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SMB Storage Set for 2006 Rush
This year is shaping up to be the key growth year in the SMB market for storage vendors. - 3/30/06

Third Party IE Patches Step Around Microsoft
The company's 802.11g-based IPTV transport tech is in play with first US customer, the mid-west provider Pioneer. - 3/29/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: wireless 3G modem market to explode; launches Wi-Fi sharing service; Metalink says it has first 802.11n chips; and more. - 3/29/06

Bluetooth Picks WiMedia UWB for High Speed
Future Bluetooth wireless will have a multimedia-capable data rate. - 3/28/06

The Location-Aware SoC
A new smaller than a penny System-on-Chip combines Wi-Fi positioning, passive RFID, and more in one product - 3/27/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: more WiMax products approved; the future Home Server will have it all; SkyPilot puts 4.9GHz in the mesh; and more. - 3/24/06

Latest IE Exploit Creates Security Scramble
A new exploit could defeat yesterday's Microsoft workarounds. - 3/24/06

Microsoft Plans Patch For IE Hole
The company plans a patch for the 'highly critical' hole in the IE 7 beta. - 3/23/06

Yahoo Phones Into Crowded VoIP Space
Consumer VoIP is a crowded field, but the voice-enhanced Yahoo! Messenger is part of a bigger plan. - 3/23/06

Warning on Malicious Bot Hitting Banks
Security firm claims 'Metafisher' has spread to a million computers and growing. - 3/23/06

Ruckus Wireless IPTV in OK Homes
The company's 802.11g-based IPTV transport tech is in play with first US customer, the mid-west provider Pioneer. - 3/22/06

Botnets on The Run?
Security researchers have identified numerous botnets of zombies in recent days and in at least one case ended their reign of the undead. [ - 3/20/06

802.11n: It's Never Easy
One side says all is well in the standards process; another warns of problems if products ship based on the new 1.0 draft specification. - 3/16/06

Built to Be Thin, Simple and Secure
No, it's not the perfect spouse. The HP Compaq t5720 is a new thin client device that's designed to make your life easier by taking PC complexity off the desktop. - 3/16/06

Extortionist Trojan Holds Data Ransom
A new trojan zips up data in an encrypted file then demands payment to one of several E-Gold accounts - 3/15/06

Microsoft Office, Windows Patched
Excel receives critical security attention. - 3/14/06

Apple Patches Again
Second patch issued in fewer than two weeks labeled as 'highly critical.' - 3/14/06

Office Network Systems in a Box
AdTran announces SMB switch/router that provides IP PBX, data networking, Internet communications, VPN, firewall, and QoS all in one device. - 3/10/06

Intel Targets SMB, Consumer Storage
The chip giant announces enterprise-class storage for the masses? - 3/10/06

Yahoo, Siemens Team on VoIP
The companies will team up to offer VoIP on cordless phones. - 3/9/06

Symantec Begins Wireless Security Initiative
Consumer campaign aims at laptops and handhelds connecting to the Internet. - 3/8/06

Avaya, Spanlink Gear VoIP to The Smaller Set
Call center vendors see a big future in small offices. - 3/6/06

Apple Patches Zero-Day Flaw
Better late than never, Apple addresses a week-old issue and 19 others hanging around. - 3/2/06

Security, Patent Tweaks For Internet Explorer
The update controls how IE 6 handles ActiveX controls. - 3/1/06

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