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Home Networking Skyrockets, but Media Lags
Impressive home networking sales aren't expected to carry over to media or entertainment networking, according to IDC. - 3/31/04

Intel, Alcatel Link to WiMAX
The technology partners expect to see their products on the market by the second half of 2005. - 3/30/04

Linksys Router Named Top Wireless Product
Datamation readers overwhelmingly chose the Linksys WRT54G Router/Gateway as the top wireless product in the latest Product of the Year Awards. - 3/29/04

Wi-Fi Marketing's Favorite Numbers
A reminder to all — when a company claims it delivers wireless performance at a certain level of throughput, keep in mind that the number you see is only theoretical. - 3/26/04

Wi-Fi Planet Toronto: Security Taking Hold
Last week's Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in Toronto presented an opportunity to check out the tools, techniques, and even some open-source initiatives that are laying the groundwork for the future of secure wireless networking. - 3/25/04

Hotspots the DirectWay
Satellite backhaul for public access hasn't taken off, but Hughes hopes to change that with a new offering for small businesses. - 3/24/04

Unifying Security
Meru Networks looks to provide security at the edge of wireless networks. - 3/23/04

Wi-Fi Crowd's Must-Have: Mesh HotZones
Mesh vendors tout the new architecture at the Wi-Fi Planet show. - 3/22/04

Linksys Gives 802.11g a Boost
The WLAN equipment maker unveils a new lineup using Broadcom's latest speed-boosting technology. - 3/18/04

The End of Free Access?
The great debate between the future of for-pay hotspots vs. free access continues, as one pundit predicts that popularity and tech support issues could be the death knell while a free provider begs to differ. - 3/17/04

Agere Claims Boost to 150Mbps
The basic technology behind the Wi-Fi chipmaker's turbo mode is pre-standard Quality of Service, but the advanced velocity comes from compression. - 3/16/04

It's All in the Branding
When it comes to embedded Wi-Fi, no one can touch Intel...but the rest of the market for chip makers is wide open. - 3/15/04

Wi-Fi's Future: Patent-Pending?
A number of 802.11-related vendors recently received patents that could cost other companies a lot in licensing fees. How will intellectual property rights impact the marketplace? - 3/12/04

Potential Testing Standard for WLANs
The Wireless Performance Prediction group in IEEE 802.11 could lead to an industry-wide test methodology for Wi-Fi. - 3/11/04

Chinks in the Armor
The need for eventual re-testing for interoperability of Wi-Fi products has some analysts and vendors questioning the need for a Wi-Fi Certified seal of approval. - 3/10/04

Making the Switch to VoIP
Replacing existing internal phone systems with VoIP networks can cut costs, simplify administration, and enable a variety of new applications that improve collaboration and productivity. - 3/9/04

VoIP Will Bring 'Dramatic Transformation'
Vonage chair and CEO Jeffrey Citron discusses how Voice over IP technology will change the way companies do business and the coming convergence of VoIP and wireless technology. - 3/8/04

No Thin AP Protocol for Now
LWAPP, the proposed protocol for thin access points, has 'expired' but in its place comes a working group that will first define switch architecture before it even considers addressing a protocol. - 3/5/04

VoWLAN Heats Up
Two leading voice players have entered the emerging voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) market with new products that integrate technology from a couple of startups. - 3/4/04

A Baby Step For RFID Privacy
RSA Security makes a move toward letting consumers control their radio frequency identities. - 3/4/04

Upgrading Certifications
A WLAN certifications developer is shifting requirements on some programs with an eye toward the future use of wireless switches in the enterprise. - 3/3/04

A Look at In-Building Wireless
While the promise of wireless outfitted to a building like any other utility seems obvious, demand has yet to mushroom. But its time may be coming. - 3/2/04

Vendors Plan for Consumer Downturn
The growth of the wireless market has been spurred largely by home users, but analysts say that soon consumer sales will be heading downhill. - 3/1/04

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