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Netgear Builds In Security
The router vendor has a new initiative to provide advanced (and affordable) security for home and small business PCs from the router. - 7/28/05

Linksys Rolls Out Pushbutton WiFi Security
Linksys has rolled out support for "Secure Easy Setup," a technology for WLAN configuration it says makes Wi-Fi security pushbutton simple. - 7/27/05

Vonage to Offer Home Networking Gear
VoIP leader Vonage plans to offer a new Motorola gateway that makes home networking more easy. It combines broadband telephony and home networking functions in one device. - 7/26/05

Cisco 'Homes' in on Entertainment
In a bid to expand its home networking product line, Cisco Systems will pay $61 million in cash and stock for Denmark-based KiSS Technology. - 7/22/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Marvell's new small, cheap chip; Sonos supports Macs; Belkin sports pocket router; and more. - 7/21/05

Microsoft Updates Anti-Spyware Beta — Again
The Redmond giant adds some fixes to its beta tool. - 7/20/05

XP At Risk From DoS
Newly discovered flaw may leave XP users at risk from a Denial of Service attack. - 7/18/05

New Gizmo a Skype Killer?
SIPphone rolls out 'Gizmo' to compete with Skype . . . though Skype doesn't care. - 7/14/05

Microsoft Patch Day Plugs 3
The fixes plug security holes in Word, IE and Windows. - 7/12/05

New Firefox Fixes Holes
The open source browser is treated to an update that corrects 10 security vulnerabilities, two 'borderline critical.' - 7/12/05

Skype Talk at Boingo Hotspots
The VoIP provider has built a version of its software into the Boingo Wireless client give users better access while on the road. - 7/12/05

Bots and Money Drive Malware Threats
A new report from McAfee says bots and money-making schemes are driving malware expansion as "cybergangs" cooperate on long-term criminal strategies. - 7/11/05

New Viruses Up 59 Percent This Year
A security firm report says the number of new viruses is up 59 percent in the first half of 2005, and that an unpatched Windows system on the Internet can expect to survive for about 12 minutes before being infected. - 7/6/05

AOL to Offer Integrated Data Management
With all the new and free services America Online is offering lately and all the media to manage a little help on organizing that information wouldn't hurt. - 7/6/05

Dell, Napster Hit Legit Music Trail
Legitimate file sharing is becoming a way of life on college campuses. - 7/6/05

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