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Wi-Fi Planet Hotspot Hits
The latest in the land of public access Wi-Fi: Toshiba gets iPassed, McDonald's adds sites in Idaho, Wayport continues to grow, and more. - 10/31/03

Measuring the WLAN Polarity
The latest versions of AirMagnet's laptop monitoring and analysis software handles the full WLAN triumvirate (802.11b, a, and g) as well as offering a number of new alerts, a signal coverage measurement tool, and a reporting add-on. - 10/30/03

SMC Seeks to Power the Home Network
SMC's new line of 14Mbps HomePlug-compliant products network PCs, home entertainment devices, and gaming consoles without the need for CAT-5 cabling. - 10/29/03

Next Gen Wireless Video
Work continues apace from chipmakers determined to put wireless multimedia in your future. Hopefully we'll have it in the home entertainment center before they hit a third generation of products. - 10/28/03

Free or Fee? The Hotspot Debate Continues
It's the debate that never abates: Some say freenet hotspots will eat into the profits of the pay locations; others think users will flock to the high-quality services they have to pay for. It's possible they both may be right. - 10/27/03

WiMAX Primed for Growth
The arrival of 802.16a equipment will give the wireless broadband industry a boost, according to new research from ABI. - 10/24/03

The Need for Speed
Even before the ink had dried on 802.11g, some companies were pushing for still faster Wi-Fi connections. Do we really need all that speed? - 10/23/03

Vocera Pumps Up Wireless Security
The latest release of the company's voice over Wi-Fi system includes support for additional security protocols and a slew of new features. - 10/22/03

Intel, iAnywhere Lend a Hand to Wireless Developers
The companies are offering a new Wi-Fi toolkit aimed at fueling wireless application development. - 10/22/03

WLAN Switches: Time to Add-on
It might seem like just yesterday that the first round of switches arrived, but startup companies like Aruba and Vivato are already releasing sequel products to keep their offerings of interest to enterprises. - 10/21/03

Wi-Fi Planet's Hotspot Hits
The latest in the land of public access Wi-Fi, including the first totally Wi-Fi Hotel, trains in the California capitol try Wireless, Mayberry goes Wi-Fi, and more. - 10/20/03

The Wireless Digital Picture Frame Arrives
Digital LCDs used simply for displaying photos might seem like a relic of the dotcom boom, but one company hopes that taking advantage of the world of wireless broadband will make them a success. - 10/17/03

802.11g Speed Boost Now Available
Products supporting the Super G speed boost promised months ago by chipmaker Atheros are out: NETGEAR started a new product line and D-Link is offering it as a free upgrade. But will Super G interoperate between products? - 10/16/03

Asanté Climbs Aboard Affordable GbE Switch Bandwagon
Asanté’s new eight-port Gigabit Ethernet switch comes in at under $25 per port, serving further notice that the GbE market has penetrated the desktop and laptop level. - 10/15/03

Atheros Speed Boost Now Available
NETGEAR and D-Link have both begun supporting the Super G speed boost promised months ago by the chipmaker. - 10/15/03

Wi-Fi Features for Windows XP, Server 2003
New provisioning features seen as an added incentive for customers to upgrade to newest versions of operating systems. - 10/14/03

TI Behind Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Convergence
Channeling through HP's new iPAQ Pocket PCs h4150 and h4350 handhelds, the Dallas-based chipmaker shows the two wireless technologies can get along. - 10/14/03

WiMAX Making Strides
802.16a has been all hype so far, but several recent announcements suggest that products are indeed on their way. - 10/13/03

IBM Goes Wi-Fi Security Sniffing
Big Blue releases a managed, wireless intrusion-detection service, offering security from man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service scenarios, address-spoofing, and encryption breaches. - 10/10/03

The No-Hardware RADIUS Server
Small and medium-sized businesses seeking advanced 802.1X authentication for their WLANs may not need to set up their own server, as a new hosted solution offers subscribers secured access. - 10/9/03

Meru: Don't Wait for 802.11e
The latest startup wireless LAN infrastructure supplier says that the Quality of Service (QoS) for voice over IP (VoIP) coming in the 802.11e standard won't be enough for enterprises. Little surprise, the company touts its own hardware as capable of handling the job. - 10/8/03

First 802.16a Product to Debut This Month
Could a new scheme by WLAN management software maker Wavelink turn all existing 802.11 cards into rogue monitoring systems? The potential is there with an initial partnership with D-Link, but a lack of standards in WLAN data gathering means it may not go far. - 10/7/03

Direct2Data Claims One-Mile Coverage with Wi-Fi
This Florida company says its methods for processing radio signals translates to enhanced throughput and range for its Horizons Wireless 802.11 products. - 10/3/03

No Charges for the Wi-Fi ZONE
The Wi-Fi Alliance's hotspot program has jumped to 6000 locations, perhaps because of the fact that any venue can now be certified and listed as part of the program for free. - 10/2/03

Microsoft Entertains New Strategy
The company's bid to demolish the wall between home office and living room begins with a Media Center refresh and two new hardware partners. - 10/1/03

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