IRVINE, Calif. & BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 14, 2000–

Linksys(R), the leading provider of networking and broadband networking hardware solutions to homes as well as to small and medium offices environments, today announced a joint marketing agreement with the Tzolkin Corporation, provider of the TZO.COM Dynamic DNS service.

Under this agreement starting today, Linksys will bundle a Free 30-Day trial CD-ROM of the award-winning TZO.COM Dynamic DNS Windows and Linux client software and a 20% discount option in all packages of popular selling Linksys Cable/DSL Routers (models BEFSR41 ESP $199 and BEFSR11 ESP $129) throughout North America. By the end of 2000, Linksys expects to ship over 500,000 Cable/DSL routers.

The TZO.COM Dynamic DNS service allows small businesses, associations, and individuals to host a web site, email system, FTP site and more on their own servers and at their own locations whether they have a static or dynamic IP address. Having a dynamic IP address typically prevents a user from running an Internet server. The TZO.COM service addresses this problem through its proprietary Dynamic DNS server and client software, which detects the user’s current IP address and links it with the user’s domain name. The TZO software will give users hands-on control over their own Internet presence. The reliability of the TZO service is assured through a distributed Dynamic DNS server system with servers in 5 different locations throughout the US and Canada. The TZO.COM servers are connected to the Internet through four major Internet backbones. Even with a significant geographic disruption, users can rely on the performance of the TZO.COM Dynamic DNS system.

“The users of broadband connections are exactly the users who can best benefit from our arrangement to bundle TZO.COM client software with Linksys networking products,” said Gary Cook, CEO of Tzolkin Corporation. “The fastest growing market segment for networking products is the small to medium sized business market and Linksys’ 30% market share in this market segment is impressive. Combining our TZO.COM service with Linksys networking products is a winning combination that helps both our companies to offer significant added value to our customers.”

The Linksys 4-port and 1-port Cable/DSL Routers, bundled with the TZO Dynamic DNS client software, enable home or office users to connect their PCs easily and affordably to a broadband connection. Users can then access the Internet securely through their cable or DSL modem and perform networking tasks such as file and printer sharing. The Linksys routers also offer other features such as:

 –Network Address Translation (NAT) for Firewall functionality
–BEFSR41 model includes 4-Port 10/100 Switch
–PPPoE Support –PPTP/IPSec Pass-Thru
–IP Forwarding
–IP Filtering
–RIP 1 and RIP 2
–DHCP Server for supporting up to 253 users
–Configurable through web browser
–24×7 Technical Support

Linksys Director of Business Development, Iris Lin said, “The combination of our Linksys routers and TZO’s Dynamic DNS service gives our routers additional value and makes it easier for our customers to do more with their network over a Cable or DSL connection. We are continually adding more features to our networking products, and teaming up with TZO on this bundle enables us to offer Dynamic DNS service to our customers, and with the high level of customer service they demand.”

More information on Linksys Cable/DSL Routers can be found at or interested parties can call (800) LINKSYS.

Contact Tzolkin for more information or questions regarding Dynamic DNS service packages at

About Linksys Group Inc.

Linksys, an award-winning leader in the development of networking and broadband networking solutions for the Small/Medium Business (SMB), Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) and Enterprise environments, has been the number-one manufacturer of networking hardware in the retail channel for over 3 years – currently owning 30% of the market. Through this position, Linksys has become the fastest growing networking hardware manufacturer in the distribution channel and the lead seller of networking hardware online through E-tailers. Linksys products emphasize speed, affordability, reliability, ease of installation and widespread compatibility and are sold through leading master distributors, computer resellers, and E-commerce and retail stores worldwide.

About Tzolkin Corp.

Located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the Tzolkin Corporation, through its TZO.COM product line, provides software tools and services that help small and medium sized businesses, associations, and individuals increase the value of their Internet connections. With the TZO.COM Dynamic DNS service users who have either a static or dynamic IP address can take control of their own web site, email, ftp service and more. Using TZO.COM can also reduce the cost of their on-line presence and improve the performance of their on-line activities.

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