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  Wednesday, July 30, 2003

D-Link Delivers New Gigabit Switches for SOHO and SMB Markets
D-Link is bringing Gigabit technology to the desktop with new 5-port and 8-port high-speed desktop Gigabit switches that cost less than $30.00 per port. Compact enough to place on a desk, the D-Link DGS-1005D and DGS-1008D gigabit switches offer to SOHOs and SMBs the performance and many of the features normally found in D-Link's powerful enterprise-level switching solutions. The switches will available in mid-August at a MSRP of $149.99 for the 5-port switch and $199.99 for the 8-port version.

FireBall Suite Offers Layers of Security
The FireBall CyberProtection Suite from RedCannon Security is aimed at securing laptop or desktop PCs with multiple layers of security protection, integrated within a single system. The security suite combines a personal firewall, intrusion detection, privacy controls, vulnerability assessment, parental controls, and IPSec virtual network client in a single package that retails for $49.95.

  Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Does the Intel-Linksys Deal Doom Wi-Fi Interoperability?
Where does the new agreement for Centrino 'verification' of Linksys products put the Wi-Fi Alliance? For now, it won't have much impact, but down the road could lead to competing usability testing -- or perhaps Intel setting the stage for what the testing should encompass.

  Monday, July 28, 2003

Wireless Security Gets a Boost from Cavium
Cavium Networks today announced its NITROX Wireless family of security macro processors. The processors are designed to support current and emerging 802.11 security standards, with Aruba Wireless Networks — maker of high-performance wireless network switching systems (WLAN) for enterprises and "hot spot" service providers — already announcing support for the security processors. NITROX Wireless accelerates are designed to support a wide range of WLAN security protocols, including the AES, 3DES, and ARC4 algorithms used in the emerging 802.11i standard.

CMC Ups the EmulationEngine Ante to 64 Users
Communication Machinery Corporation (CMC) has expanded the capabilities of its EmulationEngine Wi-Fi network testing product by adding a new version that supports user scalability testing under 802.11g networks. The EmulationEngine product line now allows networkers mimic the addition of up to 64 wireless users at a time for testing purposes.

  Thursday, July 24, 2003

Atheros Chips Get Linux Support
Atheros Communications has announced that the first Linux and FreeBSD software drivers for its 802.11b/g and 802.11a/b/g chips are now available for manufacturers looking to make cards, access points, or routers using Atheros Wi-Fi chips with an open source backend. The software, created by developer Sam Leffler of Errno Consulting, is available free for download.

  Wendesday, July 23, 2003

Broadcom Intros New Integrated 11g Processor
The latest Broadcom 54g chipset for access points and routers offers a baseband/MAC chip with interfaces for Ethernet and USB built in, and also includes a faster processor for improved performance.

LEA Unveils New Powerline Networking Product Line
LEA has a new product line of Powerline Networking products that create a complete no-new-wires networking solution for the home and small business. The LEA Powerline product set is composed of the Elektra ADSL/PowerLine Gateway for broadband ADSL access and LAN inter-working; the Netplug series of single port Ethernet, USB and PCI adapters; and the Netplug Bridge, which enables the distribution of Broadband on-premise using existing cable/ADSL modems or routers/hubs/switches.

AirDefense Upgrade Covers 802.11a/b/g
The AirDefense wireless LAN security and monitoring system has been upgraded to include support for all flavors of Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g) as well as mapping functions and policy enforcement. The AirDefense system consists of remote sensors placed around a location, which monitor air waves 24 hours a day/7 days a week for WLAN transmissions.

  Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Linksys and Centrino to Work Closely
Cisco's Linksys division has entered a deal with Intel to not only cross promote products from the two companies, but to make them work together as seamlessly as possible.

  Monday, July 21, 2003

802.16: A Future Option for Wireless MANs
The deployment of wireless metropolitan area networks (MANs) is growing as companies consider alternatives to DSL, cable modem, and even T-1 connections. Learn whether the 802.16 "WiMAX" standard is an option to consider as part of your wireless network deployment in this tutorial from 802.11 Planet.

GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP Version 11 Debuts
GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 11 is now available with support for Windows Server 2003 and new features for sending SMS messages and receiving faxes in PDF format. Standard features in FAXmaker include a multi-line fax server, inbound fax routing, a print-to-fax driver for Windows, support for server-based rendering of Office documents, fax management features, and more. Pricing for GFI FAXmaker starts at $675 for a 25-user version. Additional information and a free trial version are available at

  Friday, July 18, 2003

Sony to Unveil New Clie
Sony is expected to unveil today its latest Clie handheld device, which features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as a new Sony-developed processor.

WLAN IC Market Starts to Sour
Wednesday's news that chipmaker Intersil was cashing out of the wireless LAN market and selling its Wireless Networking Product Group to fabless IC maker GlobespanVirata sent shockwaves through the wireless IC sector. However, the move did not surprise many analysts who say Intersil bent to investor pressure and returned to its cash cow of high-performance analog chips -- a favorite segment among the Wall Street crowd.

  Thursday, July 17, 2003

D-Link Releases USB/FireWire Combo Hub
D-Link has announced the release of the D-Link DFB-H7 Combo Hub, a new seven-port combo USB 2.0 and FireWire hub. Compact enough to place anywhere convenient, including the top of the desk or workspace, the $49.99 (MSRP) DFB-H7 features four high-speed USB 2.0 ports and three FireWire ports for connecting multimedia and peripheral devices such as digital cameras, printers, and DVD drives. The combo hub will be available in early August through authorized retail, reseller, and distribution partners.

Intersil Drops Wi-Fi
Intersil, the maker of the PRISM line of WLAN chips, is saying good-bye to Wi-Fi and divesting itself of its wireless product business. The chips go to broadband circuit maker GlobespanVirata for approximately $365 million.

  Wednesday, July 16, 2003

It's not enough to just boot up the laptop and see if you can detect a wireless network anymore -- new gadgets and services are making it possible to get instant knowledge of local Wi-Fi nodes without touching the computer. 802.11 Planet has the full story.

Linksys has unveiled a product to transport pictures and music stored on PCs to TVs and stereos, the first in a new product line aimed at filling missing links in the wireless home networking chain. The $200 Wireless-B Media Adapter connects to TVs and stereos with standard cables and to home networks via 802.11b, allowing analog home entertainment equipment to accept digital content. Linksys is also working with online music services such as Rhapsody,, and MusicMatch to support their playlists. The complete story can be found on

Agere has released a low-power, four-chip set to run Voice over IP (VoIP) phones. The wireless silicon provider's wireless VoIP phone solution integrates its industry-leading WaveLAN wireless networking and proven VoIP technology onto a single platform. Read more about it at 802.11 Planet.

  Tuesday, July 15, 2003

If you're thinking about building a wireless network for your home or office, it pays to do a little planning to ensure you implement it as securely as possible. As with all radio frequencies, anyone with a receiver can tune into a wireless channel, so you need to take extra precautions to prevent to your big-eared neighbor and cyber criminals from listening in. Learn more about setting up a secure wireless network in this tutorial from 802.11 Planet.

Procom Technology's Taurus is an ultra-compact, all-in-one networking appliance that can deploy complete wireless hot spots just about anywhere. The appliance includes a high-powered antenna with an open-space range of up to 600 feet, supports hundreds of users, is Wi-Fi certified, and can be managed remotely via a Web-based configuration utility. Base models are available now with pricing starting at under $1,700.

  Monday, July 14, 2003

According to West Technology Research Solutions, ultrawideband (UWB) will eventually beat out both the current Wi-Fi wireless networking standard and Bluetooth, while the open standard ZigBee protocol will enable every system in the house to talk to each other. If those bold predictions from the research firm come true, then they promise that standards battles for wireless networking will continue into the next decade. The complete story is available on

  Friday, July 11, 2003

AirMagnet, Inc. today announced that it has incorporated full recognition of the IEEE's approved 802.11g standard into its distributed wireless LAN administration and management product. AirMagnet Distributed includes seven new alarms that identify security, reliability, and performance issues related to the newly ratified standard, including the ability to identify pre-standard 802.11g devices.

At its best in demanding, high-traffic environments, the versatile new TigerStack III from SMC puts its non-blocking 9.6Gbps switching fabric backplane to work to move data at blazingly fast speeds. The 24-port SMC6824M TigerStack III 10/100 Managed Switch, priced at less than $25 per port, and its network enhancing add-ons &8211; two optional slots for fiber and Gigabit expansion and the optional network protecting Redundant Power Supply Unit &8211; are available beginning this month.

  Thursday, July 10, 2003

Seeking to carve out the nascent market for a chipset that can fulfill the promise of "last mile" delivery of wireless broadband, Intel has pledged to develop a silicon product based on the IEEE 802.16 WirelessMAN (Metropolitan Area Network) standard. Intel said it expects equipment based on its chips to have a range of up to 30 miles and the ability to transfer data, voice, and video at speeds of up to 70 Mbps. The 802.16a standard, sometimes referred to as WiMAX, was approved by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in January, opening the door for the creation of fixed Broadband Wireless Access (BWA), which could provide network access support to buildings with speeds that approach those offered by high-speed fiber optic networks. The complete story is available at

A new report on the WLAN chip market predicts the Wi-Fi chip market will hit $1.7 billion by 2007. The report also makes things look good for the big players, not so great for the little guys, and spells out the niche Wi-Fi markets many vendors should be aiming for. 802.11 Planet has the full story.

  Wednesday, July 9, 2003

The Wi-Fi Alliance yesterday announced that the first round of products based on the recently approved 802.11g standard have successfully completed Wi-Fi certification testing. The following products have received interoperability certification for IEEE 802.11g functionality:

  • Atheros AR5001X+ Universal 802.11a/b/g Wireless Network Adapter
  • Broadcom 54g AP Reference Design BCM94306-GAP
  • Intersil PRISM Duette PCMCIA Adapter Model ISL39000C
  • Intersil PRISM Duette Access Point Developer's Kit Model ISL39300A
  • Melco AirStation 54Mbps Wireless Notebook Adapter-g Model# WLI-CB-G54(A)
  • Proxim ORiNOCO AP-600b/g
  • TI TNET1130 WLAN Cardbus Reference Design
  • TI TNETWA622-g10-DP Access Point Reference Design

Update: 802.11 Planet now has a story with additional information on this news.

  Tuesday, July 8, 2003

The Wi-Fi Alliance today announced that the first round of products based on the recently approved 802.11g standard have successfully completed Wi-Fi certification testing. The following products have received interoperability certification for IEEE 802.11g functionality:

  • Atheros AR5001X+ Universal 802.11a/b/g Wireless Network Adapter
  • Broadcom 54g AP Reference Design BCM94306-GAP
  • Intersil PRISM Duette PCMCIA Adapter Model ISL39000C
  • Intersil PRISM Duette Access Point Developer's Kit Model ISL39300A
  • Melco AirStation 54Mbps Wireless Notebook Adapter-g Model# WLI-CB-G54(A)
  • Proxim ORiNOCO AP-600b/g
  • TI TNET1130 WLAN Cardbus Reference Design
  • TI TNETWA622-g10-DP Access Point Reference Design

Efficient Networks, a subsidiary of Siemens, has announced the availability of the SpeedStream DSL Gateway Family. The family includes a gateway combining a DSL modem with 802.11g wireless networking technology in a single box and a gateway combining DSL access with 802.11g wireless and powerline networking technologies. All of the gateways in the family ship with Efficient Networks' ControlNet embedded software. Update: 802.11 Planet now has a story with additional information on this news.

  Monday, July 7, 2003

Wireless LANs are taking an evolutionary path similar to Ethernet networks. Learn how switch technology is improving range and performance of wireless LANs in this tutorial from 802.11 Planet.

NETGEAR has added Layer 3 capability to its extensive line of business-class managed switching solutions. The GSM7324 24-Port Layer 3 Managed Gigabit Switch provides high throughput and management flexibility for the demanding network environments of small- and medium-sized businesses. At an estimated street price of $3,399, the GSM7324 24-Port 10/100/1000 Mbps switch offers a breakthrough price per port of under $145, the lowest for a Layer 3 switch in the industry.

  Thursday, July 3, 2003

D-Link today announced the release of two new products, including the first wireless USB adapter compatible with both PCs and Macs. The $49 D-Link Air DWL-122 USB adapter can wirelessly connect to a local network from a desktop PC without opening the computer case, or can be taken on the road with any USB 1.1-equipped or greater laptop. The second product is a one-port wireless print server that gives users the ability to share one printer among multiple PCs and laptops. The D-Link DP-311P print server will be available in mid-July and is priced at MSRP $149.

  Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Phonex has released a new addition to its NeverWire product line, a USB device that connects from a PC to your home's electrical outlet, enabling consumers to share files, broadband connections, and printers, or play networked games with broadband speed. The NeverWire USB delivers 12MB speed, includes 3DES encryption support, and measures only 2.04"W x 3.12"H x 1.08"D -- smaller than a business card at just over an inch thick. The NeverWire USB is HomePlug compliant and will retail for $99.

The Segue Roaming Client will soon deliver true seamless roaming when PCTEL incorporates Birdstep's Mobile IP technology, letting users move from WLAN to cellular at will. The company also has a Dual-Mode version for moving between Wi-Fi networks and 2.5G (CDMA2000 1X or GPRS) network data services. Additional information is available at 802.11 Planet.

  Tuesday, July 1, 2003

While standardized video over wireless IP might be a few months away, that's not stopping the hardware vendors from getting behind 802.11-based multimedia transmission in a big way. ViXs Systems is now in a technology integration and co-marketing deal with Intersil in a push to make video over wireless a reality in the market sooner rather than later. 802.11 Planet has the complete story.

SBC will reportedly install about 2,000 hotspots (double Verizon's planned deployment) in hotels, airports, and other public venues in its 13-state coverage area by year's end. Final decisions about the number of access points, markets, and pricing haven't been made, but the company is close to selecting an equipment vendor and will likely talk to hotels and airports about putting hotspots on their property. Read more about it at Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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