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Broadcom Restructures into Four Segments
The broadband equipment manufacturer regroups in response to a retiring CEO, a swarm of patent lawsuits, and $1.76 billion in losses reported earlier this year. - 9/29/03

Buffalo Ships First 802.11g NIC with USB
Buffalo's $99 802.11g NIC is the first external adapter to use the speeds of USB 2.0 to get full throughput from the wireless network. - 9/26/03

VoWLAN: Not Ready for Prime Time
Wireless VoIP has great potential, but there remain a few obstacles in its path to glory. - 9/25/03

ZyXEL and Company Further the Affordable GbE Cause
The onslaught of inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet switches continues with this week's launch of ZyXEL's Dimension Gigabit SOHO series of switches as well as new switch releases from Broadcom and Vitesse. - 9/24/03

Interlink Protects SOHOs with Software
The security company's new embedded software is meant to bring enterprise-class authentication to home networks — think 802.1X RADIUS servers in your wireless broadband gateway — but without the complexity. - 9/22/03

TI Unveils Dual-Band Wi-Fi Chip for Cell Phones, PDAs
The chipmaker looks to speed the integration of cellular and Wi-Fi in mobile devices with its new low-power 802.11a/b/g chip. - 9/19/03

PCTEL's Soft AP to Work with PRISMs
The software connectivity company's Segue Soft Access Module (SAM) turns PRISM GT and WorldRadio client products into access points; PRISM chip owner GlobespanVirata will help push the software. - 9/18/03

Microsoft Unveils High-Speed Home WLAN
Microsoft returns to the wireless home networking market with new products using 802.11g — including one tied in directly to the Xbox game console. - 9/17/03

Observer 9.0 Expands Scope
The Wi-Fi network monitoring solution from Network Instruments gets a new version that includes new analysis and an expanded memory buffer that captures 40 times as much troubleshooting data. - 9/17/03

More Silicon for Wi-Fi Power
Innovation in wireless chips continues as Atheros announces new products promising better range and lower power use with 802.11g, while both Conexant and Philips add 11g to their portfolios. - 9/16/03

Cisco's Wi-Fi Challenges
It's one thing to dominate the landscape of WLANs everywhere, but here's how Cisco Systems is using wireless to its advantage internally. - 9/12/03

Wireless Is in Biz Traveler's Future
Research reports from Intel and firms like IDC and Datamonitor say mobile users will continue to embrace Wi-Fi as hotspots continue to proliferate — even though only 1 in 10 road warriors have tried Wi-Fi, let alone a hotspot. - 9/11/03

Home Is Where the Network Is
Broadband sharing will spark the interest and multimedia will close the deal on home networking adoption, with wireless projected to overtake wired by 2004. - 9/8/03

Gateway Unveils Consumer Wi-Fi Line
The PC maker releases a bargain-priced line of 802.11g and 11b products that includes two routers, two PC Cards, and desktop USB and PCI units...each available for under $100. - 9/5/03

Aruba Gets Wi-Fi Certified
The company now has the first Wi-Fi Alliance certification on a wireless network switch, as well as enough security in place to adequately provide HIPAA-qualified protection in medical facilities. - 9/4/03

WLANs Serve Small Businesses Well
So you think WLANs are only for small home-based businesses or large global enterprises? Here's one small business that found it's better equipped to compete with larger businesses because it deployed a wireless local area network. - 9/4/03

NETGEAR's New Gigabit Switch Helps SMBs Get Smart
NETGEAR delivers an inexpensive "lightly managed" 24-port Ethernet switch with an additional two Gigabit Ethernet ports for increased performance. - 9/3/03

IPWireless Puts 802.11 on the Move
Wi-Fi in your car or on the train? Hardware company Possio is making a Wi-Fi access point that connects wirelessly to 3G WANs using technology from IPWireless &151; no DSL or cable needed. - 9/3/03

Daewoo Takes Wi-Fi Video Mainstream
ViXS Systems says major consumer electronics maker Daewoo is not only using its video networking chips and software in demos, but will be the first to market with wireless multimedia products for the living room. - 9/2/03 Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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