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Microsoft Readies Small Business Server Bundles
Seeking to encourage small businesses to enter into the world of server-based computing, Microsoft plans to release an inexpensive bundle of its server system early in October. - 8/29/03

Iomega Unveils Network-Attached Storage Bundles
Data-storage company Iomega addresses the backup and storage needs of small to mid-size businesses with a trio of new network-attached storage systems. - 8/28/03

D-Link Supports Hotspots with AirSpot
The company's latest product is a gateway for use in public or private settings, specifically meant for setting up a hot spot right out of the box. - 8/27/03

GFI Joins War Against Worms with Free E-mail Server Anti-Virus Product
With SoBig-F running amuck and setting records for e-mail worm infections, GFI has decided to make available a freeware version of its server-based MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 8 anti-virus product. - 8/26/03

NETGEAR Bolsters Speed, Security in Dual-Band Wi-Fi Line
NETGEAR will shortly begin shipping new 802.11g products and upgrades for dual-band products that will use the speed boosts &151; supposedly up to 108Mbps &151; available from the latest generation of Atheros chipsets. The NETGEAR dual-band wireless networking solutions will also offer additional security features, including Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) support, 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption, and VPN pass-through. - 8/25/03

The Latest WLAN Forecasts: More Growth
The latest revenue reports on the wireless LAN market are in, and one indicates a $1.6 billion market expected for this year, which will grow 100% by 2006. - 8/25/03

WLAN Serves Small Business Well
So you think WLANs are only for homes or large enterprises? Here's one small business that is finding it profitable to deploy a WLAN. - 8/21/03

Airgo Doubles Wi-Fi's Speed
A Silicon Valley startup has taken the wraps off a chipset that it says improves the speed, range, and reliability of wireless networks. - 8/19/03

WLAN Sales Up in Second Quarter
New research reports from the Synergy Research Group and the Dell'Oro Group indicate that strong sales of 802.11g helped drive the worldwide WLAN market in the second quarter of 2003. - 8/18/03

Fortress and AirDefense Team on WLAN Security
AirDefense will integrate AirFortress signatures into its security platform to monitor traffic on wireless networks. - 8/14/03

Marvell Makes a Move on the Managed GbE Market
The flood of SOHO/SMB-targeted Gigabit Ethernet switch introductions continues with a 10-port GbE switch from Marvell that the company touts as the industry's first with enterprise features for managing SOHO/SMB networks. - 8/13/03

SMC Delivers Gigabit to the Desktop
SMC actualizes its commitment to bring "Gigabit to the Desktop" with the launch of the first products in a new line of unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches. - 8/12/03

Aruba Switch Gets a Director
Aruba Network's modular WLAN switch has gained a radio frequency management architecture called RF Director that will accept plug-ins from third party developers; the first will be WildPacket's AiroPeek NX. - 8/12/03

Broadband Central Accelerates Wi-Fi Plans
Citing strong demand from investors and customers, the wireless Internet provider doubles its planned coverage area to 22 states. - 8/11/03

TI Turbo Charges D-Link's New 802.11g XtremeG+ Line
D-Link will use TI's TNETW1130 chipset with packet-bursting technology in its new AirPlus XtremeG+ line. The chipset features a turbo mode that TI says delivers speeds up to eight times greater than average 802.11b throughputs. - 8/8/03

New WLAN Attacks Identified
WLAN security vendor AirDefense says monitoring at the DefCon convention revealed a new type of Denial-of-Service attack as well as possible firmware bugs that could leave NICs and access points vulnerable. - 8/8/03

D-Link Delivers 802.11g-compliant Firmware
D-Link releases new firmware that brings its AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless networking products into strict compliance with the official IEEE 802.11g standard. The firmware is available to current users as a free firmware download from the D-Link web site and has been integrated into shipping D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G Wireless Routers and as drivers for CardBus and PCI Adapters. - 8/7/03

Linksys Intros Inexpensive Line of Gigabit Switches
The consumer- and SOHO-focused division of Cisco Systems unveils a new line of compact desktop and rackmount unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switches. - 8/6/03

Proxim Unleashes Tsunami for MANs
The wireless networking specialist looks to expand its presence in metropolitan area networks with a new line of outdoor equipment that offers 54Mbps data rates. - 8/5/03

D-Link to Use Atheros and Intersil Chips
The maker of SOHO and home WLAN products will use Intersil's PRISM GT chips for 11g-only products and Atheros silicon for multimode products. - 8/5/03

Wi-Fi Tightens Its Belt
Prognosticators say the Wi-Fi industry will be worth billions. But the bubble will also burst (at least on any short term profits for chips, hotspots, and more). Will this leave us with a more solid foundation in WLANs? - 8/4/03

D-Link Hot on the Heels of Linksys
Following in the footsteps of Linksys (see 7/31/03 news), D-Link has announced a new high-speed device enabling easy online gaming and Internet connectivity without wires. The D-Link DWL-G810 Xtreme G Wireless Bridge connects any Ethernet-enabled device to an existing 802.11g wireless environment without sacrificing performance. The $134.99 wireless bridge will be available in mid-August and can operate in either Ad-hoc or infrastructure mode, allowing PlayStation2, Xbox, or GameCube owners to play head-to-head or access Internet gaming services, such as Xbox Live, with the same device. - 8/1/03

Meta Group Slams Wireless LAN Suppliers on Security
Suppliers of wireless LAN products are falling short in efforts to deliver highly secure products that are interoperable with those of other vendors, according to a report from the Meta Group. - 8/1/03

TI Buys 802.11a/g Radio Maker
Texas Instruments has acquired Radia Communications, a fabless semiconductor with radio frequency (RF) expertise that has been working with TI to provide the radio designs used in TI's 802.11g and 802.11a chipsets. - 8/1/03 Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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