These devices share a Broadband Internet connection and provide a firewall between your LAN and the Internet

Wireless Networking

These products allow you to build your network without running cables since they work via radio.  Client cards including USB, PC Card, even Compact Flash cards are covered, as well as access points and routing/gateway products are covered. There’s also coverage of Bluetooth Adapters.


Standard boxes for quick and dirty network expansion are covered here, as well as routing products that include built in switches.

Network Attached Storage

Relatively low cost network disk drives that give you an instant file server.

Print Servers

Put your printer on the network for instant sharing among all the users. This section includes dedicated wireless print servers as well as routing units with built in print server capability.

Software Proxy Servers & Routers

swatchlogo-mini-8891436These products use one of your computers to share an Internet connection.  Reviews are provided by our sister site ServerWatch


Read our take on current titles that cover home, SOHO, and small business networking. Current titles include:

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iNetPrivacy Software AntiFirewall
If your company has cut you off from Internet services other than Web surfing, AntiFirewall promises a sly workaround. You can supposedly resume your instant messaging, file transfers, chat, and more — sadly, the product barely delivers. – 8/28/2002