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Fujitsu, Sumitomo to Build Chip Devices
Fujitsu and Sumitomo form a joint venture to produce compound semiconductor devices to serve the telecommunications market. - 12/26/03

Wi-Fi Hotspot Hits
The latest in public access Wi-Fi: La Quinta Inns add wireless; world's largest Christmas tree holds hotspot; California town offers Wi-Fi as a utility; boaters get more wireless marinas; and more. - 12/23/03

More Wi-Fi Means More Attacks
The monitoring of the air at the Wi-Fi Planet Conference revealed fewer security attacks over all, but far more than before that were successful. - 12/22/03

'Soft Modem' Patent Dispute Settled
Settlement between Broadcom and PCTEL could help hardware vendors solidify their embedded systems choices and PCTEL sell more WLAN software. - 12/22/03

VoIP Invades Hotspots
A new service from Canadian wireless ISP FatPort brings VoIP to public Wi-Fi networks. - 12/18/03

Good News: Wi-Fi Is Boring
The word from the fall Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo is that deploying wireless LANs is no longer terrifying. Instead, service providers are focusing on delivering profitable, popular services over robust wireless infrastructure. - 12/17/03

Home Network DVR Will Use Wi-Fi
The second generation of the PRISMIQ Media Player — one of the first media adapter products that used 802.11 to transmit video — will be a full-fledged digital video recorder. - 12/16/03

A More Secure Orinoco
The latest firmware for Proxim's enterprise access points adds security and compatibility features to existing products. - 12/15/03

Vote for Networking Product of the Year
The finalists for the Excellence in Technology Awards are set. So please take a minute and help Small Business Computing pick the best networking product (among several other categories). - 12/12/03

Wi-Fi Planet Expo Show Wrap-Up
Better late than never, here's a look at some of the announcements that came from last week's conference and expo. - 12/11/03

Wi-Fi Shakeout
Recent events in the Wi-Fi industry suggest the beginnings of consolidation in a crowded market. - 12/10/03

Wireless Mesh Standard Coming
Intel and Cisco say they'll throw their weight behind a new criterion to make sure cellular and 802.11 network equipment can talk to each other. - 12/9/03

Intel: Hazards Ahead For Wi-Fi
Former Intel Capital front man Les Vadasz warns customer confusion, excessive fragmentation, and regulation of VoIP over Wi-Fi could cripple the sector. - 12/8/03

Fall Wi-Fi Planet Best of Show Awards
This week's Wi-Fi Planet Conference & Expo featured over 100 vendors displaying the latest in wireless networking technology, but only a select few could be Best of Show. Here are our picks. - 12/5/03

Wireless Comes in the Back Door
IT Managers are finding that user demands for Wi-Fi are shaping IT strategy, sometimes long before the department is ready to jump on board. - 12/4/03

Wi-Fi Chipset Maker Pursues IPO
Atheros plans a $100M offering to help build its wireless local area network hardware empire. - 12/4/03

802.11b Finds Second Life
Analysts weigh in on where they feel the original 11Mbps Wi-Fi flavor is headed. - 12/3/03

Wi-Fi Abuzz in Business
This week's Wi-Fi Planet Conference and Expo in San Jose will underscore what industry watchers have been saying for years: Wireless is a powerful technology and business asset. - 12/2/03

Bye-Bye Gateway, Hello Switch Ecosystem
One of the tried and true security gateway vendors has seen the future of Wi-Fi, and decided that it means becoming a switch vendor, while still working with third-party access points. - 12/1/03

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