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IE, Firefox Users at Risk From New Flaws
It's not every day that a potential security risk emerges that could affect both Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Web browsers. But it is today. - 6/29/06

Apple's Latest OS Fixes
The latest version of Apple's operating system includes the usual security updates, networking improvements and bug fixes. It will also be the last update before the company releases its next big OS. - 6/28/06

When Your Laptop Surfs Without You
A new utility and online service seeks to retrieve data from stolen laptops. - 6/28/06

WatchGuard Takes Security to the Edge
The company releases its latest Firebox X Edge series of security appliances saying it gives small businesses more flexibility and control over their network traffic. - 6/26/06

When Is Spyware Not Spyware?
When it comes from a Windows Update, it seems. - 6/23/06

Windows Defender For All?
It's already one of the most popular downloads for Microsoft, but should it be available for those who haven't paid for Windows? - 6/21/06

McAfee Begins Falcon Test Flights
McAfee first out of the gate with an online, complete PC protection service. - 6/20/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: TRENDnet is latest to try Draft-N; ICOA upgrades TollBooth; SpectraLink phones for sale by hospitality broadband providers; and more. - 6/20/06

Will Windows Live Messenger Kill Skype?
Microsoft Windows Live Messenger came out of beta today to join the voice-enabled IM landscape already strewn with AOL, Yahoo and Google. But Skype isn't worried. - 6/20/06

US-CERT Warns of Unpatched Excel Flaw
Warning for Microsoft Excel users. - 6/19/06

Wire Tapping VoIP Will Kill Innovation
Tech group weighs in after court backs FCC decision extending traditional wiretaps to VoIP. - 6/14/06

Worm Has a Yen For Yahoo Mail
Worm wrigglers have apparently targeted Yahoo's popular Webmail with a new virus. But so far, it's a bust. - 6/13/06

New Means To Root Out Malware
Webroot the latest to tackle spyware at the kernel level. - 6/13/06

Windows 98/ME Too Creaky to Patch
Dropping older operating system versions from the patching cycle could save Redmond millions. - 6/13/06

Seagate Offers Up Anytime, Anywhere Storage
The storage giant's latest products aim to provide solutions for your network, desktop and pocket. - 6/7/06

4.9 and Wi-Fi in One Card
Motorola's one of the first companies (if not the first company) to make a dual-band notebook PC Card supporting 802.11b/g and the 4.9 band for first responders. - 6/6/06

PC Security Checks on Deck From AOL
It may not be getting into the security software biz, but AOL is getting a lot closer to it with an upcoming release. - 6/5/06

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