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YouTube Mobilizes With Verizon
Got a hankering for a little user-generated content on the go? 11/28/06

Opera Mini For The Mobile Set
Who said mobile Web browsing has to defeat the purpose? - 11/28/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
Ruckus prepping "Smart-N" to show at CES; Bountifful bundles security tools with router; VeriWave tests mesh equipment; and more. - 11/27/06

In Pursuit of a Data Windfall
BlackBerry hit it big in the enterprise. One company hopes to replicate that with consumers. - 11/21/06

California Upholds Online Free Speech
The state's Supreme Court says neither ISPs nor individual users are liable for republishing comments from third parties - 11/21/06

Pirated Vista, Office 2007 Already on The 'Net
And if you install them, you get what you deserve. - 11/17/06

Our Phishing Filter is Better Than Yours!
It took a few months, but Mozilla now has its own study claiming filter superiority. - 11/15/06

Microsoft Issues Monthly Fixes
If it's the second Tuesday of the month, it's patch day for Microsoft . The company released six fixes today, covering a variety of bugs in Windows and Office that range from important to critical - 11/14/06

Security Flaw Could Ground Wi-Fi Users
Wi-Fi users beware: Use your wireless computer in public and you could be opening yourself to the latest security risk. - 11/14/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
Newbury location appliance takes on Cisco; FON buys GSpace extension; ZyXel to make WLAN switch with Extricom tech; Atheros software to power Windows CE; and more. - 11/10/06

Check Point Router Has Home Users in Mind
But insists it isn't trying to compete against wireless router vendors Linksys and Netgear. - 11/8/06

Path to Firefox 2.0 is Cleared
Mozilla has updated its now legacy 1.5.x Firefox browser to version, with fixes for three critical security flaws. - 11/8/06

McAfee SiteAdvisor Bugs Out
McAfee (Quote) today unveiled software to help consumers avoid stumbling onto sites that spam them, place adware on their computers or try to extract financial data by pretending to be their bank. - 11/6/06

Smartphones Winning Over Road Warriors
In-Stat study says feature-rich phones are starting to rival appeal of Blackberry.- 11/2/06

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