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Apple Fixes Mac OS, Microsoft Intros Messenger
Quite a way to end the month, with a big bug fix and nicely integrated instant messenger. - 9/29/06

Noise Free Wi-Fi IPTV
Rotani's new software takes on Ruckus by creating 'good neighbor' signals with video-quality speed. Will product makers buy in? - 9/28/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
Big names sponsor UMA info site; BVS analyzes WiMax spectrum; Sirius' Wi-Fi-enabled TiVo for satellite radio revealed; and more. - 9/27/06

Wireless USB Ready for Testing
The USB-IF has announced a compliance and certification test program that may turn UWB into a household technology. - 9/26/06

Report: Home Users Blind To Hackers
Symantec says attacks are more varied and successful.- 9/25/06

Where Have All The Laptops Gone?
Dept. of Commerce reports more than 1,000 computers are lost, stolen or missing. - 9/22/06

SMBs, a Fencepost And Net Neutrality
It's hard to peg what a typical foe of net neutrality looks like, even within the SMB community - 9/20/06

Dell Symantec Bundle Aims to Secure Exchange
Revised security bulletin addresses problems experienced by some XP users, according to the software maker - 9/20/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
Network Chemistry upgrades; Sputnik has new hardware, software; Belden offers Wi-Fi switch; PePLink combines wired and wireless throughput; and more. - 9/19/06

Time to Zune In?
The Microsoft device is supposed to include a larger screen (3 inches vs. the iPod's 2.5 inches), and two features iPods don't include – an FM Tuner and Wi-Fi connectivity that lets users more easily share play lists and music with each other. - 9/14/06

U.S. Unprepared for Internet Attack Recovery
Cyber security officials tell Congress the United States is not prepared to effectively coordinate a public/private recovery from a major attack on the Internet. - 9/14/06

Another Sith Pirate Meets Force of Law
Elite Torrents used peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharers deploying BitTorrent technology to illegally distribute 2.1 million copyrighted works across 18,000 movie, music and software titles. - 9/13/06

Microsoft Plugs 'Critical' Office Security Leak
Software giant Microsoft released three security bulletins, one of which is aimed at correcting a critical flaw in Microsoft Publisher 2000. - 9/12/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
News from CTIA and VON: Azimuth tests handsets; Netgear ships Skype phone; Skyhook has location contest finalists; Wi-Fi Alliance works with CTIA; and more. - 9/12/06

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