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Saturday, 30 June 2001

- Don't ask us why it's so cheap, but Panasonic has their Broadband Networking Gateway [read review] in their on-line store for $99... an unheard of price for an Ethernet + HPNA router! [Thnx Joe Hoang!]

- reported late Friday that MaxGate is getting into the DSL modem business.  The new line is called NetJet and according to the article is available immediately.  However, there's no sign of them on MaxGate's Web site. We'll post a link to the info when MaxGate makes it available.

- has the SMC 4 port Barricade for $50 after rebate.  If you want it, do it now because the rebate expires after tomorrow, July 1!

Friday, 29 June 2001
- We've had a number of reports of problems with the procedure that we posted for the Linksys Static Routing page fix.  Thanks to Samuel Kelly, we've revised the instructions, so go read 'em again if you've run into trouble with this fix.

Thursday, 28 June 2001
- Linksys sent us a fix for a missing Static Routing page problem on their 4 port router. Go here for the info.

Wednesday, 27 June 2001
-Panasonic's Concourse Broadband Networking Gateway came through our review in pretty good shape.  They still have some work to do, though, so check out the review and see what it is!

- HomePlug power line networking chip maker Intellon announced that Linksys and Cayman Systems have signed up to use their INT5130 PowerPacket™ chipset in upcoming products. This chipset is the only HomePlug 1.0-compliant game in town and is said to give "10Base-T" like speeds in typical home powerline environments.

- Phonex Broadband also announced at PCExpo that they'll soon have real power line networking product to ship.  Their NeverWire 14 is based on Intellon's chipset (see above item), and initial shipments will be to their "technology partners".  Retail U.S. shipments are said to begin in late October of this year at a suggested retail of about $100 per node. International availability will be in 2002.

- TZO has released Version 1.64 of their client software that includes a control panel for TZO account administration.  They're also offering a $50 discount on their DNS Forwarding service for members of their Premier Dynamic DNS service.

- Intel announced their 802.11b Wireless Gateway yesterday at PCExpo [read press release]. For $299 (list) you get a wireless router that can support up to 32 users and has 128 bit WEP encryption.  Product is supposed to be available in August.

Tuesday, 26 June 2001
- Linksys has issued 1.37.9b BETA firmware for their BEFW11S4 wireless router.  Go to our Help page for the download link and info.

- Because of the problems that many users have reported with upgrading, Linksys has temporarily removed the WAP11 firmware update that adds wireless bridging capability.  The updated WAP11 Utility is still posted, though. They'll let us know when they've posted a replacement release.


- We finally tested D-Link's Wireless Broadband router and guess what?  It made our Recommended list!  Read the review and see why!

Click here to see our Recommended list!

Monday, 25 June 2001
- Nexland's PRO800 Turbo router has generated a lot of interest, seeing that it's the first consumer-priced dual WAN port router!  We just got finished with our testing, so check out the review!

-3Com just sent us an announcement for their Wireless LAN Access Point 6000 and Wireless XJack PC Card. The 6000 is "enterprise grade" (= expensive...about $520) and the PC card...with its cute pop-out antenna... ain't cheap either at about $160 - $170 online.

- If you've been having trouble with the Linksys WAP11 firmware update, check out this thread in our Forum.

- Probably old news to some, but it was new to us that Kingston Technology has exited the Networking product business (in April...yeah we gotta pay better attention to this stuff!).  They've decided to focus exclusively on memory products.  You wouldn't know it from their Web site, however, which still lists their non-memory product lines as they sell off their inventory.

Saturday, 23 June 2001
- Linksys has released 1.39 firmware for their 1, 4 and USB port routers. Go to our Help page for the download link.

- Linksys also released version 1.4f firmware for their WAP11 Access Point [reviewed here].  This release is interesting because it adds Wireless Bridging, MAC Address filtering, and IP address filtering capabilities.  This would make the WAP11 the first consumer priced 802.11b Wireless Bridge (current web pricing is under $200)!  Similar products from SMC and Buffalo Technology sell for around $450. The update also adds 128-bit WEP encryption.  Looks like there's also a new version of the WAP11 utility, too.  Go to the WAP11 review page for the download links.

Friday, 22 June 2001
- Microsoft just sent us a white paper on the NAT Transversal capability that they're trying to get router & gateway manufacturers to line up behind.  NAT Transversal is being proposed as part of Microsoft's Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) technology platform and will allow applications and routers/gateways that support NAT Transversal to talk to each other and automatically set up static port mappings. If you'd like a copy of the paper, send an email to with "Internet Gateway" in the subject.

Wednesday, 20 June 2001
- If you have a Linksys WAP11 or NETGEAR ME102 Access Point, you should read this just-released ISS XForce Security advisory.  Home users probably don't need to worry, but business users should take note! [Thnx Thomas Althoff & Doug Rollins!]

- This other ISS XForce Security advisory should be read by users of Symbol Technologies based 802.11b Access Points (3Com Airconnect, Intel Pro 2011, etc.). It details another SNMP related security flaw.

- ZyXEL has posted Version 3.24 firmware for their P312 and ZyWall10 Firewall routers. Go to our Help page for the download link. [Thnx David Smith!]

Tuesday, 19 June 2001
- Our review of SMC's 11Mbps Wireless USB adapter found that it performs very nicely and doesn't slow down with WEP enabled. Read the review!

- As promised, we've got our review of NETGEAR's brand-new RP334 Cable/DSL Phoneline routerRead it!

- After some detective work with Broadcom and Linksys, we were able to get better performance from Linksys' HPRO200 Phoneline router.  Check the updated review for the details!

Monday, 18 June 2001
- NETGEAR announced its RP334 Cable/DSL Phoneline router today.  It's essentially an RP114 router [read review] plus PE102 HPNA to Ethernet bridge [read review] in one box.  On-line priced at about $245 and with a 3 port 10/100 switch, it's a little pricey, but a good performer.  Our review should be up later today or early tomorrow, so check back!

Thursday, 14 June 2001
- SMC will be posting new firmware for their "A" version Wireless Barricade in a few days, but they've let us post it now!  The 1.93a1 version allows you to control which wired and wireless clients can connect by their MAC addresses.  It also allows you to control which wireless clients can associate with the Access Point.  These capabilities help strengthen wireless security, so go get the download now!

- We've had many requests for a look at SMC's new version of their popular Wireless Barricade router, so we took a look.  What we found was that it's not just a cosmetic makeover, so better read the review!

Wednesday, 13 June 2001
-Linksys has released 1.37.2b firmware for their BEFW11S4 Wireless router and also made BETA 1.37.9a firmware available.  Go to the Linksys Help page for download info and links.

- 3Com has discontinued their 3C510 Home Ethernet Gateway.  Guess we'll have to wait for the other shoe (their Home Wireless Gateway) to drop!

Tuesday, 12 June 2001
- NETGEAR has posted product info on their Web site on their new MR314 Cable/DSL wireless router that they announced at Networld+Interop Japan last week. Also put up a new press release, too! Pricegrabber shows pricing to be about $250, but it's not in stock yet.

- Linksys has posted info about their upcoming WPC11 V2.5 802.11b PC Card. Their Web site page says it has a "new, higher powered antenna" and "improved error correction in the chipset". Both changes are aimed at getting "higher transmission rates for longer distances", which seems to be a frequently reported weakness of the present model. [Thnx Kalani!]

- How about an SMC Barricade [read review] for $56? Computers4Sure has a $50 mail-in rebate that'll do it! [Thnx Mark Phillips!]

- According to this Reuters report, Motorola has reaffirmed their commitment to the HomeRF platform, saying that they'll embed HomeRF into their cable modems and set-top boxes.

- SimpleDevices may be keeping their wireless networking options open.  They yesterday announced that Motorola would be distributing their SimpleFi wireless digital audio receiver, which they have been demonstrating using a Proxim HomeRF wireless adapter.  However, when we asked SimpleDevices' PR firm whether SimpleFi was still using HomeRF as its wireless connectivity, they replied: "The SimpleDevices platform is agnostic and is not limited to using HomeRF--HomeRF has just been what the products have been demo'd using in the past."

-3Com has released 1.12 firmware for their Home Wireless Gateway that "fixes a NAT issue and also allows an IP address to be obtained from certain ISPs". Go to the 3Com support site for the download. [Thnx Stephen!]

- Version 1.1 of the Linksys log analysis tool, LinkLogger has been released, adding printing/copying/exporting of reports and graphs, among its improvements.  Go to the Tools page if you're interested.

Monday, 11 June 2001
- It may be old news to some, but it's new to us that there seems to be a reliability problem with some Apple AirPort Base stations.  If your AirPort Base has started to continually reboot, better get on over to this page for the info! [Thanks Todd!]

- The $50 rebate we posted last Wednesday is gone, but the coupon code and SMC $20 mail-in rebates still apply. 
Check TechBargains' Coupons page to see if there are other Amazon coupons that apply! [Thnx Bill Burns!]

- Linksys looks like they've reduced prices on many of their products by $10 to $40. If you've been thinking of picking up something, go check PriceGrabber for their latest prices.

Thursday, 7 June 2001
- We've posted 1.39 BETA firmware for the Linksys BEFSR11, 41, and U31 routers.  Go here for the download.

Wednesday, 6 June 2001
- Staples is running the following Linksys mail-in rebate deals:

Be sure to check for Staples coupons for even more savings!

-SOHOware is running the following specials through the end of June:

  • BroadGuard reg. 179.99 sale 139.99

  • NetBlaster II reg. 249.99 sale 229.99

  • NetBlaster II PC Card reg. 169.99 sale 149.99

  • NetBlaster II PCI Card reg. 199.99 sale 179.99 

Free 2nd day air shipping on all orders over $250.00 in contenental US. 
Free ground shipping on all orders under $250.00 in contenental US.

-NETGEAR has released 3.25 firmware for their RT311 and 314 routers. This release adds port range forwarding capability!  Go to the Help page for download info and ReadMe.

-Amazon is offering a $50 mail-in rebate off the SMC7004BR (read our review), for a net price of $50, plus free shipping! [Thnx Fred Haskins!]
Update! Enter coupon code DEALJUNEHAND at the checkout and get another $10 off! [Thnx Scott Keen!]

Monday, 4 June 2001
-Linksys let us know that their EtherFast Wireless AP + Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port Switch (BEFW11S4) (read our review) has won PC World's 2001 World Class Award for Best Home Networking Kit. Congratulations!

- NETGEAR announced their MR314 Wireless Router at Networld+Interop Japan today. Read the Press Release here.

- Maxgate has extended their rebates on their Ugate 3300, 3200P, and 3100 through the end of June. Go to their Web site for the details. [Thnx Paulo Lopes!]

- Get the SMC SMC7004AWBR Barricade Wireless Broadband Router for $179 from Amazon after $20 SMC coupon &  $30 coupon code DEALMAYTABLE. [Thnx Frank Baitman!]

- Nexland has posted BETA Version 1 Release 3d firmware for their Pro400 and Pro800 ISB routers. Go to their FTP site for the download.

Saturday, 2 June 2001
- SMC has $20 rebates on a number of products through 30 June, including pretty much all their current wireless and Barricade router productsGo here for the info and rebate coupon link! [Thnx Walter Rodriguez!]

Friday, 1 June 2001
- We test our second 802.11b wireless USB adapter by putting the Linksys Wireless USB adapter through our torture test. See what happened! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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