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ICS Troubleshoot
ICS Configuration
ICS Configuration Maps
Special Applications

These ICS port mappings have been generously contributed by Practically Networked visitors.

All you need to do to use them is:

  • click on a link to download the map file

  • open ICS Configuration

  • Import the mapping (you can do this by double clicking on the map file if you have V1.2 or greater)

  • Use ICS Configuration to change the mapping Target to the IP address of the computer that you want to map.

  • Reboot your system.

NOTE! These mappings can be imported only by ICS Configuration V1.2 or higher.

However, the .ICS files are in plain-text format, so if you don't have ICS Configuration, you can always open the .ICS file with Notepad, read the information in the file, and set the mapping manually.  Or make things easy on yourself... just download ICS Configuration!

Mapping Categories

For program Filename Comment Thanks to!
Remote Access & Control
Carbon Copy32 ccopy.ics

For remote control of PCs

Art Nelson

Direct Connect direct_connect.ics

File sharing program

Antoine Da Costa

Laplink 2000 laplink.ics

For remote control of PCs

Lew Shepherdson

PC Anywhere pca.ics
(right click and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As")

For remote control of PCs

Courtesy of

(As of February 2002, it appears is down for good. Send us the PCA.ics if you've got it.)

(Fama Tech)

For remote control of PCs
(NOT Radius Authentication)

Bill Finch Jr.

Remote Anything remote_anything.ics

For remote control of PCs
(FAQ page:)

Stefanie Ballestra

Remotely Anywhere remotelyanywhere.ics

For remote control of PCs

Douglas Wells

Timbuktu Pro timbuktupro.ics

For remote control of PCs and Macs

Markus Rupp

Virtual Network Computing vnc.ics

VNC is a remote display system which allows you to view a computing 'desktop' from anywhere on the Internet.

Ken Vincent

For program Filename Comment Thanks to!
Conferencing and Messaging
Active Worlds aworld.ics

3D Virtual chat

Dennis T

Battlecom battlecom.ics

Web gaming chat

Major General Rincon

Buddy Phone buddy_phone.ics

Free Internet Telephony

Antoine Da Costa

Dialpad dpad.ics
(right click and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As")

Free Internet Telephony

Courtesy of

(As of February 2002, it appears is down for good.)

Dwyco Video Conferencing CDC32.ics

Free video conferencing.


Go2Call go2call.ics

Free Internet Telephony

Chris Clark

Hotline Server hotline_server.ics

Chat, conferencing, messaging, etc.

Angelo Alberico

ICQ icq.ics

The ubiquitous messaging application.

Thanks to John Cunningham

ICUII icuii.ics

Video conference program similar to Netmeeting but more user friendly

Philll Sheldon
ICUII 4.0 ICU_II_4_0.ics

Video conference program similar to Netmeeting but more user friendly. NEW VERSION!


Internet Phone 5 ipphone5.ics

Internet Telephony

Giuseppe Schimmenti

IRC DCC dcc.ics


Nick Tamm

Ivisit ivisit.ics

Internet videoconferencing

John Duncan

LIVvE (pager) livve.ics

Voice & video chat


MSN Messenger msn_messenger.ics

Internet Telephony, chat, file sharing

Brad King & Bill Finch Jr.

Net2Phone net2phone.ics

Internet Telephony

Jeff Sluss

PalTalk paltalk.ics

Internet Telephony

M. Ibrahim Lashari & "the pit"

Pc to Phone pctophone.ics

Internet Telephony

Ernest S. McCloskey & 
Sterling Chavis

Phonefree phonefree.ics

Internet Telephony

Tony Carchia & Scott Graham

Polycom ViaVideo H.323 Videoconferencing


Video conferencing

Andy Nilssen

Roger Wilco RogerWilco.ics

Voice Chat

Justin Sabourin
John Twernbold

Speak Freely SpeakFreely.ics

Free Internet Telephony

Julian Shevlin

Yahoo Chat yahoochatvoice.ics

Voice chat support for Yahoo forums

Chris Clark

Yahoo Messenger Phone YM_Phone_Calls.ics

Yahoo Messenger Phone support

Bill Anderson

Be famous!  Help your fellow ICSers!

Please send us your mappings and we'll make them available for download, with credit to you, of course!

NOTE: ICS Config contains a Notes feature that allows you to describe a mapping.  If you contribute a mapping, it would be helpful if you could write some information about the mapping such as:

  • what the mapping does

  • whether is works for all ICS clients simultaneously or just one at a time

  • what further settings are required (if any) in the associated application.

This information will help others to successfully use your mapping. Thanks! Earthweb HardwareCentral earthwebdeveloper CrossNodes Datamation

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