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Monday, 30 April 2001
-802.11a chipset maker Atheros Communications announced today that Card Access, Intermec, Proxim, and TDK have joined their "Premier Partners" program. The press release says that this membership gives these companies early access to Atheros technology for development of networking products based on the 54Mbps standard.

- Linksys is announcing three products at NW+I...two routers and a "SOHO server".  See the NW+I pre-show report for the scoop!  We've also added some more info on the new Ositis hardware products.

- Looking for a router that is guaranteed to work with Cisco IPsec VPN?  Cisco's recently announced 3002 VPN Hardware Client series should take care of you. The 3002-BUN-K9 is street priced around $710 and has one public and one private LAN Ethernet ports.  The 3002-8E-BUN-K9 incorporates an 8 port 10/100 switch and bumps the price up to around $850 or so.  Not cheap, but worth it if Cisco VPN is what ya gotta have!

Friday, 27 April 2001
- If you're running a wireless network, especially if it's one at work, this MSNBC/WSJ article is worth a read. [Thnx Mike Campbell!]

Thursday, 26 April 2001
- Having trouble connecting your new G4 Mac to a Netgear RT314 router?  Check this tip from the Netgear Help page.

- Intersil recently announced version 3 of their 802.11b wireless PRISM chipset.  The new chipset reduces the number of devices required for an 802.11b radio from five to four, (four to three by Intersil's count, which doesn't include the VCO) and boasts 15 patents pending and a direct-conversion radio design.  The product will be available later this year and will cut the materials cost for an 802.11b radio by about one-third.  More info in this EETimes article. [Thnx Brian Barrera!]

- The press releases and announcements related to the upcoming Networld +Interop Las Vegas show are starting to come in.  Check out our pre-show coverage for news of new products from Buffalo Technology, Ositis, and more!

- Linksys's 1.38.4 and 1.38.5 BETA firmware has both an SPI capability and a Triggered port mapping capability.   The SPI capability may be just what Netmeeting users are looking for to allow multiple machines to use Netmeeting.  See this Linksys Help page for more info including BETA download links, but remember this is BETA firmware.  Proceed at your own risk!

- Multitech just told us that they've released Version 4.48 firmware for their RF500S Routefinder router that includes support for IPsec passthru and Netmeeting, along with other fixes.  See our product review for the download and ReadMe links.

Monday, 23 April 2001
- Reader Jeff Swartz tipped us to info that will help you if you're trying to get an Apple AirPort card to talk to non Apple 802.11b products while using WEP encryption. Here's the solution.

Sunday, 22 April 2001
- BestBuy is running specials this week on Linksys wireless networking products (prices below are after "instant" and mail-in rebates):
 - WAP11 Access Point - $180
 - WPC11 PC Card - $80
 - WDT11 PCI adapter - $30
[Thnx Monty Solomon & Jack Choy!]

- CompUSA has the Netgear FR314 Cable/DSL Firewall Router this week for $200. [Thnx Monty Solomon!]

Saturday, 21 April 2001
- The Forums are back up, but with a different format than usual.  We also lost most new posts and user registrations between sometime Thursday 19 April and Friday 20 April.  So if you don't see your message, or your login isn't recognized, please post or register again.  Sorry for the problems and we hope to have the format fixed on Monday.

Friday, 20 April 2001
-Yikes!  Looks like someone's stolen the Forums!  We're trying to find out where they went, so check back later.

- Maybe Intel's defection from the HomeRF camp lit a fire under them, or maybe things are just moving along on schedule!  At any rate Proxim is lining up folks to see a 10Mbps HomeRF 2.0 demonstration at Networld + Interop the week of May 6. We'll be there and have a report for you shortly after.

- CompUSA is running a special in some parts of the country (Atlanta is one) for today and tomorrow only. All wireless networking products are $50 off!  Check your local newspaper! [Thnx Axel Blickle!]

- D-Link has rolled out the DI-713P, which adds a bi-directional parallel print server to its popular DI-713 wireless router.  On-line pricing is in the $240-$260 range but we're not sure of availability.

Thursday, 19 April 2001
- We enter the brave, new, world of PocketPCs with our review of TRENDnet's TE-CF100 CompactFlash 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter. If you've been looking for an inexpensive way to get your PocketPC connected to your LAN, take a look at the review.

- SMC has rebates through April 30 on the following products:
SMC7004BR-$20 (4 port Barricade router),
SMC7004WBR-$50 (Wireless Barricade router),
SMC2652W-$60 (Wireless Access point), and
EZNET-24SW-$100(Dual-Speed Desktop switch). Go to this SMC page to download coupons. [Thnx Jae-Shin Lee!]

Wednesday, 18 April 2001
- Yes, we're still here!  Sorry about the lack of news for the past few days.  We've been busy on the new Product Guide feature.  This will replace our present Hardware Router and Wireless Product charts with a database-driven system. Should be easier for us to maintain and for you to use!  Coming soon...!

- SOHOware has released new firmware for their BroadGuard Cable/DSL router.  This update adds port forwarding and corrects many of the deficiencies noted in our review. Check our updated review for the download and release ReadME links.

- SMC has released 1.92B firmware for the wireless Barricade and 1.92A for their regular Barricade routers.  More info on the Help page.

Sunday, 15 April 2001
- Linksys sent us their 1.38.5 BETA firmware for Linky. Go here for the download info.

Thursday, 12 April 2001
- If you have an Alcatel Speed Touch Home ADSL Modem, or Alcatel 1000 ADSL Network Termination Device,  your network connection is vulnerable to unauthorized access, unauthorized monitoring, information leakage, denial of service, and permanent disability of affected devices. Read this CERT advisory, the original SDSC report, or this AP article for more info.  You may also want to contact your DSL provider for advice ASAP!

- MacCentral reports that Asante was showing a new 802.11b wireless router (the FR3002AL) at this week's Seybold Seminars.  No availability info, but SRP is $319.  The product has two 10/100 switched Ethernet ports and a parallel port printserver.  Asante confirms that intro will be around the end of April.  [Thnx Stefan Wagner!]

- CompUSA has the SMC 11Mbps Access Point 2620W kit (includes one client PC card) for $250 after discounts, instant rebate and $50 mail-in rebate. Offer ends this Saturday. [Thnx Steve Cullen!]

Wednesday, 11 April 2001
- Don't let that blinking "Diag" light fool you... you can revive your Linky! We've added a sure-fire firmware reload step-by-step to the Linksys firmware help section.  Go here.

-SOHOware is running a $20 off plus free shipping on their Broadguard Secure Cable/DSL router.  Offer's good starting tomorrow until Thursday April 19. Go to the SOHOware site for the deal and enter Coupon Code BG-2891 on the Checkout page to get the  Free Shipping.

- Looks like we didn't catch Netgear's posting of their new 802.11b wireless line on their Web site (even though we told you about it earlier!).  Info is up on their MA301 PCI adapter (you need to add an MA401), MA401 PC card, and ME102 Access pointPricegrabber shows pricing at $38, $115, and $230 respectively.

- Netgear's also posted info on their new RP114 router, too.

Monday, 9 April 2001
-C.Ligh tipped us to info on MacOsRumors (scroll to March 26 news) that Apple may be announcing AirPort 2 at this coming July's MacWorld Expo in NYC.  The AirPort2 is supposed to have 54Mbps performance and backwards-compatible-to-802.11b base stations.

- Would you pay $22 for a logging application for your Linksys router, given the free loggers around?  The folks at Binary Visions think you might!  Their Link Logger works with pretty much all flavors of Linksys routers, and you get a 30 day free trial, so go to their site if you want to give them a try.

Monday, 9 April 2001
-Netgear has released new firmware for their new RP114 that adds port range forwarding. Go here for the release notes and download.  Netgear says that similar firmware adding port range forwarding to the RT311 and 314 should be available soon!

- Sharewave says its first Whitecap based product has started shipping.  The Panasonic KX-HGC200 wireless network card can be inserted into Panasonic's KX-HGW200 Broadband Networking gateway, to add wireless networking capability.  Although the card uses the 2.4GHz frequency band, it won't work with an 802.11b (WiFi) network.  Sharewave is, however, working on products that will work on either network, but they won't be ready until the second half of this year..

- J&R has the SMC 4 port Barricade for $75. ($90 minus $20 rebate (PDF form), plus $5 shipping. (Rebate ends 30 April.) [Thnx to Techbargains!]

-CompUSA has the Linksys BEFSR41 for $100 (after $30 mail-in rebate). The price is only good until this Saturday April 14, 2001.  [Thnx Brian Underwood!]

- We've added floppyfw to the Free Sharing Program list.  It's Linux based and turns an old 386 or better machine into a dedicated NAT router, running from one floppy disk.[Thnx David!]

Friday, 6 April 2001
- There's finally ONE box you can buy to share a network with Ethernet, HomePNA 2.0, USB, and 802.11b clients. The 2Wire Home Portal 100W has the specs, but can it do the job? Check out our review and see!

- 54Mbps wireless by this Fall?  That's what start-up Atheros Communications would have us believe.  According to this Yahoo/ZDNet article, they'll be shipping their 802.11a chipset by this Summer, with PC based products rolling out in the Fall.  Let's just say we'll believe this one when we see it!

- As if Bluetooth didn't have enough problems dragging it down, Microsoft's announcement that it won't support it in the next version of WinXP, sure isn't going to help get this standard on its feet.  See this article for more info.

Thursday, 5 April 2001
- The 2Wire Home Portal 100W review promised for this evening in today's newsletter is taking longer than we thought.  Check back tomorrow afternoon.  Sorry!

- AMIT has released 1.91H firmware. Go to the Asante/SMC help page for more info. [Thnx Chris Castro!]

Wednesday, 4 April 2001
- The Gateway Accessory Store has the 4 port SMC Barricade for $80... no rebate needed! [Thnx to Techbargains...a great site!]

- Poor 802.11b is getting whacked again for more security holes. A U of Maryland team has found additional weaknesses due to the fact that both SSID and MAC addresses are broadcast unencrypted, even when WEP encryption is enabled.  Read this ZDnet story on Yahoo for a summary, or read the U Md paper (PDF) itself.  We've also added links to both the U Md and earlier UC Berkeley paper in our Wireless Article list.

-Opinions are back up.  Thanks for your patience!

- Linksys Wireless Routers (BEFW11S4) look like they've started to ship. Reader Joe Maurin says shipped his back-ordered unit today.

Tuesday, 3 April 2001
-Nexland has revamped their ISB router line and we've checked out their PRO 400 to see how they did.  Now you can check out the review!

- There's a problem with the Product Review Opinions database such that you can't read or add opinions.  Hope to have it straightened out by tomorrow.  Sorry!

- Just received the Premiere Issue of Scot Finnie's (formerly of's BroadBand Report) Newsletter, and we're happy to see him back in business!  His new solely-owned-by-him effort will cover both Windows and Broadband topics, and we highly recommend it. Go over here and read the first issue and signup for regular delivery!

- Due to popular demand (and with permission from Linksys) we once again have BETA firmware for their 4 and 8 port routers now available for download.  Go here to get it.

Monday, 2 April 2001
-CompUSA has the Netgear RT314 for $100 (after $50 "Instant Rebate"). Then use Netgear's $20 rebate coupon (get in-store) to get a final price of about $80. The rebate is only good from March 31, 2001 to April 7, 2001. Check the details here. [Thnx Mike Bumanlag!]

- Earthlink is offering a Home Networking option using 2Wire's Home Portal products.  Various plans will be offered to Earthlink DSL customers, starting with an equipment price of $150 for a wired network, $300 for wireless, and a $10 monthly charge. article here.  Press release here.

Sunday, 1 April 2001
Received word from ORiNOCO about their "Spring Fling" promotion on selected wireless networking products.  They have links to participating on-line merchants here.  However, I did some comparisons with Pricegrabber prices, and found that pricing varies, so do your own price searches before you buy! The promotion runs through the end of May. Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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