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Hitachi Hatches Mini Drive For Consumer Devices
Hitachi's disk drive unit unveiled a 1.8-inch hard disk drive to satisfy consumers' needs for smaller hard drives that have enough juice to power MP3 players and personal digital assistants. - 9/1/04

Ballmer Beats Security Drum
The Microsoft CEO also hits on Web Services, Linux and a little company named Google in Boston meeting. - 9/1/04

XP SP2 Goes International
The service pack is released to manufacturing in German, Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese languages. - 8/31/04

Iomega REVs up to SCSI
Iomega's REV drives make a good alternative to tape backup systems and the new SCSI version takes aim at both servers and PCs. - 8/30/04

Inexpensive Equipment Spurs on SoCal Wi-Fi Group
Always a friend to those looking to spread Wi-Fi, Sputnik offered an equipment bundle to the San Diego freenet at a price they couldn't refuse. - 8/31/04

Linksys, Netgear to Offer VoIP at Home
The two companies will build phone adapters into new home networking products for instant access to cheap phone calls on the Vonage service. - 8/25/04

Sprinting Toward VoIP
The network operator inks third VoIP deal with a cable operator. - 8/25/04

Worm Uses Webcams to Spy on Users
A new variant of the Rbot worm has the ability to take over users' webcams and use them to spy on people in their offices and homes. - 8/25/04

Don't SPIT on VOIP
It's only a matter of time before spam and denial of service attacks affect VoIP. Is anyone ready? - 8/24/04

What's Hot in Hotspots
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Vivato powers rural Washington and a Florida stadium; Chicago's Field Museum to get in-building (and out) wireless; Hilton to promote wireless service by offering laptop discounts; and more. - 8/24/04

Researcher Finds Flaws in XP SP2
German security firm finds weaknesses in the service pack's warning mechanism. - 8/18/04

Maxtor Rocks on With DiamondMax 10
Hard drives just keep getting bigger and faster. Maxtor's just released its latest, the DiamondMax 10. Could your business use more drive? - 8/18/04

Microsoft Releases XP SP2 Warning List
If you run the Windows XP operating system, you should check this list twice to avoid possible disruptions of third-party FTP programs, peer-to-peer applications and multimedia streaming software. - 8/17/04

Juniper Jumps into SMB Security
The company announces a new line of affordable, easy-to-install SSL VPN appliances geared specifically for the small-to-medium size market. - 8/16/04

Symantec Says Don't Leave Security Patches to Chance
As viruses, worms and other threats continue to abound, it seems there's a new patch released in the time it takes to say 'vulnerability.' To automate the patch management process, Symantec today announced a new version of ON iPatch. - 8/16/04

WIDCOMM Bluetooth a Virus Risk
A security research firm has discovered a serious vulnerability in WIDCOMM's widely deployed Bluetooth Connectivity Software that could lead to wireless delivery of malicious worms and viruses. - 8/12/04

Microsoft XP SP2 Blog Watch
Reading between the bloglines gives a clearer picture of Microsoft's vision and plans for XP SP2. - 8/10/04

Apple Plugs OS X Vulnerabilities
Mac OS X Panther users at risk of sensitive data leakage, DoS attacks and system access. - 8/10/04

Microsoft XP SP2 Ready to Serve and Protect
Microsoft ended nearly a year of anticipation Friday afternoon when it annnounced that it had released to manufacturing Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Technologies. - 8/9/04

Critical Bug Found in AOL's AIM
A specially crafted AIM away message could put users at risk of PC takeover - 8/9/04

Critical Flaws Spoil Opera Tune
Alternative Web browser firm Opera Software has issued a fix for its flagship Opera browser after a security research firm reported a potentially dangerous security bug. - 8/5/04

FCC Says VoIP Subject to Wiretap Laws
Despite unanimous vote, commissioners question legal underpinning of decision. - 8/4/04

What's Hot in Hotspots
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Toshiba announces prices for MyConnect; Boingo is in more airport, downtown Encinitas, Calif., and Nantucket Island to both get wireless; and more. - 8/4/04

Three-in-One Virus Zapper Released
Microsoft's latest virus removal tool helps disinfect systems impacted by the recent Mydoom, Zindos and Doomjuice worm attacks. - 8/3/04

Nothing to Fear With This Ghost
Symantec's Norton Ghost 9.0 is designed to let you rest easier knowing your system files, documents and other important data backed up - 8/2/04

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