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Hardware Upgrades for $100
With as little as $100, SMB owners can pump up their computing power. Come shopping with us to find good deals on helpful upgrades. - 7/30/04

'Critical' IE Patch Released
As promised, Microsoft has released a monster patch to secure its flagship Internet Explorer (IE) browser from takeover attacks. - 7/30/04

Check Point Patches Buffer Overflows
A buffer overflow vulnerability in Check Point's virtual private network (VPN) products could put users at risk of network takeover, the company warned in an advisory. - 7/30/04

High Noon for High Range Wireless
Established WLAN management systems are getting more protection features -- and many vendors are changing their focus entirely toward security, because that's where the money is. - 7/28/04

Microsoft: Out-of-Cycle Security Patch Coming
Due out next week, the patch will fix a software flaw that led to the Download.Ject malware attack. - 7/28/04

More Gloom from MyDoom Virus
The latest version of the virus is a vehicle for another Trojan horse, which attacks - 7/27/04

HP Launches Hybrid Wireless PDAs
HP's new line of PocketPC products includes several with Wi-Fi, and one launched with T-Mobile that is the first combining 802.11 with GSM & GPRS services. - 7/26/04

Samba Patches Buffer Overflows
The open-source implementation of Microsoft's SMB/CIFS protocol gets a security update. - 7/23/04

Atheros Goes Multimedia with MIMO
The latest from the Wi-Fi chipmaker targets the future market for wireless video transport, and is the first from the company to use multiple antennas. - 7/21/04

Windows 2000 Exploit Code Released
Apply those MS04-019 and MS04-022 security patches as needed. - 7/20/04

Security is in Wi-Fi Management's Future
Established WLAN management systems are getting more protection features -- and many vendors are changing their focus entirely toward security, because that's where the money is. - 7/20/04

Microsoft Updates Download.Ject Removal Tool
The cleanup from last month's malware attack continues. - 7/14/04

MS Patch Day: 7 Alerts, 2 Critical
Microsoft's July batch of security patches includes two updates for 'critical' product flaws.ure. - 7/13/04

Zoom Into VoIP
Zoom Technologies packages VoIP capabilities into its ADSL offerings. - 7/12/04

In-Flight Wi-Fi: On and Off
The slow rise in on-plane Wi-Fi deployments continues, but perhaps more important for safety is fast identification of devices that have their wireless signals deactivated. - 7/9/04

Linksys Extends its Wi-Fi Range
Cisco's wireless home networking unit unveils new antennas to bolster range and signals. - 7/8/04

Another IE Flaw in the Wild?
Recently 'patched' hole in Microsoft's browser still springing leaks. - 7/7/04

iPass Passes Five-Figures
The aggregator of wireless networks says it has hit a major milestone in the number of locations it provides customers in a discussion on how they measure. - 7/6/04

Microsoft Issues Security Update For Trojan
Microsoft is urging customers to immediately install a security update for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2000 operating systems in order to thwart the impact of trojan. - 7/2/04

An Apple Rendezvous with the Outside
Wireless linking from the company's Rendezvous to other platforms falls right in line with its digital hub plans - 7/1/04

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