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Review: ClickFree Wireless Backup C3

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 Author: Sean Michael Kerner
 Review Date: 1/20/2011

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File Viewing

The Clickfree Wireless Backup enables users to view their backed up files, via the installed backup utility. Unfortunately for multi-computer setups, the file viewer will show any connected PC, all of the backup files for any computer that is backed up to the Wireless Backup unit. There is no password or user privacy setup for multi-computer setups. As such, the Wireless Backup likely should not be used in networks where users want to keep their backed up files private from other users.

The user manual indicates that when viewing photos, there is a thumbnail view mode, which can also enable users to print and share pictures on Facebook or email. Unfortunately the user manual does not indicate that the picture viewing utility is only available when the Clickfree Wireless Backup is physically connected via USB, which is the only way we were able to get the picture viewer to work. For a device that is intended to be a wireless backup, it is somewhat annoying that thumbnail images cannot be viewed on the device unless the drive is 'wired' via USB.

The other mildly annoying item is that Clickfree Wireless Backup should also be accessible directly via IP (as a connected WLAN client, it gets an IP address like any other client), though Clickfree doesn't make that process easy. When we attempted to login to the Clickfree Wireless Backup via the IP address, we got a regular HTTP response with a username/password request for access. Unfortunately, Clickfree's user manual does not provide the username/password for the device. Even more frustrating is the fact that Clickfree's email customer support was clueless about the issue.


Restoring files on the Clickfree wireless backup is a relatively painless process. Using the file viewer any individual file can be restored to its original location, or to any location as chosen by the user. As is the case with setting up backups, restoring files requires very few clicks and is easily done.

There is also an interesting option that will enable users to archive data backups onto a CD/DVD. There is however a small catch - the CD/DVD archive features requires the Clickfree Wireless Backup to be connected via USB to the local computer.

The Bottom Line

The Clickfree Wireless Backup C3 is an interesting device for WLAN users. The ease with which the device is setup is quite astounding, even though it's not entirely 'click free'. The way that the device is able to automatically pull the configuration data for a WLAN access point is a major bonus that also really makes this device easy to setup and get running.

The lack of privacy or access control for the multi-user backup is potentially a significant issue for some users. Though for small user groups or home users, the fact that everyone can see everyone else's data backups may not necessarily be such a big deal.

The Clickfree Wireless Backup likely lacks the power, storage and configuration options that power users often crave. However, those that are seeking a simple to use and configure wireless backup solution should likely consider the device as a solution for their needs.

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