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29 April 1999
- Vicomsoft has released Version 6.0 of their SoftRouterPlus product.  This version adds Web Caching and a Dynamic DNS service.  For more info go here.

27 April 1999
- I've finally written the review for the UMAX UGate plus hardware router.   It's a great little box, and the least expensive of the dedicated hardware routers, yet.  Read the review for more info.

22 April 1999
- Check here for the final results of the first QuikPoll:

21 April 1999
- Added configuration info for accessing AOL through Wingate.

20 April 1999
- UMAX's Ugate Plus has been released!  I've been trying one out and it looks like a winner.  I'm working on a full review, but for now, I'll just say it's definitely worth a look if you have a medium sized LAN and don't want to hassle with running proxy or NAT software on one of your computers.  Check out UMAX's page for more info.  Info on other hardware routers can be found here.

14 April 1999
- Added links to more reviews in the Wireless and Phone-line Networking page.

13 April 1999
- Things have been busy, so my site updates have been delayed!

- Update on Win98 Internet Connection Sharing reports that Microsoft plans on charging for the upcoming Win98 release that will contain the Internet Connection Sharing capability that is based on the late Nevod NAT1000Go here for more info.

- My review of UMAX's U-Gate Plus Cable-ADSL Modem Sharing gateway has been delayed.  Ran into a problem with it working with my cable ISP (MediaOne), and we're debugging it.
Looks like a great little product.  About the size of a deck of playing cards and it looks like it may give the SonicWall a run for the money. Suggested retail is $329.

- Free NAT Software
If you're looking for a free NAT-based sharing solution, iVasion has a free two user version of WinNAT, called WinNAT Lite.  Check their site for more info. 
But be warned!!!!! WinNAT works very differently from other NAT and Proxy products.  If you use it, write down all your network settings before you install it, and be prepared to see funny things in winipcfg and your TCP/IP properties.  Also be sure to set all your NICs (both on the sharing Server and sharing Client computers) to obtain IP addresses automatically, since WinNAT is happiest that way.

30 March 1999
- Sybergen Networks continues to work on the Sygate Web site.  They've added on-line documentation for Version 3.0 and brought back the links to the 2.0 on-line documents.
Go here for more info!

- I've added TCP/IP setup info for Sygate clients and Wingate 3.0 Home clients.

27 March 1999
- Sorry if you had trouble reaching the site this past Thursday.  I had some unplanned downtime while I moved to a less busy server.

- Looks like my house's phone wiring is a torture test for phone-line networking cards.   Check here for an update on the Best Data phone-line kit review.

- I've continued my phone-line networking evaluations with the ActionTec ActionLink.  Still to come, Diamond's HomeFree phone-line and LinkSys's Homelink.

-The evaluation unit for UMAX's U-Gate Plus Cable-ADSL Modem Sharing gateway has arrived, and I'll be looking at it in the coming week.

Thanks again to those of you who have been answering the QuikPoll! Here's an update on the results so far:



Wingate (free version)


Other (please specify below)


Wingate 3.0




Hw Router


Linux based router


The "Other" solutions that were reported include Ositis' Winproxy, MS Proxy, Comsocks, and Rideway, with no clear trend in this catchall category.   I'll probably run the poll for another week.  Anything you'd like to see a poll on?  Tell me!

- Looks like Sygate has updated their Web site to reflect their release of Sygate 3.0.  The FAQs have been rewritten and improved, too!  However, no on-line manual or installation guide for Version 3.

23 March 1999
- Thanks to those of you who have been answering the QuikPoll! Here are the results so far:



Wingate (free version)


Wingate 3.0


Other (please specify below)


Linux based router




Hw Router


- I've been busy with reviewing hardware.  I didn't have much luck with the BestData Home PC Link kit, but maybe you can benefit from my frustration!

- Reviews in the works: Diamond's HomeFree Phone-line kit; ActionTek's ActionLink phone line networking kit; UMAX's U-Gate Plus Cable-ADSL Modem Sharing gateway. Check back soon!

- You might want to check out the PC Magazine survey article on home networking "Network your Home" in the April 6, 1999 issue.  It has a good overview of the available wireless, phone-line, Ethernet, and power-line networking kits.  They liked the Proxim Symphony wireless adapter the best, but gave the ActionTec ActionLink phone-line kit "honerable mention".  I'll post a link to the article when they put it on-line.

18 March 1999
- Frequent site visitors will notice changes to the home pageLinks to recent site additions, and a "QuikPoll" have been added.  I plan to use the QuikPoll information to improve the site, so please participate!

- Reviews!  I've started to do product reviews.  The first two are Diamond Multimedia's HomeFree wireless networking kit and Linksys' USB-Ethernet adapter.  Check them out! 

If you're interested in supplying products for review, please let me know.  I'll soon be adding a review on the BestData Home PC Link phone-line networking kit and the UMAX UGate-Plus hardware router.

16 March 1999
- I'll be posting an evaluation of the Diamone Homefree wireless networking kit shortly.  In the meantime, I've added some info to the Phone-line and Wireless Networking page and also added a link to info on Zoom's ZoomAir product.

12 March 1999
-Sorry if you've been having problems accessing the site over the past few days.  I've been wrestling with the Active Server Pages that I use for my ad rotation and my webhost.  I think things have finally settled down, but please let me know if you experience problems or delays when accessing the site.

- If you're having trouble installing a second NIC and have tried everything else, you might want to try this page before you give up!

5 March 1999
- If you're looking for a free, easy to setup Linux based router, try this page.
- For information on the upcoming Win98 Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) capability, go here. Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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