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27 Dec 1999
- I've updated the ZyXEL P310 review with higher throughput information. Read all about it here.

- If your ISP is using PPPoE and you've been having trouble trying to share the connection, try this new page for help.

26 Dec 1999
-Between bites of my Christmas goodies, I'm still hard at work!  Check out the review of the D-Link DHN-910 10Mb Phoneline Networking kit.

21 Dec 1999
- Since Santa might bring a new computer (or two!) for the holidays, you might want to get a nice hardware router to go with it so that everyone can be dialed up to the Internet at the same time! The ZyXEL P100WH just might do the trick for you. Take a look at the review and decide for yourself.

- More goodies continue to be delivered to the testing lab!  Check back soon for reviews on the D-Link DHN-910 10Mb Phoneline Networking kit and the much anticipated Linksys BEFSR41 Etherfast Cable/DSL router!

17 Dec 1999
- ICS users who need to open ports for games and other special applications have been using Harley Acheson's ICS Configuration program to do it quickly and easily!  Harley has released V1.2 of the program, which adds the ability to save and import mappings so that once you figure out how to get your favorite application working, you can share your work with others!  Go here for the new version of ICS Configuration.

15 Dec 1999
- Looks like S3/Diamond isn't the only game in town for a phoneline 10Mbps network card!  The Linksys Homelink Phoneline 10M kit has hit the streets and it works like a champ! Check it out.

8 Dec 1999
- For those of you who have been waiting for 10baseT performance from a phoneline networking product, wait no more! The S3/DiamondMM Homefree Phoneline 10Mbps delivers the goods!  Read the review!

- Linksys has entered the broadband Ethernet-Ethernet router market with an interesting new low-cost entry. Check the Router section for more info.

6 Dec 1999
- S3/DiamondMM submitted their new 1Mbps HomeFree PhoneLine -USB adapter and 10Mbps Phoneline PCI adapters for review.  You can read the USB adapter review here, and the 10Mbps review will be coming shortly.

4 Dec 1999
- After a rest to digest my Thanksgiving turkey, I decided to give the routers a rest and dig into the new wireless and phoneline networking kits that have been piling up in my In box.  First up is the WebGear Aviator 2.4 wireless kit. Check out my review.

19 Nov 1999
UMAX has posted a fix for the IRC IDENT problem for the UGate Plus. Visit the UGP Help page for the details.

17 Nov 1999
- The next generation of 10Mbps phoneline and wireless products is starting to appear, some with USB interfaces!  Visit the revamped wireless and phoneline networking page for more info.

15 Nov 1999
- I've had many requests for a review of the Zyxel Prestige 310 router.  Well, wait no more!  Go here for the poop!

14 Nov 1999
- This must be the week for router news!  Check out the review of the Macsense XRouter. Nice little unit, which includes a 4 port 10baseT hub, and no, it's not just for Macs!

13 Nov 1999
- I've added info on some other low-cost hardware routers from Macsense and Netgear.  Check the Hardware Router section.

12 Nov 1999
- Hardware router maker Beadlenet has been acquired by Watchguard Technologies. For more info, read the press release.

9 Nov 1999
UMAX has released and upgrade to the UGate Plus firmware that adds MS PPTP (VPN) support for one computer.  Go here for more info.

1 Nov 1999

- Since I'm now back to dial-up for my Internet connection, what better time to start reviewing dialup routers?  First up is the UMAX UGate II.

29 Oct 1999
- Vicomsoft
, makers of Surfdoubler and other fine Internet sharing products, now allow SurfDoubler and SurfDoubler Plus users to purchase a license for up to three users.

SurfDoubler pricing is now $54 for 2 users, and $73 for 3 users. SurfDoubler Plus pricing is $74 and $99 for 2 and 3 user versions respectively.

License upgrades are also available for existing users (see this page for SurfDoubler, this page for SurfDoublerPlus).


- Been wondering how to add wireless (or phoneline) clients to your network and get the whole thing playing together? Vicomsoft has put together a nice article.  It's not a complete "how-to", but it does explain some of the issues of getting multiple network types to play together nicely.

- The Secure Your LAN pages have been updated, adding new backgroup information, security scanning tools and links to personal firewall products.

23 Oct 1999
- Microsoft's ICS does the trick for sharing many people's connection.   However, for those users who need to be able to access servers (Web, FTP, pcAnywhere, etc.) on ICS client machines, ICS hasn't been very helpful.  Accessing servers involves mapping ports through ICS' firewall and Microsoft hasn't provided any easy way to do this.

Help has arrived from Harley Acheson in the form of ICS Configuration.   This program makes it easy to open, close, and otherwise manage your ICS ports.   Go here to download it!

19 Oct 1999

- I've been catching up on updating a number of miscellaneous hints around the site.  I've added some more Tips for dealing with your second NIC, and added a simpler way to have Sygate automatically switch to secondary DNS servers if the primary fails.

- I've received two new routers for evaluation and will be digging into them shortly: The MacSense XRouter and UMAX UGate II (dialup router).  Watch the News section for the reviews!

15 Oct 1999
UMAX is offering UGate Plus users the opportunity to trade in their unit for a UG3000.  All you need to do is send in your old unit and $150 and you'll get a new UG3000.
Contact for details.

11 Oct 1999
- If you're looking for help with the UMAX UGate routers, try the new UGate forum on the UMAX site.   It's new as of 11 October, but give it a shot!

3 Oct 1999
- The big move has been completed... or at least all our stuff is here and we're basically set up.  If you're in the Charlottesville, VA area and need some help with your small network, give us a yell! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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