If your cable modem uses your telephone line to send data to the Internet, you can still share your connection.  But there are a few things you need to be aware of.

There are two types of “Telco return” cable modems. Let’s call them “Bundled” and “Unbundled” (this is my terminology, not the cable modem manufacturers’).

  • Unbundled”  products require you to use a modem in your PC

  • Bundled” products either have the dialup modem built into them or use an external dialup modem attached to them, not the PC.

If you have a “Bundled” telco-return cable modem, you can probably use any of the products or methods described in this site.  The cable modem will handle the data transparently to you and make sure it goes out through the right connection.  Examples of “Bundled” modems are the Hybrid N-200 and N-201.

If you have an “Unbundled” telco-return cable modem, then the following probably applies to you:

  • You won’t be able to use a hardware router.  There aren’t any products that handle the split routing that telco-return cable modems require.
    (A hardware router, might work, if you’re willing to start the telco-return dialup connection manually and keep it alive, but I don’t think this is a good solution.)

  • Not all sharing programs handle this kind of connection very well.   DEFINITELY FORGET trying to use the Wingate 2.1 version.  You might have luck with Microsoft’s ICS, but then again, you might not.

  • You may have to try a couple of different sharing programs to find one that works with your particular modem.
    Follow the Cable Modem path on the site to set up your network and try either Sygate or Ositis’ WinProxy as your sharing software.

User Success Reports

  • Andrew Bielecki successfully uses a Linksys Router with his ‘One way’ cable modem service from RCN. Cable modem is a Hybrid Networks N-202X with an internal analog modem 56k dial up.

  • The new version of Sygate that has a “single NIC” install option has been reported to work.

  • One way unbundled cable modem from com21 works with AnalogX Proxy server.

  • A reader reports that WinRoute Pro (NAT) and PPPShar (a proxy) work great under 98(SE) and WinME work with an unbundled one-way cable modem configuration.   It’s also reported to work with DirecPC.

  • The AnalogX Proxy server is reported by one user to work for both bundled and unbundled telco return cable modems.  Although it’s a proxy server (vs. a NAT router), it’s FREE!

  • A helpful reader has also reported that NAT32 worked for his telco-return cable modem.

  • We’ve had reports of success using ICS and a Hybrid cable modem and HTC Netracer as ISP

  • A reader reports sucess using Wingate 3, one from a user with a Hybrid cable modem and RCN as their ISP, another with a COM21 cable modem and HSA as ISP.

Let us know if you find other programs that work for you!