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FON Aims for Router Ubiquity
Earlier this month, FON announced the release of its new 'La Fonera' wireless router. What makes the router unique is its $5 price tag and its capability to incorporate two SSIDs, one private and one public. - 10/30/06

Webroot Adds Antivirus Detection
Webroot will introduce an update to its popular Spy Sweeper anti-spyware product on Tuesday that fully integrates the Sophos antivirus engine, providing both functions within one executable. - 10/30/06

Zombies Control Half of Windows PCs
Microsoft says backdoor Trojans that take control of infected computers can be found in almost one out of every two Windows-based systems. - 10/26/06

Access the Internet Without a Wire
SonicWall's new network security appliance offers 3G Internet access for small businesses that can't get DSL service or are too mobile for traditional fixed broadband. - 10/23/06

Cisco's TelePresence Pitch
Networking giant says the 'elusive dream' of lifelike teleconferencing is now a reality. - 10/23/06

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Pushed Back to 2008
Microsoft has quietly pushed back the third official service pack for Windows XP to 2008. Whether or not this is an issue seems to be one for debate. - 10/20/06

Security Vendors Have a Vista Bone to Pick
Microsoft calls meeting to soothe vendors' ruffled feathers over access to kernel. - 10/19/06

Excellence in Technology Awards: Make Your Nominations
What products made the biggest impact on small businesses this year? It's time for you, the readers, to step forward and name names. Nominate the best new hardware, software and services you used this year. - 10/19/06

Vendors Take Wireless to the Nth Degree
SMC Networks and ZyXEL promise faster and farther-reaching Wi-Fi performance with new draft 802.11n-compliant wireless networking products. - 10/17/06

Feds Bust Craigslist Software Pirates
Three New York-area men sold dozens of titles at deep discounts. - 10/13/06

Yoggie: A Watchdoggie for Notebooks
The Yoggie Gatekeeper, a tiny security appliance, is designed to protect notebooks from the digital threats lurking on public networks. - 10/11/06

Microsoft Patch Day Hits A Few Bumps
Servers stumble as Microsoft launches 26 fixes. - 10/10/06

How Insecure Do You Think You Are?
A new study reveals contradictions between what people think about security and what they actually do. - 10/9/06

Nokia Tries to Take a Bite Out of Bluetooth
Phone giant debuts Wibree radio technology, which uses less power than incumbent Bluetooth. - 10/4/06

Helio Branches into Wireless Broadband
The hip phone provider plans to get its young customers' laptops online using rented 3G and Wi-Fi networks. - 10/4/06

Wired and Wireless Networks Converge
3Com's new Unified Gigabit Wireless PoE Switch 24 is designed to let you manage wired and wireless network devices and functions through a single, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE integrated box - 10/2/06

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