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News! October 2001

Wednesday, 31 October 2001: Happy Halloween!

SMC Networks has announced two new Wi-Fi5 products due by the end of the year: the EZ Connect 802.11a Wireless Access Point (SMC2755W, $365 MSRP) and 802.11a Wireless CardBus Adapter (SMC2735W, $145 MSRP). When working together, the products will reportedly have a "turbo mode" that will boost the standard 54Mbps speed up to 72Mbps. The Access Point will support up to 64 clients at once, plus has up to 152-bit WEP encryption and MAC address filtering.

Cahners In-Stat group has put out a forecast on the future of Digital Subscriber Line use in the United States. Despite the lack of recent growth due to DSL companies closing all over the country, they expect 3.6 million users by the end of 2001, then over 13.5 million by 2005. They say DSL price wars in the States are likely very soon.

Tuesday, 30 October 2001

The Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA)., the group behind interoperability of 802.11b products, has a new member: Galtronics, makers of antennas used throughout the wireless market. The company just this month formed an internal Wireless Network Group for continued R&D on Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi5 products.

TDK Systems is launching the Go Blue USB Adapter, a Bluetooth product for quick ad hoc networking with other Bluetooth enabled devices. This is a continuation of their product line; the first was the Blue5 for the Palm V and Vx. They plan to market a Bluetooth PC Card soon. Read more about the products at TDK Systems.

Monday, 29 October 2001

IBM's $299 High-Rate Wireless LAN Gateway (model 22P6401) for cable or DSL on a SOHO network with 802.11b wireless is using Intersil's PRISM 2.5 chipset. Read more about it at 80211 Planet.

Any problems with Proxim Symphony HomeRF products running under Windows XP? If so, check for the latest driver updates at Proxim's Web site.

Resonext Communications has announced the RN4200 chipset for 5GHz 802.11a WLAN client cards and access points. OEMs should be able to get the chips in the first quarter of 2002. For details visit the Resonext Web site.

Cirrus Logic has announced production has begun on its Bodega products, which is fully Wi-Fi certified and uses the Whitecap 2 (802.11e) protocol which targets use of 802.11b in the home by supporting entertainment content like MPEG-2 video and is highly resistant to interference from microwaves or phones. Products using the chips should be available in the first half of 2002. You'll find more on their reference designs at the Cirrus Logic site.

Allied Business Intelligence has issued a report highlighting the expected growth in the WLAN integrated circuit industry from $257 million this year to $946 by 2006, with 802.11a products expected to make significant gains. Home networks are predicted to account for as much as 43% of all WLAN products shipped in 2006. Get more info at 80211 Planet.

Intersil released new drivers with 802.1x encryption for Windows XP. It's OEM customer should be providing drivers for products soon for not just XP but also Windows 2000, 98, NT 4.0 and even CE. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

Tuesday, 23 October 2001

Belkin has announced new wireless products using the 802.11b standard wit 64/128-bit WEP data encryption. The products will include a $159 Wireless Access Point (F5D6130), a $199 Wireless Cable/DSL Router (FD6230-3), and the usual array of adapters in USB, PC Card, and PCI flavors.

Thursday, 18 October 2001

Sister-site ISP-Planet is continuing it's indepth VPN Appliance Review series with a detailed look at some high-end products from SonicWALL, along with a couple we've reviewed here before like the SonicWALL SOHO and TELE2.

Wednesday, 17 October 2001

Wayport, provider of public wireless Internet connections, has successfully concluded tests done with Microsoft on Windows XP's zero-configuration support for 802.1x secure wireless networks. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

Tuesday, 16 October 2001

Atheros 802.11a products will be integrated into new Sony VAIO PC line products and consumer products. Read the full story at 80211 Planet.

- Netgear has announced two new 8-port routers: the FV318 Cable/DSL Virtual Private Network (VPN, with 5 VPN tunnels) and FR318 Cable/DSL Firewall (with one VPN tunnel), both geared toward small business networks. Each will include 168-bit 3DES technology; expected prices are $799 and $349 respectively. Read their press release at

Monday, 15 October 2001

MobileStar, a broadband wireless ISP famous for providing 802.11b access within Starbucks Coffee shops, has gone under. 80211 Planet discusses what impact this will have on Wi-Fi technology and it's continued adoption.

- Linksys is proud to announce that they have been named "the 352nd fastest growing privately-owned company in the country by Inc. magazine" plus they've been inducted into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame.

Thursday, 11 October 2001

802.11b/Wi-Fi connections aren't just for computer data and Internet connections anymore. A company in Norway has announced a video conferencing device that runs wirelessly, though it does need a power cable, unfortunately. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

- IBM this week is announcing new ThinkPad laptops and thin-client NetVista desktop systems that will incorporate 802.11b technology. NetVista systems get 802.11b as an option on a PCI adapter card. Select ThinkPads will have an integrated dual antenna developed by IBM Research that will reportedly improved signal throughput; one unit, the A30p, will have integrated Bluetooth ability.

Wednesday, 10 October 2001

Actiontech officially announced new 802.11b adapters in three flavors: USB, PCI, and PC Card. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

Tuesday, 9 October 2001

SkyCross has developed a new WLAN antenna that covers the frequency band used by the high-speed IEEE 802.11a standard, as well as others in Europe and Japan. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

Monday, 8 October 2001

Symantec announced three new network security appliances: the Firewall/VPN 100 (4-port 10/100 auto-sense network switch and one WAN port, $499), Firewall/VPN 200 (8-port, $899), and Firewall/VPN 200R (same but with remote VPN client support, $1199). Get more info at Internet Product Watch.

Proxim has also announced 802.11a products with the potential for 100Mbps wireless speed. They'll release CardBus cards now and an access point in November. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

- Proxim has posted the Symphony 3.0 software for their line of Symphony HomeRF (2.0 standard) and Symphony HRF (1.2 standard) products for Windows 98, 98SE, ME, and 2000 -- now all available in one download. Get it from Proxim's Support section. They plan to have a release that supports Windows XP before the XP launch on October 25, 2001.

Friday, 5 October 2001

802.11b WLAN chips from Intersil are being incorporated into a new wireless television system from Sharp Corporation, breaking away from the PC centric use of the technology. Get the full story at 80211 Planet.

Thursday, 4 October 2001

- UCentric, the maker of an IP-based home networking platform, is teaming up with Sears to put "home network servers in 50 consumer homes in the Dallas, Texas area." UCentric's system ties e-mail, voicemail, IMs, Web browsing, and more together on both PCs and TVs.

Tuesday, 2 October 2001

- Proxim has announced their third generation of wireless products: the Symphony HomeRF uses the HomeRF 2.0 specification to ramp speeds up to 10 Mbps. The USB adapter will retail at $99.99; the base station access point will be $199.99.

Monday, 1 October 2001

- Prices continue to drop for the ORiNOCO Gold and Silver cards. Pricegrabber shows prices as low as $95 for the Gold and $73 for the Silver!  And remember, the Gold card is PracticallyRecommended! [Thnx Ricky LeJeune!]

We've added a Perl-based Linksys router logging utility to our Linksys Utilitiess list.  Handy for Linux users, but can also work for Windows folks, too. [Thnx Justin Simms!]

- SMC has released version 1.7 of the AP Manager for their 2655W Access Point. This version includes a configuration backup/restore utility (excluding WEP keys). Go to SMC's new Support page for the download.

- D-Link has released new firmware to close the admin page login security hole that we reported last Tuesday. It's not up on D-Link's site yet, but they sent it to us and you can download it here. Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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