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tip_hp-6950681Tip: If you’re looking for copies of the IEEE 802.11 series standards, the IEEE is now making them available in PDF format, six months after initial publication. Go to the “Get IEEE 802” Web site to get ’em!

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General & Survey Articles




July 2000

Top 10 Things to Know about Wireless (Network Computing)

Part of a larger Network Computing wireless survey article.  Good to check out if you’re wondering whether products from different standards will work with each other

April 2000

Home Wireless Networks – Disconnected Connectivity

Easy-to-understand and complete comparison of WiFiHomeRFBluetooth, and other wireless networking standards.

April 2000

Wireless witin Corporate Reach

PCWeek test of Lucent, 3COM, and Cisco 802.11b wireless systems.

March 2000

Wireless LANs

PC Magazine article on Wireless Networking (includes info on who uses what chipset).

Feb 2000

Wireless networks on collision course in
the home (EE Times)

Has nice chart of all the recent wireless standards.

[No date]

Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 Access Point Product Reference Guide

One very long page, and maybe too technical for novices, but clearly written and a great place to learn about how Wireless networks work.  Has a good description of how Access Points talk to each other and definitions of common 802.11b radio parameters.

[No date]

Wireless Networking Q&A

Interesting introductory article on Wireless networking by Vicomsoft

802.11 (The Original)

Overview of the IEEE 802.11 Standard

A little more technical than the other articles, but if you’re looking for technical details on the 802.11 standard, give it a try.

The IEEE 802.11 Wireless Standard (Proxim)

Shorter, but a little more approachable by novice readers than the above article.


802.11a: Making Space for Speed (Network Computing)

Another excellent article from Network Computing. Has technical info on the 802.11a standard, chip vendor info, and product availability.

Wireless home nets need 802.11a (EE Times)

Get the poop on this new 54Mbps standard!

802.11b / WiFi

Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 Access Point Product Reference Guide

One very long page, but clearly written and a great place to learn about how Wireless networks work.

WLAN Technical Info

Lots of information about the Intersil PRISM chipset that is used in many 802.11b wireless products can be obtained here.

Secrets of the 802.11b Masters

Short article by Rich Santelesa with a couple of good practical tips for getting your wireless network running.

Product Survey Articles

Go here for links to articles that look at and compare a number of products at once.


new2-8163127New Wireless Standards Challenge 802.11b

Actually includes info on Bluetooth and 802.11b, but good summary of what 802.11g is.

new2-8163127802.11g Faces its Final Hurdle

Article by Bob Liu describes the delay in getting the specs nailed down on this 20+Mbps version of the 802.11 standard.


Technical Summary of the Home RF SWAP Specification (pdf) 

One page. Just what it says it is.

HomeRF Technical Overview Presentation (pdf) 

Good technical info (with good illustrations) on the HomeRF standard.

HomeRF.org documents 

Links to the index of all the FAQ and White Papers available from the HomeRF folks.


The Bluetooth Invasion Begins 

Easy to read overview of Bluetooth, its capabilities, and applications.

Reliability of IEEE 802.11 Hi Rate (802.11b) DSSS WLANs in a High Density Bluetooth Environment

Provides a good interference model (with references) and analysis of interaction between the two. Includes analysis of effects of BT frequency hops on to 802.11b space and the probability thereof. (PDF file)
[Thnx Doug Rollins!]

Bluetooth Voice and Data Performance in 802.11 DSSS WLAN Environment

Discusses the effect of 802.11b on a 0dBm Bluetooth link. (PDF file)
[Thnx Doug Rollins!]