These pages describe how to share a single internet connection among multiple computers.  Connection via dial-up modem and various broadband connection methods are described.

What you’ll Need!
These pages assume that you have some general familiarity with computer networking and are familiar with Win9X peer to peer or MacOS networking specifically.

You’ll also need:

  1. a working dial-up Internet account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or

  2. a working broadband (cable, DSL, satellite, etc.) Internet connection.

But I don’t do Windows!
You might notice that the site tends to be Windows “flavored”, but don’t despair if you have a Mac or would rather use Linux or another *nix variant, you’ll find help here, too!  Just hop over to this page for the Mac, or this page for Linux/*nix to see what your options are. Then come back here and follow the cable modem or dial-up link below if you need help setting up your network or installing TCP/IP.

How about ‘DSL?
Go to this page for more info if you’re trying to share any sort of DSL connection.

Got a “One-way” cablemodem?
Go to this page for more info if your cable modem uses your telephone line to “upload” data to the internet.

Got DirecPC or other satellite broadband?
Go to this page for info on how to share this type of connection.

On with the show!
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dial-up modem.

I have a
broadband modem.