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Keylogger Masquerades As Microsoft Alert
So hopefully by now most people know not to click on links from unknown sources. - 5/31/06

Symantec Patches Antivirus Vulnerability
Firm closes potential backdoor to malicious hackers. - 5/30/06

MIMO for the TV
Airgo's wireless chipset will power set top boxes under the name MIMO Media. - 5/30/06

Symantec Patches Antivirus Vulnerability
Firm closes potential backdoor to malicious hackers. - 5/30/06

Fresh Start For Net Neutrality?
Pressure from tech, grassroots groups prompts lawmakers to take a new look at broadband providers' business models. - 5/25/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Windows Rally is new wireless tech from Microsoft; AirTight can prevent Draft N products on the WLAN; Strix intros a mesh CPE; and more. - 5/23/06

Another Delay for Vista?
Security software giant Symantec claims Microsoft is improperly using its code in Vista. - 5/22/06

Are You Ready for Vista?
Microsoft has launched a program to help customers determine if their PC is capable of handling Windows Vista when it finally ships. - 5/19/06

Boingo Opens Up to Handhelds
The hotspot aggregator will makes its software code for handsets and PDAs available to vendors looking to build in Wi-Fi support. - 5/18/06

Take a United Front Against Threats
The security vendor introduces a one-device approach to both Internet connectivity and security with the Safe@Office 500 and 500W (the W stands for wireless). - 5/16/06

The Wireless Powers of Wii
The new Nintendo console will be first to debut with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from Broadcom on board. - 5/11/06

Microsoft Patches Critical Exchange, Flash Holes
A moderate DOS patch rounds out patch Tuesday - 5/10/06

Dell Takes Direct Approach With PowerVault MD1000
If you have a server and expanding storage needs, Dell says it has the product for you in what it claims is the first direct-attached storage enclosure that use 3.5-inch serial attached SCSI drives - 5/9/06

'Buyer Beware' on 802.11n Gear
Vendors maybe in a MIMO state of mind, but research outfits say 802.11n isn't ready. - 5/5/06

Microsoft Hoping For Smoother Patch Tuesday
The company hopes its 'critical' patches for Windows and Exchange will actually help after last month's problems. - 5/5/06

Mobile Devices: Data Lockdown
Essential Taceo now offers a remote laptop security feature designed to prevent unauthorized access to data on lost or stolen notebooks. - 5/4/06

Audio Blogging With Skype By The Hundreds
Latest audio blogging service from Skype is a sign of VoIP experimentation. - 5/3/06

Gartner: Expect Further Vista Delay
IT research firm Gartner Group is predicting Microsoft will need several more months to test Windows Vista before it's ready to be released. - 5/3/06

Turn Your Laptop Into a GPS
MapPoint 2006 provides GPS service (including Wi-Fi-based positioning) and regional data analysis. - 5/2/06

VPNs Done Dirt Cheap
Eli, Inc. intends to make VPNs the most secure remote access technology affordable and easy enough for small businesses. - 5/01/06

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