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Are You Ready for RFID?
Radio frequency identification technology is suddenly one of the hottest trends in the industry, and plenty of companies are poised to benefit from its use. - 11/26/03

Switch Software Upgrades Security
Jockeying for position in the increasingly crowded WLAN switch market, Trapeze Networks focuses on security improvements in the latest update to its system software. - 11/25/03

Wi-Fi Is Hot, But Users Still Warming to It
Jupiter Research finds public Wi-Fi hotspots growing like wildfire but users still standing back. - 11/24/03

More Than Security
Perfigo looks to go one or two better than its competitors in the WLAN security market. - 11/21/03

Operators Wary of WiMAX, Study Says
Fixed wireless operators aren't exactly jumping up and down in anticipation of its arrival, but at least one major carrier could be a likely suspect to deploy WiMAX. - 11/20/03

Switches in the Trenches
Enterprise IT Week is under way at the Las Vegas tradeshows, and the wireless industry switch vendors and others at the shows (and some not) have plenty to report, especially deals for overseas expansion. - 11/19/03

Chip Company Says Competitor Cripples WLANs
The gloves are off as the 802.11-product chip makers let fly with accusations that a proprietary speed-boost from channel bonding may cause the speed of existing 802.11 networks to drop. - 11/18/03

FCC Makes More Unlicensed Spectrum Available
The government agency expands the spectrum in the 5 gigahertz range in hopes of bolstering growth in wireless broadband models that serve rural and underserved areas. - 11/17/03

Wi-Fi Planet's Hotspot Hits
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: Connexion by Boeing adds more airlines; Finland's cities allow Wi-Fi roaming; Proxim powers Norway's airport hotspots; and more. - 11/14/03

Cisco Adds 'G' to Its Vocabulary
The company comes out swinging with its first ever backwards-compatible 802.11g Aironet Access Points and Multi-Mode Client Adapters for the enterprise. - 11/13/03

Adding Clients to the Mesh
PacketHop joins the mesh networking craze with technology meant to include not just the access point but also the users, allowing for greater distances from the broadband connection. - 11/12/03

Bringing Testing to the Big WLANs
Azimuth Systems is bringing testing products to 802.11 networks so enterprises and even Wi-Fi product vendors can make sure their equipment can scale upward as the LAN grows. - 11/11/03

UPnP Could Meld Home Controls with Networks
A new deal with Intel could push one company's low-end radio frequency-based home automation technology into a future wave of wireless home networking products. - 11/10/03

Companies Pledge Intel-based WiMax Products
Momentum for 802.16a continues to grow as two wireless broadband providers announce plans to develop products using Intel's silicon. - 11/10/03

Weakness Found in Wi-Fi Security Protocol
A glaring weakness in the interface design of the WPA protocol could open the door to passphrase cracking attacks. - 11/7/03

War Driving No Game to IT Managers
Cruising the streets with a laptop to scan for unsecure wireless connections is one of the latest techie crazes. But the growing popularity of 'war driving' underscores the security problems facing networks that have gone wireless. - 11/7/03

Small Business Computing: Nominations Now Open...
Is there a product you bought this year that you can't imagine working without? Or a service that helped you improve your business processes in the back office? We want to know ... and so do our readers. The 'Excellence in Technology Awards' are open for nominations. - 11/6/03

Switch Vendor Builds In Encryption Chip
Wireless switch and 'thinAP' products from Legra are now available, and the company has added an embedded crypto-chip devoted to encrypting and decrypting multiple streams of traffic. - 11/6/03

Microsoft's Security Bid
Are Microsoft's Wireless Provisioning Services the panacea of hotspot security, or will only a select few see an improvement? - 11/5/03

Conexant, GlobespanVirata to Merge
The combined entity aims to be a leading provider of components to enable home networking vis-a-vis consumer electronics devices. - 11/4/03

Interoperability an Issue with Early 802.16a Products
Broadband wireless providers are starting to roll out 802.16a-compliant products, but interoperability is still a ways off, according to one company. - 11/3/03

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