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Mytob Variant Still Trolling The Web
Security firm MessageLabs says it has detected a new variant of the Mytob worm and intercepted 72 copies . - 8/31/05

Same Broadband Numbers, Different Conclusions
Consumer advocates claim the FCC is misleading public about pace of broadband rollout — and DSL and cable modem users are paying more because of it - 8/26/05

Intel Advances Faster Wireless USB Spec
Intel is pushing its wireless USB initiative to faster data transfer rates that enable fewer cables for peripherals like printers, scanners, digital cameras and storage devices. - 8/25/05

In Any Language, IM Worm a Pain
A new virus that 'speaks' 10 languages makes the rounds. - 8/24/05

Verizon, Yahoo To Offer Cut-Rate DSL
The carrier and Internet portal will offer $14.95 service to pressure dial-up and cable providers. - 8/23/05

EarthLink Goes Security Shopping
Anti-spyware will figure big in upcoming security update from #3 ISP. - 8/22/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: Researchers bullish on switches, but consumer electronics Wi-Fi awareness lags; Buffalo has new router design; vendors shoot wireless signal 137.2 miles (but without Wi-Fi); and more. - 8/17/05

Comcast Gives Customers Security Software
The broadband provider will give subscribers three applications from security specialist McAfee. - 8/16/05

SSL VPN for SMBs: Secure Remote Access
A new server appliance from WatchGuard and Citrix aims to make secure, remote access cheaper and easier for small businesses. - 8/15/05

Windows Exploit Code Online
An exploit code has popped up on several hacking Web sites for a critical Microsoft flaw only days after Redmond issued a patch for it. - 8/12/05

Microsoft Patches 3 Critical Flaws
The Redmond giant issues its August installment of security fixes. - 8/10/05

Wi-Fi Product Watch
The latest updates and new products in wireless networking: SMC will soon mesh; Vivato offers new tri-mode AP; In-Stat proclaims wireless ahead of Ethernet in homes; and more. - 8/9/05

Piggybacking on Skype
VoIP leader Vonage plans to offer a new Motorola gateway that makes home networking more easy. It combines broadband telephony and home networking functions in one device. - 8/5/05

Critical Windows Patch Around The Corner
Microsoft's advance notice of coming patches includes six plugs for Windows and something extra - 8/4/05

Vonage Confirms Site, Service Trouble
Vonage's Web site was temporarily down, and some customers reported being unable to dial out using the company's Voice over IP (VoIP) service. - 8/3/05

Backup, Reboot, Restore With Fastora
Fastora differentiates ExBoot, its external USB 2 hard drive, from the rest of the pack. - 8/3/05

VoIP For The SMB
Vonage pilots a service to further encroach on incumbent telephone companies territory - 8/3/05

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