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31 March 2000
- Looks like Linksys has kicked the PPPoE firmware upgrade into general release... just in time for April Fools' day.  But it's no joke, so click here to download the update, or go here for more details.

28 March 2000
- The Securing section of the site has been updated with info on when you need to use NetBeui for Microsoft File and Printer sharing, whether "stealth" mode is important, and other goodies.  Check it out.

23 March 2000
- WatchGuard Technologies has a new router aimed at the small office, home office market.  It supports both PPTP and IPsec VPN standards and has some features that make it easy to live with.  Go here for the full review.

20 March 2000
- UMAX has finally released a PPPoE firmware upgrade for their popular UGate Plus router.  The download details are here

- I've added the "Add your Opinion" feature to the following reviews:

Why not Add your Opinion?

18 March 2000
- I wondered why my system had been acting funny the past few days.  Imagine my surprise when I found the netlog worm on my dialup-connected system!  Go here for more information.

- Sorry for the misinformation that I posted a few days ago about MacOS TFTP clients for updating the Linksys router.  Turns out COMET and dataCOMET contain TFTP servers, which are no help in updating the firmware in the router!  I've corrected the page and am still on the lookout for a MacOS TFTP client (besides the one that MacSense includes with their XRouter firmware updater).  Let me know if you find one, so that I can post the information!

13 March 2000
- Linksys has again changed access to the PPPoE firmware upgrade for the Etherfast Cable / DSL router. You still need to contact them to request the update and give them some information, but you can do it via a web page instead of having to call Tech Support.

- Information on updating the Linksys router Firmware via a Mac (instead of a PC) has been added to the Linksys router Help page

-Been wrestling with getting a PPTP connection going through your NAT based software or hardware router?  This new page can help.

10 March 2000
- MacSense has updated their XRouter to add PPPoE support.  Go here to read the updated review, which you can add your Opinion to!

-Vicomsoft has revamped their SoftRouter and Internet Gateway product lines. The changes include lower pricing, so go here to get the poop!

- Linksys has changed access to the PPPoE firmware upgrade for the Etherfast Cable / DSL router.  It has been withdrawn from the FTP site and is available only by calling Linksys Tech support.  More info here!

9 March 2000
- Looks like there are a lot of brave souls who are moving on to Win2000.  I've added info on how to access Win2000's  Internet Connection Sharing feature in the ICS section. Go get the info here.

6 March 2000
- UMAX has released its FREE PPPoE upgrade for the UG3000. Go here for info on how to get it.
An upgrade for the UGate Plus is in the works and should be released shortly.

- Speaking of PPPoE, Linksys has a Beta available of PPPoE capability for its popular Etherfast router. Go here for more info.

22 Feb 2000
- If you've been looking for help with getting Dialpad, Netmeeting, online games, ICQ,  or another favorite application working through your shared connection, check out the new Special Applications page. Dialpad also has its own help page now, so if you have a tip, send it in!

- V1.5 of Harley Acheson's ICS Configuration program is out.  Come and get it!

- If you're a return visitor to the site, you'll notice another new link on the Sharing pages: Client Configuration. This has been added to clarify what to do after you install any type of sharing method. Let me know what you think of the new section.

- I have an Watchguard SOHO router evaluation unit in and will be getting a review up this week.  It's similar to the Beadlenet SOHO2000, but handles IPsec and PPTP VPN, and has an improved installation procedure.  No PPPoE yet, though. Check back later this week for the poop!

18 Feb 2000
- The "Add your opinion" feature seems to be running reliably now, so I've added the feature to the UMAX UGate3000 and UGate Plus router reviews.  Tell us your opinion!

14 Feb 2000
Well, the low end of the cable/DSL router market is starting to get crowded!  D-Link announced the DI-701 Residential Gateway last Wednesday and it's list priced at $159 with an estimated street price of $139. Go here for more info.

Hawking Technology also weighs in with their PN9225 10/100 Cable/DSL SOHO router (whew!).  Although priced about the same as the Linksys, there is a $50 rebate that can bring the router down to about $120 or less.  Check it out here!

- The Linksys router help and ICS Troubleshooting pages have been updated with new, handy tips.  Take a look!

13 Feb 2000
My apologies to those of your who have tried to post your opinion on the Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router review.  I really haven't been editing your opinions.  I've been having some problems with the posting system so that not all reviews are getting posted.  If you could please check to see if your opinion gets posted correctly, and drop me an email if it doesn't, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

9 Feb 2000
If you have a HomePNA network that you've been wanting to get connected to your Ethernet LAN, the Linksys HomeLink Broadband Network Bridge just might do the trick, so check out the review.  You can even add your own Opinion, so weigh in!

6 Feb 2000
I'm trying out a new feature for the Product Reviews.  You can now add your Opinion to a review.  The first review that has this capability is the very popular Linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router reviewGo here to try it out.

31 Jan 2000
I've been getting a lot of feedback on the new Linksys Etherfast router, so I've added a Help and Info page. This page includes a fix to help @Home users who have been having trouble and a link to the new firmware update that fixes a security problem.

- I've been tuning up the Troubleshooting and Sharing sections, adding new troubleshooting tips and revamping the LAN setup sections with clearer instructions for installing and configuring TCP/IP.  These improvements are the result of your feedback, so keep it coming!

- My procrastination has come to an end and I've finally finished the How-To for a Mixed Media Router that will allow you to share the Internet in a network that has Ethernet, wireless, phoneline or all three connection types.  You'll even be able to File and Printer share, too!  Go here to get started!

22 Jan 2000
The parade of 10Mbps phoneline adapters continues!  The lastest is Netgear's Phoneline 10X, so come take a look.

- V1.4 of Harley Acheson's ever popular ICS Configuration program is in the Download area.  Come and get it!

20 Jan 2000
Linksys' new inexpensive router has a security problem that you should really fix if you have one.  Go here to download new firmware for your router!

17 Jan 2000
As a follow-up to the review of the Proxim Symphony Cordless Ethernet Bridge, we review the Cordless Ethernet cards.

15 Jan 2000
Thanks to Mike Gudowski and Bengie Quintana, ICS Configuration map files have been added for Camerades, Quake, Unreal, Descent 3, and Heavy Gear 2Go to the Download page to get 'em!

12 Jan 2000
The ZyXEL Prestige 310 router now supports PPPoE. You'll need to upgrade to Version 2.50 or greater firmware.  Go here to download it.

- Helpful reader Errol Casey tipped me to a Linux driver for the Proxim Symphony cards, available here from Dave Komacke.

11 Jan 2000
Linksys snuck one out on me, but fortunately I have alert readers!  For those of you looking to tie your HomePNA1.0 1Mbps phoneline networks into your 10BaseT Ethernet network, Linksys' HPES03 Broadband Network Bridge should do the trick.  A review unit is on the way, but in the meantime, check out this info!

9 Jan 2000
ICS Configuration maps for Dialpad, PC Anywhere, ICQ, and VNC have been added.  Go here to download.

- I've received more requests for review for this product than any other so far.  Go here for the Linksys EtherFast Cable / DSL router review!

5 Jan 2000
- I've reorganized the ICS Problems and ICS Tips pages into a single ICS Troubleshooting page. Check it out here. 

4 Jan 2000
- Happy New Year!  No Y2K bugs to fight here, so we dug into the bag of goodies that Proxim recently sent.  First of three reviews is the Symphony Cordless Ethernet Bridge. See how it did here.

- Looks like Harley Acheson had some time to update ICS Configuration over the holidays.  Check out Version 1.3 here.  By the way, how about sending in some mappings?! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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