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Cisco Patches VoIP Phone Vulnerability
A bug in some implementations of the DNS protocol has left parts of Cisco's IP phone line vulnerable to DoS attacks. Cisco has a patch. - 5/26/05

Agere Blazes 1Gbps Chip
The chipmaker goes full speed ahead with its latest chip, which is designed to help users exchange digital data. - 5/26/05

Another Sober Variant Gears Up for Monday Blitz
A particularly pervasive virus may be set to reactivate on Monday, possibly repeating its role as a relay for hate spam. - 5/23/05

Cox Broadband Blacks Out
An Internet backbone problem leaves the company's high-speed data customers disconnected Friday. - 5/20/05

Security Gets a Makeover in Netscape 8.0
The once-mighty Netscape has retooled with new viewing and security features aimed at novice users. - 5/19/05

The Sober Virus Returns
Its latest tour spreads hate and spam. - 5/17/05

Tungsten E2 Goes Wi-Fi
PalmOne enables month old Tungsten E2 handheld to access Wi-Fi networks through new software for its 802.11b Secure Digital card. - 5/17/05

Upgraded Wi-Fi Security for Windows XP SP2
Microsoft releases software that adds WPA2 support to Windows XP Service Pack 2. - 5/16/05

New Explorer Gets Tabs
Microsoft to join Firefox and Opera in offering the popular feature. - 5/16/05

Nintendo Takes DS Online
The dual-screen gaming handheld will put its wireless abilities to good use at hotspots and on Wi-Fi home networks in the very near future. - 5/12/05

Worm Accounts for 5 Percent of E-Mail Traffic
A security vendor reports that Sober-N, a Windows virus, is responsible for over 5 percent of all e-mail traffic passing over the Internet. - 5/9/05

Two Holes Poke Firefox Veneer
And this time they're deemed 'extremely critical.' - 5/9/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: AirDefense on new phishing tactic; ABI predicts 100 million Wi-Fi/cellular phones; Trapeze powers Enterasys; and more. - 5/9/05

Apple Releases Slew of Security Patches
The company addresses a number of OS vulnerabilities with security update. - 5/5/05

Bluetooth, UWB Groups Converge
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: security and intrusion detection updates, and partnerships galore, from Interop; Aruba offers a personal AP; Microsoft supports WPA2; and more. - 5/4/05

Eset's NOD 32 Evolves Beyond Virus Protection
The company adds protection against spyware, adware and phishing attacks to its anti-virus software. - 5/2/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Atheros one-touch security spec is open source; IOGear extends Wi-Fi with power lines; Socket offers a GUI for Pocket PCs using Wi-Fi; and more. - 5/2/05

State to Target Vonage 911 Services
Michigan becomes the latest in a handful of states to target Vonage with deceptive advertising claims over 911 services. - 5/2/05

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