE news and free anti-virus software during his talk at the annual RSA Security Conference. - 2/15/05

Your Portable Network
Anytime, anywhere access to your company's network ó IPDynamics announces a product designed to let you work, communicate and collaborate with co-workers, vendors or clients from any Web-based PC. - 2/15/05

New Service Aims to Prevent Network Trouble
Seattle-based HyBlue today launched a Web-based network diagnostic and management tool designed to help small business consultants and resellers monitor PCs and servers to avoid potential problems. - 2/14/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Netgear uses TRUE MIMO; Alcatel will OEM WiMax products from Alvarion; and more. - 2/10/05

Check Point Releases Two Security Measures
Check Point Software has rolled out an updated version of its Integrity firewall, as well as its first security event management software system, called Eventia Analyzer. - 2/10/05

Microsoft Issues Major Patch Release in Feb. Cycle
Fixes affect Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Media Player and Sharepoint. - 2/9/05

Cisco Touts IP Telephony, Home Networking
Cisco's advanced technology products performed well last quarter, but revenue concerns linger. - 2/8/05

'Critical' Patches For Windows, Messenger on Deck
Microsoft has notified customers that 13 security bulletins are in the works for its next patch release, including a fix for Windows vulnerabilities tagged as critical, and one for its IM service Windows Messenger. - 2/4/05

Virus Poses as Saddam Hussein Death Photos
A worm is quickly spreading in the wild in an email that claims to have attached photos of Saddam Hussein killed in an escape attempt. - 2/3/05

Think Tank Trashes Municipal-Run Wireless
A report out today says city or county controlled Wi-Fi broadband networks (like the one planned for Philadelphia) are 'ill-advised' at bestóbut Wi-Fi pundits question the authors' motives. - 2/3/05

Cable VoIP Use Soars
The number of cable IP telephony users soared to nearly 500,000 last year, according to new research. - 2/2/05

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