Having a Mac as a sharing Client doesn’t actually complicate things that much.  In fact, it doesn’t complicate setting up the sharing computer at all!
It does get a little confusing, however, when it comes to non-Internet sharing services, i.e. normal networking between the two machines in order to share files, printers, etc.  That has to be handled by either another protocol (other than TCP/IP), another service or both.

I use PC MACLAN from Miramar Systems for normal file sharing between the Mac and PC.  It is installed on the PC and adds an Appletalk service.  It works for file sharing, but if you want the PC to use a non-Postscript printer (Stylewriter, etc.) directly connected to the Mac…. well that’s another story.
As far as this exercise is concerned, PC MACLAN and TCP/IP can peacefully coexist on the same network.  Just remember that just because the PC can see the Mac in Network Neighborhood and the Mac can see the PC in the Chooser, doesn’t mean that the TCP/IP side of things needed for Internet sharing is working.

Another solution for allowing normal file and print sharing in a mixed Mac / PC network is DAVE from Thursby Software Systems. DAVE installs on the Mac and provides a NetBios driver.

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