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Trojan Threatens XP
Flaw may leave Windows XP vulnerable to attack. - 12/30/04

Viruses Crowd Internet in 2004
It was a banner year for virus writers, hackers and spammers, as worms and phishing attacks rocketed to new levels and security concerns headed mainstream. - 12/29/04

New Cabir Variants Are Spreading Fast
Finnish antivirus firm F-Secure has detected two new fast spreading variants of the Cabir virus that infects cell phones using the Symbian operating system. - 12/29/04

Santy Worm Moves On
After Google blocks the pest, it targets vulnerabilities in AOL and Yahoo. - 12/28/04

Holiday Worm Putting Grinch in Season
Santy.A is making the Web rounds and defacing vulnerable sites. - 12/21/04

A Single Chip—in an AP
Atheros says its latest sampling silicon is the first single-chip 11g solution that has all the smarts to run a full AP or home router, not just a client card. - 12/15/04

New Zafi-D Worm Spreads Christmas Fear
The latest variant in the Zafi worm family has hit the Wild, disguising itself as a Christmas greeting. Discovered on Dec. 13, the worm already has earned 'medium threat alert' status. - 12/14/04

Microsoft Patches Five in Cycle
New updates address WordPad, DHCP, HyperTerminal, Windows Kernel and WINS. - 12/14/04

Security Execs Identify Top Issues for 2005
Worms, viruses and regulatory compliance rank among the major worries. - 12/9/04

Injection Flaw Found in Browsers
The big ones are vulnerable but the warnings are going unnoticed. - 12/9/04

Phish Fighters Form Alliance
Banks, ISPs and software companies formed a high-profile coalition to go after phishers, those increasingly sophisticated identity thieves. - 12/8/04

Vote for the Best of 2004
Technology alone won't make your successful. However, the right hardware, software and services can sure make you more efficient. To recognize those products, we ask you to cast your vote for the best of 2004 - 12/8/04

Execs Call for Tighter Cyber Security Control
Security alliance claims White House and DHS are not doing enough to protect against cyber attacks. - 12/7/04

Chicago Public Libraries Go Wireless
Chicago Public Libraries Go Wireless - 12/7/04

AOL Gives Voice to Consumers
And this time, Internet Explorer isn't the only vulnerable one. - 12/6/04

Fall Wi-Fi Planet 2004's Best of Show
With no lack of eligible products we still narrow down a list of the five best products and services in categories ranging from hotspots to infrastructure to security. - 12/2/04

D-Link Incorporates Hotspot Service
Through a partnership with Pronto Networks, an Airspot Gateway from D-Link can now let individual venues charge what they want, how they want, with no hassles. - 12/1/04

Anti-Spyware Tools All the Rage
The market for anti-spyware tools will hit $305 million by 2008, according to new research from IDC. The firm also revealed that it estimates 67 percent of consumer PCs are infected with some form of spyware. - 12/1/04

Microsoft Patches IFRAME Out of Cycle
In a surprise move, Microsoft has released an out-of-cycle patch for the recently exposed IFRAME vulnerability that affects non-Windows XP SP2 users. - 12/1/04

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