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31 May 2000
- UMAX has added the ability to change the WAN side MAC address and a Java firmware upgrade applet to their popular UG3000 router.  They've also added a MacOS firmware upgrade utility.  Links and more information are on the revamped UGate Help page.

30 May 2000
- Netgear was first out of the gate with a HomePNA 2.0 (10Mbps) Phoneline USB adapterRead the review to see how it performs.

29 May 2000
- Looks like there's finally a general purpose TFTP Client available for the Mac, so that Linksys Router users with only Macs on their networks don't have to jump through so many hoops to keep their firmware upgraded.  Go here for more info.

- Although there still aren't any 10Mbps HomePNA 2.0 to Ethernet bridges available, Farallon's HomeLINE Ethernet to Phoneline Network adapter is worth checking out if you need to join Ethernet and Phoneline networks together.  Read our review to see why you might want to add one to your network!

26 May 2000
- It's a great time to be buying a low-cost router!  As we previously reported, D-Link lowered the street price of their DI-701 Residential Gateway to $99 the other day.  Word comes today that dropped the price of the new Linksys BEFSR11 Etherfast Cable/DSL router to $99.99

24 May 2000

- Nexland announced that they've been shipping a new model of their ISB2LAN router that includes a 4 port 10BaseT hub, since mid-April.  The product is available only through Nexland's Web site and is also being supplied to Nexland's OEM partners.  No product review yet, but you can check the Router Comparison chart for the basic info!

Nexland also announced that they've applied for a patent on their multi-session IPSec Pass-Thru technology.  You can read the press release here.

- In an apparent move to head Linksys' new BEFSR11 
1 port Cable/DSL Etherfast routeroff at the pass, D-Link today reduced the street price of its DI-701 Residential Gateway to $99, and added PPPoE capability. Get set for another round of cost reductions in the small router market!  

Which one's for you?  Check the DI-701 review here, and the exclusive BEFSR11 review here.

23 May 2000
- Linksys has fired their latest shot over the bow of their inexpensive Ethernet router competitors.  We get the first look at the BEFSR11 1 port Cable/DSL Etherfast router, which is shipping now with a street price of $105!  Is it the one for you?  Better read the review before you buy!

22 May 2000
- Alert readers will notice that the navigation bar at the top of each page has changed.  The "Web Hosting" category has been replaced by "Serving".  This new section tells you how to safely allow servers on your LAN to be accessed from the Internet.  There's also information on how to use dynamic DNS providers to make reaching those servers a piece of cake, despite the changing IP address from your ISP!  Check it out!

- Speaking of dynamic DNS services, we review the top-rated in the Review section.  See how they did right here.

18 May 2000

- Looks like Linksys has made it official!  Info is up on their site on the BEFSR11, the new, even lower-cost 1 port version of their popular Cable/DSL Etherfast router. Street price is $105 and has 'em now and will have them shortly.  Check out Linksys' web page or go to the Router Comparison Chart to see how it compares!

- In other Linksys news, looks like the V1.23 firmware update has been pulled back.  Go here for more info.

16 May 2000
- The KNR7TXD Fast EtheRx 10/100 Internet Access Router and Arescom EZ Rider Pro have been added to the Router comparison chart.

15 May 2000
- The HW Router Comparison chart has been reformatted for easier reading and printing.  You can now also comment on routers that haven't been reviewed yet!  
Just go to the chart and click on the Add Opinion icon Add Your Opinion!

 - Looks like Apple is not to blame for problems with setting up Airport Base stations on Windows-only networks.  
A helpful reader also tipped us to a Java applet that allows you to set up the Apple Airport base station.  Go here for updated info and also get a how-to on setting up!  

13 May 2000
- As promised, here's the report from the Networld/Interop 2000 show.  You'll find hot info on the latest new routers and wireless networking products. Go here for the info!

11 May 2000
- Linksys has released new firmware upgrade for their best-selling Etherfast router. V1.23 fixes the problem of hosting a PPTP server on the LAN side and more.  Go directly to the Linksys FTP page for the download or here for more info.

- We're back from the Networld/Interop show and besides tired feet, we've got info on great new products coming out.  A full report will follow in a day or so, but for now, look for some great new routers from Linksys including a low-cost one with no built-in switch and one with an 8 port switch built in.  Plenty of 802.11b / WiFi wireless adapters and access points coming out soon, too.  New routers coming from SonicWall, ZyXEL and SMC, too.  Again, more later. 

7 May 2000
- Those of you who have been looking for an easier way to choose an inexpensive Hardware Router can look no more.  We've added a HW Router Comparison chart and revamped the HW Router page with tips on selecting the right router for you. Take a look!

- We're off to Networld/Interop to see what's new.  So check back in a week or so to see what we found! 

3 May 2000
- We finally got our hands on the low cost D-Link DI-701 Residential GatewayCheck the review to see how it did!

- Watchguard announced that the 1.5.7 version of the Watchguard SOHO firmware adds PPPoE support.  Read the full review here.

30 April 2000
- Maybe someone at Apple was paying attention to the tip we posted back on April 8 about being able to use Apple Airport base stations in PC only networks.  It seems that the method we posted for setting up the Airport Base via PC no longer works!

We're checking into the situation, and will post new info as soon as we get it.

24 April 2000
- Some readers have asked how the 3COM HomeConnect Phoneline kit compares to the other HomePNA 2.0 products that I've reviewed.  Now you can see for yourself by reading the review.

- Both Linksys and Netgear have announced HomePNA 2.0 10Mbps USB network adapters, but Linksys sent us one before anyone else, so they get the first exclusive review!  The Netgear is on its way, so watch for that review shortly.

11 April 2000
- We finally got our hands on a Netgear RT311 for a close look.  See if it really is "amazingly similar" to another product right here!

8 April 2000
- A helpful reader tipped us off to how to use an Apple Airport Base station with a Windows machine.  Since the Apple Airport is significantly less expensive than other wireless 802.11b access points, you can get your wireless network up for less $!  Check out the info here.

5 April 2000
- We're trying out a new, shorter, What's a Quick Check? review format for some products so that we can bring you more reviews!
First up for this new format are two Linksys HomePNA products, a combination HomePNA and 10/100 Ethernet PC Card and another combo with HomePNA and USB.  Check 'em out! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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