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Symantec Fixes Security Holes
The firm releases fixes for two vulnerabilities found in its anti-virus products. - 3/31/05

Remote Access: Have Browser, Will Work
At home, on the road or in between, remote access helps you be productive anytime, anywhere. - 3/30/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: BVS upgrades Yellowjacket; Aruba works with Microsoft's policy enforcement; RoamAD separates software and hardware; and more. - 3/30/05

Security Debate Centers on Firefox and IE
A Microsoft IE developer refutes claim that Firefox will always be more secure because of OS integration. - 3/25/05

PixAlert Aims to Reduce Porn and SMB Liability
Think your PCs are porn-free? Illegal images can land you in court, so don't get caught with your pants down. - 3/25/05

New Homes Come Standard with Wi-Fi
Wish you lived in a digital home of the future, complete with wireless networking and home controls? Playa Vista, Calif., may be the place to be. - 3/23/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: tell text messagers to ZipIt; SMC provides wireless for Toshiba VoIP; Epson's latest Wi-Fi projector; and more. - 3/23/05

Spammed A Lot? Postini Says It Can Help
The company says its new e-mail security service keeps spam, viruses and other electronic nastiness from even getting in the door. - 3/21/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Connexion goes to sea; Proxim offers wireless broadband kit for WISPs; Conexant builds in IPv6; Atheros branches out into cell phones; and more. - 3/21/05

Wireless Carriers Go Digital House Hunting
Looking ahead at new growth areas, mobile giants want to enable the connected home — but they're not alone. - 3/17/05

Sensible Security for Small Networks
Small-business owners worried about security should avoid magic-bullet solutions and look instead to multiple layers of defense. - 3/16/05

Hotspot Payment by Text Messaging
If you use Cingular or Nextel, you can get fast access to certain hotspots thanks to a new feature called Premium SMS from Wi-Fi back-end provider Pronto Networks. - 3/16/05

Cingular Goes Wide With Wi-Fi
Cingular will allow subscribers to get wireless access to data via both 3G EDGE and Wi-Fi hotspots utilizing partners like Wayport and Concourse Communications. - 3/14/05

Wi-Fi in Stitches
There's not much you can't add to your home wireless network ... even your sewing machine. - 3/10/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Look for more types of wireless in phones; SqueezeBox2 debuts; Airspan brings WiMax directly to clients; and more. - 3/10/05

Mini-Patch Day For Microsoft
Computer users hoping for a fresh batch of security updates on Microsoft's patch Tuesday received only two minor tweaks and the next edition of the company's malware removal tool. - 3/9/05

Linksys Unveils Three-Headed Router
The Compact Wireless-G Broadband router (WRT54GC), which is designed to provide home and mobile users with both wireless access and connectivity for wired Ethernet devices in a small form factor. - 3/7/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Paging Dr. Wi-Fi; Broadcom puts some Bluetooth in your ear; Green Hills offers Wi-Fi platform for developers; and more. - 3/7/05

After a Year, Netsky-D Still in Top 5
The Netsky-D worm, which spoofs senders' email addresses, has managed to hold onto the fifth spot in the Most Dangerous Malware list after a full year in the wild. - 3/4/05

Your Notebook and Smartphone are Talking
A more mature Bluetooth technology is key to Intel's strategy on connectivity and data transfer. - 3/3/05

Fresh Bagle Attacks Under Way
A wave of Bagle variants is slipping past anti-virus software and into computers. - 3/1/05

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