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Take a tablet

Given the fact that tablets have been talked about for almost two years now and we've yet to see a viable consumer product, you'd think we'd have given up on this market segment until we see something that's really likely to ship!

But, heck, we're always looking for new toys and will be checking out AirSpeak's FLAIR... their solution to "information darkness", i.e. the time you spend away from your PC.

AirSpeak's FLAIR

FLAIR provides an "exact reflection of desktop PC screen" on a wireless pad... sorta like a wireless PCAnywhere.  It's based on WinCE3.0 (PocketPC) and the spec sheet says it also includes PocketPC versions of IE, Word, and InBox.  It sports a nice, big, 12 inch Active Matrix XGA LCD screen, too!

We won't get our expectations too high, though, since AirSpeak's plan calls for OEM deals later this year, with a mass-market product not coming until the end of 2002 (where have I seen this story before?).  Initial pricing for the OEM version is about $2000, so you'll really have to want to stay in touch with your desk-bound $500 machine!


More from Linksys 

Linksys is announcing three new products at NW+I.  No pricing or availability info yet, however:

  • 4-Port VPN Cable/DSL Router [BEFVP41]
    - Full IPSec Virtual Private Networking Functions 
    - Supports IP, MAC, and URL Filtering 
    - Supports Multiple Authentication Protocols 
    - PAP and CHAP Support 
    - Built-in 4-Port Switch and Internet Firewall

  • SOHO Server [BEFS207] 
    For small/medium businesses and corporate workgroups 
    - 20 GB of network storage 
    - Built-in Cable/DSL Router for sharing broadband access 
    - Seven 10/100 switched ports 
    - One print server port 
    - Site filtering (to keep employees from visiting certain Web sites) 
    - Advancing routing: forwarding, filtering, and more 
    - DHCP Server 
    - One-stop support and maintenance

  • Instant Firewall [BEFVF11]
    - NAT, PPPoE, IPSec, and PPTP support 
    - Remote Authentication (RADIUS) Support 
    - Attack protection against IP Spoofing, Ping of Death, and much more
    - Traffic shaping 
    - MAC-IP binding 
    - Internal DNS and DHCP Servers 
    - URL caching and filtering

The last one is similar to a product mentioned in Linksys' new product introductions at last year's Comdex.

Update 5/3/01 Linksys is having a press conference with Trend Micro and ZoneLabs next Tuesday at NW+I. Here's the announcement:

"Linksys Vice President, Janie Tsao and Strategic Program Analyst, Ross Fujimoto along with Trend Micro's CEO/Chairman, Steve Chang and Zone Labs CEO/Co-Founder Gregor Freund, announce a three-way alliance that will add additional security benefits for users of Linksys Cable/DSL Routers."


SonicWALL superspeed...

SonicWALL will introduce what they say is the first gigabit firewall/VPN gateway for medium and small enterprises. The new product will perform similarly or better than competitors' large-enterprise gigabit security products and will be aggressively priced -- about 1/3 the cost of competing products.

They'll also announce the new gigabit device's interoperability with an IP-based storage solution from Nishan Systems. The interoperability with Nishan's storage solution demonstrates an enterprise's ability to use the Internet to securely connect to geographically dispersed, large scale storage area networks.


New products from Symbol

Symbol will be showing three new products:

  • an 802.11b Compact Flash wireless LAN adapter designed for PDAs

  • a new security scheme to support mobility on 802.11b networks

  • an 802.11b and H.323 standards based-wireless VoIP handset for enterprise level telephony (the first...according to Symbol)

The CF 802.11b adapter caught our eye, but since Symbol focuses on "Enterprise" customers, its pricing will probably not be consumer-friendly.


More to come...

More announcements are coming in daily, so check back for more NW+I news! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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