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Google Typo Crashes Systems
Users of Google's Web site would be wise to get the spelling right. - 4/27/05

Report: Viruses in Decline as Exploits Prosper
A new report from McAfee says mass-mailing viruses are in decline as malicious crackers target unpatched vulnerabilities. - 4/27/05

Cisco to Buy VoIP Firm
Cisco will spend $68M on Sipura Technology to address the SOHO VoIP market. - 4/26/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Buffalo tries MIMO; Bluesocket upgrades and looks at making APs; ATEN release KVM switch with Wi-Fi; Entersys unveils new line of security products; and more. - 4/26/05

States Take Spyware Action Into Their Own Hands
Impatient with the efforts of Congress to deal with spyware, states are increasingly taking matters into their own hands. The home turf of Microsoft and Amazon is the latest to join the battle. - 4/22/05

Verizon Offers DSL Straight Up
E-mail users say they are more accepting of spam. Doesn't make it less painful though. - 4/20/05

Anti-Virus Giant Kaspersky Labs Seeks American Audience
Not exactly a household name in the U.S., Kaspersky debuts its first American product and claims its speed is key to fighting digital threats. - 4/19/05

Five Critical Fixes in Latest Microsoft Update
The software giant introduces new fixes to shore up its product line. - 4/13/05

Mac OS X Tiger Poised to Strike
Apple's next-generation desktop and server OS will focus on improved compatibility, communication and content - 4/12/05

Americans Learning to Live With Spam
E-mail users say they are more accepting of spam. Doesn't make it less painful though. - 4/12/05

Unblocked SP2, 'Critical' Patches on Deck From Microsoft
As part of its regular monthly patch cycle, Microsoft is set to release five security updates this week. - 4/11/05

Wi-Fi Alliance Plans for the Future
The promoter and tester of Wi-Fi interoperability has seen the writing on the wall, and is making plans to stay relevant as 802.11 technologies move beyond just PCs. - 4/7/05

A Boom in VoIP at Home
New stats project residential VoIP growth to explode over the next five years. - 4/6/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: New camera tilts, pans and zooms; Navini offrs 3.5GHz PC Card for future wireless broadband; PrinterOn has campus printers; and more. - 4/6/05

Have You Moved to SP2?
If you have, three of your friends probably haven't. Less than one quarter of Windows XP users are running the crucial Service Pack 2, a study finds. - 4/4/05

Endless Gmail Storage
Google will up storage for Web mail users indefinitely. - 4/1/05

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