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Wireless Broadband Barking Up the Wrong Spectrum?
Former FCC chairman says costs can be lowered by 50 percent in spectrum space being vacated by UHF television stations. - 4/30/04

WiMAX Inches Closer to Reality
More telcos line up to help develop wireless 'last mile' standards for WiMAX. - 4/29/04

Intel Adds a Nook to the Digital Home
The chipmaking giant invests $200 million in four companies specializing in ultra-wideband and other networking technologies. - 4/29/04

Partnering for the Customers
There's nothing worse than finding out all the various parts of your enterprise WLAN network don't play nice together. Some vendors are trying to do something about it using the buddy system. - 4/28/04

Atheros Ships Single Chip
The company's third-generation Wi-Fi solution combines all the important parts in one and is now available in bulk; D-Link will be the first to use it. - 4/27/04

Network Associates Dumps Sniffer, Changes Name
A dramatic restructuring plan includes the $275 million sale of Network Associates' Sniffer division. - 4/26/04

Cisco Rolls Out Major Patches to TCP Flaw
Switches, routers, intrusion detection systems, and VoIP phones are on the list of appliances needing patches to TCP flaw. - 4/23/04

Vonage Eyes Wi-Fi: Part II
While the big players in public VoIP experiment, so do the freenet providers who think no one should pay to surf or talk at a hotspot. - 4/22/04

Vonage Eyes Wi-Fi: Part I
When the VoIP leader said it would embrace Wi-Fi, it didn't mean right away. Learn some details of the hold up in the first part of Wi-Fi Planet's look at public access voice over wireless. - 4/21/04

Cramming In All That Wi-Fi
Chipmaker Marvell claims its new platfrom can put multiple wireless functions into a small device that previously could only handle one feature at a time. - 4/20/04

FCC To 'Drop in' More Wireless Broadband
Agency approves proposed rules to allow unlicensed wireless devices to operate at higher power. - 4/19/04

Navini Embraces WiMax
A former hold out for another mobile broadband specification, Navini Networks has decided to also throw its long-distance wireless expertise behind 802.16 by joining the WiMax Forum. - 4/16/04

Linksys Routers Turn into Hotspots
Why spend a fortune to set up a hotspot? Linksys and Boingo are teaming up to provide firmware that will turn inexpensive 802.11g routers into hotspot boxes suitable for roaming. - 4/15/04

Canada's "Pre-WiMax" Solution
Why wait for WiMax? A Canadian joint venture is ready to provide wireless non-line-of-sight broadband with a range of 20 miles and speeds up to 2.2Mbps, all with the added security of using licensed spectrum. - 4/14/04

LEAP Cracking Tool Released
Cisco sends out a warning: asleap, a tool for cracking 802.1X systems using Cisco's proprietary LEAP protocol, is now available. - 4/13/04

Wi-Fi Where Art Thou?
Quarterscope knows and plans to prove it with a new Wi-Fi Positioning System technology that can track you outside — and in. - 4/9/04

Intel's Might Pushes Packets in the Wind
The No. 1 chipmaker's sphere of influence over wireless LAN technology and radio silicon reaches well beyond the laboratory. - 4/8/04

Gateway Debuts APs for Business
The computer maker is putting out its first enterprise-class wireless products, striking at areas it deems the marketplace weak in: ease-of-use and price. - 4/8/04

Talking About Securing VoWLAN
Aruba comes out swinging in the Voice over Wi-Fi market, claiming security is the issue and announcing plenty of partners to back them up. - 4/7/04

The Crippling Effect of Mixed Mode
Tests show that running a variety of products mixing 802.11b and 11g on a single channel could severely restrict overall wireless network throughput. - 4/6/04

Multimedia: Wi-Fi or UWB?
There's a turf war brewing in the emerging wireless multimedia networking market between Wi-Fi and ultrawideband. - 4/5/04

Buying Wi-Fi Minutes
A new web site hopes to become the one-stop shopping center for travelers looking to purchase pre-paid hotspot access for limited periods of time. - 4/2/04

Fools for Wireless
The annual day of practical jokes is not lost on the world of Wi-Fi, as 'announcements' abound for fabricated products and services. - 4/1/04

Microsoft Powering Wi-Fi VoIP Phones
The software giant teams with NEC, Intel, and Vonage to debut the combination devices as early as the end of this year. - 4/1/04

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