11/12/01: Linksys has release Version 1.4h.3 firmware.

10/11/01: Linksys has released Version 1.4g.5 firmware.

8/30/01:Linksys has released Version 1.4f.8 firmware that adds major new capabilities to their WAP11 Access Point:

Wireless Bridging of Physically Separated LANs with both Point to Point and Point to Multipoint modes (in addition to straight AP mode)

  • NEW! Ability to act as a Wireless Client!

  • MAC Address Filtering

  • IP Filtering

  • SNMP Configuration Utility Password Protection

  • DHCP Client

  • 128-bit WEP

NOTE! The upgrade can be performed only via the WAP11’s USB interface and by using the upgrade program in the wap11fw.zip file.

Click here for the firmware Release Notes.

Click here for the firmware upgrade instructions (ReadMe file).

Click here to download a copy of an updated User Manual

There is also a download that will install new (1.7c.8) USB and SNMP Manager utilities [download], which we recommend you download and install to replace your old versions.

NOTE! The Version 1.7c.8 utilities allow control of  the following capabilities:

  • IP Filtering

  • AP Client mode

  • Direct Add/ Modify / Delete of MAC address association control list (SNMP utility only)

There’s a helpful article  by Glenn Fleishman over on O’Reilly’s Wireless Devcenter that describes a WAP11 bridging setup that the author set up.  Worth a read! [Thnx Monty Solomon!]