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Toshiba Offers Windows Mobile Update
The company has posted a Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition update for both the W-Fi and Bluetooth editions of its e800/805 Pocket PC. - 5/27/04

Where's the Wi-Fi?
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Philly's first outdoor hotspots coming; Minnesota town unwires 16 square miles; WeRoam expands into Berlin; and more. - 5/26/04

Windows XP SP2 Inches Closer
Microsoft moves to squash some last-minute bugs and meet the deadline for a full release of the Windows security overhaul. - 5/25/04

Certified Wi-Fi gets New Logo
The Wi-Fi Alliance has upgraded the look of its seal of certification, dropping the radio frequency check boxes in favor of showing off the a, b, or g. - 5/25/04

The Wide World of Wi-Fi Hotspots
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Microtel inns will offer free wireless; No official Wi-Fi at the Olympics; Broadreach research shows 3 out of 4 would use Wi-Fi on the train; and more. - 5/21/04

Wireless Internet Radio Shoots for Mainstream
Is adding speakers to Wi-Fi media adapters enough to ignite the passions of tech-savvy audiophiles? Linksys hopes so. - 5/19/04

The Wide World of Wi-Fi Hotspots
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Grecian WISP whips up Wi-Fi for the Summer Games; A St. John resort says families are bringing their own Wi-Fi; GRIC adds Air-Q locations; and more. - 5/18/04

Scanning at the Point of Entry
Security software provider Perfigo says its new component can help prevent infections on the network caused by mobile workers returning home with a worm or virus. - 5/18/04

Plan and Project Your Wireless LAN in 3-D
Don't guess when it comes to creating a wireless network at your company. LANPlanner SE lets you design and deploy a wireless network with confidence. - 5/17/04

Drafting Blueprints for the Digital Home
Networking PCs, TVs and sound systems is getting easier, but behind-the-scenes power plays threaten to undermine the digital home's foundation. - 5/17/04

802.11 Has DoS Vulnerability
Wi-Fi networks — mainly those based on the 802.11b standard &mdahs; are allegedly vulnerable to traffic disrupting attacks according to a new report. - 5/13/04

Microsoft Stops Making Wi-Fi
The company is pulling the plug on its lines of networking products for the home, planning to focus on putting Wi-Fi in products in other divisions. - 5/11/04

Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Network
How well is your network functioning? If you can't easily answer that question, you may want to take a look at the just-announced Ipswitch WhatsUp Small Business, which lets you track 10 key network devices. - 5/10/04

Vivato Adds 802.11g
The second generation of wall-mounted base stations from the company is faster and smaller than the original. - 5/10/04

Is UWB Spec Spat Over?
WiMedia Alliance throws its support behind one of two competing ultra wideband specifications. - 5/7/04

The WiMax Race Begins
Intel is usually the big name talking about the upcoming WiMax standard, but Wi-LAN and Fujitsu say they'll beat the company to market. - 5/5/04

Broadcom: Simplifying Home Setup
New firmware could make Broadcom-based SOHO wireless LANs products the easiest ever to configure and secure — but does it put the company in competition with its own customers? - 5/4/04

Ready For VoIP? Think and Think Again
Sure, switching to lower-cost voice over IP sounds good. But there are pitfalls to look out for as you expand your IP network. - 5/3/04

Countering Lack of Security in Wi-Fi Hot Spots
In a report on 'Securing the Mobile Device,' the Burton Group outlines options users tapping the 802.11 protocol have for securing their transmissions and guarding the integrity of their data. - 5/3/04

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