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• Microsoft Vista Home Networking Setup and Options
The most daunting part of upgrading to Windows Vista may be trying to figure out where in the layers of menus the networking and file-sharing options are hidden.

• Do It Yourself: Roll Your Own Network Cables
It may not be something you do everyday, but having the supplies and know-how to whip up a network cable on the spot can be very handy.

• Tips for Securing Your Home Router
Seemingly minor and easily overlooked settings can still have profound security implications. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your wired or wireless home router and by extension, your network is as secure as possible.

  Most Popular Reviews

• Microsoft Windows Home Server
If you have a home network, you'll welcome the easy file sharing, remote access and the image-based backup features of Windows Home Server.

• Iomega StorCenter Network Hard Drive
Iomega's fourth generation StorCenter Network Hard Drive brings many of the features found in higher-end storage devices down to an attractive price.

• MikroTik's The Dude
This free tool delivers many of the same capabilities that you'd find in pricey network monitoring tools. As long as you don't mind tinkering, The Dude is a decent network utility that should be worth the download.

Another Charge up the Hill for Broadband Policy
Internet Innovation Alliance takes its place in a motley chorus of groups agitating for national tech policy. — 07/31/08

Making a Case for an Android-Symbian Merger
Analyst suggests Google's Android and Nokia's Symbian will merge open source operating systems. — 07/31/08

US Connectivity: Where's the Wideband?
High-speed broadband could push Internet services to the next level, and it's being enjoyed plenty of places besides the US. So what's the holdup? — 07/30/08

Comcast Sees VoIP, ISP Growth
IP-based services help the bottom line as the cable giant becomes a greater force -- particularly in Internet telephony. — 07/30/08

NFL, NBC to Stream Complete Games Online
A first for live football and new media. — 07/29/08

FCC to Uphold Network Complaint vs. Comcast
Action to be taken by Friday, according to source. — 07/28/08

Motorola to Reorganize Home and Networks Unit
Changes afoot within the cellphone and networking gear maker. — 07/28/08

Vonage to Shuffle Chief Executives?
Report says Web phone provider will name a new CEO as it looks to get out of the red. — 07/25/08

DNS Cache Poisoning Flaw Goes Ballistic
Kaminsky admits flaw is now public and that less than half of potentially affected users have patched their servers. — 07/24/08

Facebook Wants to Power Web-Wide Apps
Zuckerberg talks up Facebook's plans to host applications and connect users beyond its site while clamping down on rogue developers. But it's got its work cut out for it. — 07/24/08

Google Opens Knol, a Wiki with Bylines
Site is designed to let people sign their name to their expertise, rather than be lost in anonymity. — 07/24/08

Greater Mobile Use Brings Bigger Virus Threat
New variants spreading via Bluetooth, multimedia and text features. — 07/23/08

Ubuntu Founder: Linux Should Focus on Looks
Shuttleworth challenges open source community to best Apple in user experience and stresses the importance of free software. — 07/23/08

San Francisco Hack: Where Was the Oversight?
Private companies are supposed to follow best practices for internal security. Experts are amazed that San Francisco wasn't doing the same. — 07/23/08

Shoring Up Consumer Confidence (on the Web)
New Shopping Advisor tool provides security and reliability ratings for e-commerce search results. — 07/22/08

Stormy Weather for Amazon's Cloud Storage
Brief downtime hits the company's S3 service again. — 07/21/08

Facebook Revamp Targets Spam, Privacy Issues
A redesign aims to give users greater control over their profiles and the information they share. — 07/21/08

The Pulse of the Smartphone Market
Palm hangs in against two tough competitors. — 07/18/08

Verdict in Novell/SCO Case a Mixed Bag
After weeks of contemplation, a verdict emerges in the Unix trial, though it's unclear how happy Novell will be. — 07/17/08

Sabotage the Charge in S.F. Net Admin Case
San Francisco charges network administrator with four felony counts as city probes how far the damage goes. — 07/15/08

Parties Reach Privacy Deal in YouTube Lawsuit
Google unit under fire by Viacom for alleged piracy violations. — 07/15/08

Steve Wozniak on Social Networks, Great Design
The man known as "Woz" discusses Steve Jobs and how to create memorable products. — 07/14/08

iPhone Picked Up in Hordes Overseas
From Asia to New Zealand, consumers crave the new Apple device. — 07/11/08

Microsoft to Begin Pushing XP SP3 to Users
Some business customers will want to download a blocking toolkit that lets them delay deployment until they're ready. — 07/10/08

The Impact of Google's Virtual World
Google's just-debuted virtual world is clunky right now, but expect it to grow into a monster success – and play a leading role in business as well a social networking. — 07/10/08

Gmail: The Choice of Spammers?
Now that they've broken the CAPTCHA system in Gmail, one firm says spammers are exploiting the daylights out of it. — 07/09/08

Google Looks to One-Up Second Life
The search leaders shows off a 3D avatar environment with integrated YouTube, but is it a Second Life killer? — 07/09/08

Microsoft Sets Pricing, Fee Sharing for Its Cloud
Redmond's online services will be subscription-based. — 07/08/08

Court Gives Viacom Access to YouTube Views
But Viacom denied access to Google's search technology. — 07/03/08

Will Consumers Drown in a CPU Deluge?
Dual-core, triple-core, quad-core -- as the varieties grow, will confusion over processor names and capabilities sting PC and chip makers? — 07/03/08

Dell Finds a Way to Continue XP Sales
While most OEMs offer upgrades, Dell offers to sell a $20 "downgrade" to PC buyers -- Windows XP. — 07/03/08

Lessons From McAfee's S.P.A.M. Experiment
Beyond don't open spam, the company finds that mobile phones are the new target, and guess which country is the second-largest target after the U.S.? — 07/02/08

Linux Player Xandros Grabs Storied Rival Linspire
The company formerly known as Lindows gets acquired as two Debian-based distributions become one. — 07/01/08

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