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Large Scale IM Virus Attack Feared
Security researchers are seeing the first signs of a large-scale virus attack taking advantage of a known flaw in the way JPEG images are processed in Microsoft Windows products. - 9/29/04

Real Plugs Media Player Holes
The company released patches to protect RealPlayer users from code execution attacks. - 9/29/04

Cisco Enhances SMB Offerings
The network gear giant brings its Catalyst switch family to a customer group with growing clout. - 9/27/04

Scanner Tool Released to Thwart JPEG Attack
Microsoft's detection tool can be used to identify vulnerable versions of the GDI libraries that handle JPEG processing. - 9/24/04

Exploits Circulating for JPEG Flaw
Security experts predict a large-scale worm attack is inevitable. - 9/23/04

Authentication 'Tokens' Arrive for AOL Customers
New premium service deals with RSA Security to offer a 'deadbolt' for AOL accounts. - 9/21/04

Intel Puts More Stock in the Digital Home
The company will parcel out some of its $200 million in funding to support technology that lets people edit, manage and access content between PCs and other consumer electronics devices over a wireless home network. - 9/21/04

LucidLink Announces Security Upgrade
The relatively new software, which makes security simple for SMBs, is already getting a customer-demanded update to support more access points and to plug a potential hole. - 9/16/04

MS Releases Fix For Graphics Flaw
Redmond's monthly release of patches fixes one for a JPEG-related vulnerability rated critical. - 9/15/04

Cisco Shaking Router Market
The networking giant ships router for SMBs and upgrades its SIP technology with a $55M buy. - 9/13/04

ViewSonic Displays Home Networking Interest
Most wireless media adapters still use the PC as a server, but ViewSonic's new equipment puts the multimedia right on the wireless adapter. - 9/9/04

XP SP2 Deadline Extended
The complete delivery due by April 2005 to give businesses time to prepare. - 9/8/04

Verizon Heeds Need for DSL Speed
The carrier adds a new DSL tier for consumers who work at home, play games or e-mail pictures and large files. - 9/8/04

Soup-to-Nuts Spam and Virus Protection for SMBs
One comprehensive program, no IT required and 24/7 tech support Trend Micro makes it easy for SMBs to avoid spam and viruses. - 9/7/04

Hitachi Hatches Mini Drive For Consumer Devices
Hitachi's disk drive unit unveiled a 1.8-inch hard disk drive to satisfy consumers' needs for smaller hard drives that have enough juice to power MP3 players and personal digital assistants. - 9/1/04

Ballmer Beats Security Drum
The Microsoft CEO also hits on Web Services, Linux and a little company named Google in Boston meeting. - 9/1/04

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