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18 Sept 1999
- The Northeast area MediaOneRR primary DNS server recently went on the fritz for a few days, and suddenly I had calls from clients, complaining that their Sygate Clients could no longer get mail or access the web.  Go here to find out why and how to fix it!

- If you have:

  • an IBM/Compatible PC with a 286 or higher processor with;
  • 1MB of RAM and;
  • <1MB or hard drive space or 1 bootable floppy and;
  • MSDOS 5.0 or higher and a;
  • VGA adapter

then you can have a free NAT based router!  Check this page for the scoop!

7 Sept 1999
- Hope those of you in the US enjoyed the Labor Day long weekend!  I've updated the UG3000 review with some information about its upcoming VPN capabilityCheck here for the info.

3 Sept 1999
- I've taken a look at two hardware routers, the new UMAX UGate 3000, and Nexland's ISB2LAN.  
Click on the links above to go to the reviews.

30 Aug 1999
-The folks at UMAX have been busy and it looks like they've come up with another winner!  Take the popular UGate-Plus, add a 4 port 10/100 autosensing hub, garnish with a dynamic DNS service (courtesy of TZO), and you've got a tasty treat - the UGate 3000! 

Ok, maybe you'd better not eat it, but it looks like it'll share your Cable or DSL modem connection with style!  Go here to read the Press Release, or here to see the specs.

29 Aug 1999
- Another helpful reader clued me to the fact that the Internet Sharing Software supplied with the Intel Anypoint phone-line networking kit does not "transparently" handle "one-way" or telco-return cable modems.  You need to manually initiate the telco-return dialup connection on the machine that ISS is running on, since ISS will not automatically do it from a Client request. 

If that's not a satisfactory solution for you, you can still use the adapters, but you'll need to purchase another sharing software solution.

Read the Anypoint review here, and read about sharing software solutions for telco-return cable modems here.

28 Aug 1999
- A helpful site visitor passed on his solution to getting his second purchased IP address to work.  Go here for the info.

21 Aug 1999
- Well, things have been busy at  We'll be relocating to the Charlottesville VA area at the end of September and preparations for the move and final visits to clients are taking most of my time. 
Rest assured that will remain up and running during the move, although my response time to your email will be a bit slow.

- Stuck with two of the same type of NIC and having trouble telling them apart when trying to setup your sharing?  Try this procedure.

- Are you running Linux or other unix variant, but can't figure out how to set it up to share your Internet connection?  You might want to try JSentry from Telra Software.  It's a Java based proxy server and is available for Linux, Unix and Windows. Go here for more info.

- I've added some information to help "one-way" or "telco-return" cable modem users use this site.

1 Aug 1999
- We've had the BeadleNet SOHO2000 in for an evaluation and it works well, but some aspects of it just don't sit right.  Read the review to see what we mean!

- We've joined the CNET affiliate program, so you'll notice links to CNET news and as you travel around the site.  Let me know if you have problems with any of the links or what you think of them.

- Have a laptop that you need to move between your shared home network and your office? Check this new page.

- I've made some changes to the Share your Internet Connection start page to make it easier to find information about MacOS and Linux solutions.  I've also added a page of DSL information.

- Having trouble setting up your UMAX Ugate Plus?  Check here for some setup tips.

- Many people have problems getting a second NIC into their system.  Try this new help page.

24 July 1999
- The move to the new webhost is done and I'm settled in. My new webhost is Media3.

18 July 1999
We're in the process of moving to a new webhost, so please bear with us over the next few days, if the site is unavailable at times and the URLs look a little strange...

11 July 1999
- My sincere apologies to those of you who could not reach the site during Saturday and Sunday 10-11 July.  This was due to problems with my webhost. 

- Webgear looks like they've been busy!  They have branched out from their parallel port wireless networking product offerings and have introduced PCMCIA card based products that use 2.4GHz technology.  They also will soon (August 99) have a USB version of their older 900MHz product.  Check out their site for more info.

8 July 1999
Just reviewed the Intel AnyPoint Home Network phone-line adapter product.   This is one I'd buy for myself!  Check out the review. Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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