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The Evolution Of Malware Continues
Ever wish malware was still just content to erase all your files? - 12/28/06

Google to Write an 'Integrated Story'?
Google plans to access the enterprise market by riding in on the shoulders of people like you and me who already use their applications for fun. - 12/26/06

Seagate Gets Into Recovery
The drive maker gets into the online backup space with the $185 million acquisition of EVault. - 12/21/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
RaLink claims longest range 11n; iPhones are here -- but not from Apple; Aruba files for an IPO; and more. - 12/20/06

The iPhone by Linksys
Cisco's consumer division unveils a series of dual-mode Wi-Fi cordless phones. Analysts think the timing has a little to do with Apple. - 12/19/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
iPhones are here -- but not from Apple; Aruba files for an IPO; Verizon Wireless EV-DO Rev. A avaialble in select locations; and more. - 12/18/06

Is Linux Ready for Small Biz?
The open-source operating system can save small businesses a bundle, but it has a reputation for being complex to set up and maintain. What's the current state of Linux, and should you consider migrating? A few experts offer their opinion. - 12/18/06

MySpace From Your Phone
The agreement with Cingular further blurs the lines of communication. - 12/18/06

Skype Offers Unlimited Calling Plan
Skype, eBay's Internet phone service, today announced an unlimited calling plan for SkypeOut customers. The new option comes as a yearlong free period nears an end. - 12/14/06

Free Service Aims to Untangle Network Security Concerns
Metavize changes its name to Untangle and announces a new, free plan to help small businesses to fight viruses, spam and other digital vermin. Could this simplify network security? One Georgia-based company says it can. - 12/11/06

Can MySpace Protect Its People?
MySpace said this week it has found a way to protect its users from convicted sexual offenders, but Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal calls it "ineffective." - 12/7/06

Don't Open That Word File, Microsoft Warns
Microsoft is investigating "limited" zero-day attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in multiple versions of Word for both Windows and Mac systems, according to a security advisory. - 12/6/06

Wi-Fi Product Watch
Colubris pushes the enterprise; ABI announces top security vendors; TRENDnet ships high-power USB adapter; and more. - 12/4/06

HP Expands SMB Storage Line
In a move to give small and mid-sized companies more storage capacity and the flexibility to mix and match high-performance SAS and more affordable SATA drives in one enclosure, HP announced the MSA60 and MSA70. - 12/4/06

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