Below is a quick and easy tool that Converts bytes to kilobytes.

Simply enter the bytes value into the first field and press convert button to convert to kilobytes (KB).

How Many Kilobytes in a Byte?

1 byte is equal to 0.001 kilobytes / 0-3 kilobytes in base 10 (decimal) in SI.

1 byte is also equal to 0.0009765625 kilobytes / 2-10 kilobytes in base 2 (binary) system.

Definition of a Byte

A Byte is the basic unit of digital information storage and transmission. It is one of the fundamental units in computer systems. It is made up of 8 bits.

1 byte = 8 bits

Each bit (a portmanteau of binary digit) represents a ‘0’ or ‘1’ in binary code, the fundamental language of digital devices.

Because a byte represents a relatively small amount of data, it’s often used with a prefix like kilo-, mega-, giga-, tera-, etc., which denote powers of 1024 in the binary (base 2) system.

Definition of a Kilobyte

A kilobyte (KB) like a small digital box that can hold a certain amount of information. In most cases, it can hold about 1024 tiny pieces of information. These tiny pieces of information is called “bytes”.

1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes ( Kilobyte in SI and base 10 (decimal) )


1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes ( Kilobyte in base 2 (binary) )

But why 1024, you ask?

Well, computers use a binary system, which means everything is based on powers of 2, and 1024 is 2 raised to the power of 10.

Now, sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with internet speeds or hard drive sizes, people might say a kilobyte is 1000 bytes. That’s because it’s a bit simpler for us humans to think in terms of round numbers like 1000 instead of 1024.

Bytes vs Kilobytes

Kilobytes (KB)Bytes (B)
103 bytes (base 10)100 bytes (base 10)
10001 bytes10000 bytes
1,000 bytes1 bytes
210 bytes (base 2)20 bytes (base 2)
1,024 bytes1 bytes
1,000 × 8 bits1 × 8 bits
8,000 bits8 bits

Difference Between Bytes and Kilobytes

A Kilobyte is greater than Byte. One Kilobyte contains 1,000 Bytes

Unit NameByte (B)Kilobyte (KB)
Unit SymbolBkB
Defined Value8 bits10^3 or 1000^1 Bytes
Value in Bits88,000
Value in Bytes11,000

How to Calculate Bytes to Kilobytes

The conversion from Bytes to Kilobytes can be done using either the decimal system (base 10) or the binary system (base 2), depending on the context. Here’s how you do it in both systems:

  1. Decimal System (Base 10) – This system is commonly used in general computing and storage (like hard disk storage).To convert Bytes to Kilobytes in the decimal system, divide the number of bytes by 1000, because there are 1000 bytes in a kilobyte in this system.

    For example, if you have 5000 bytes and you want to convert this to kilobytes:5000 Bytes ÷ 1000 = 5 KB

  2. Binary System (Base 2) – This system is often used in programming and memory (like RAM).To convert Bytes to Kilobytes in the binary system, divide the number of bytes by 1024, because there are 1024 bytes in a kilobyte in this system.

    For example, if you have 5000 bytes and you want to convert this to kilobytes:5000 Bytes ÷ 1024 ≈ 4.88 KB

In most cases, the decimal system is used, but it’s always good to know which system is being used in your particular situation.

Bytes to KB Conversion Table

Bytes (Bytes)Kilobytes (KB) decimalKilobytes (KB) binary
1 Byte0.001 KB0.0009765625 KB
10 Bytes0.01 KB0.009765625 KB
20 Bytes0.02 KB0.01953125 KB
30 Bytes0.03 KB0.029296875 KB
40 Bytes0.04 KB0.0390625 KB
50 Bytes0.05 KB0.048828125 KB
60 Bytes0.06 KB0.05859375 KB
70 Bytes0.07 KB0.068359375 KB
80 Bytes0.08 KB0.078125 KB
90 Bytes0.09 KB0.087890625 KB
100 Bytes0.1 KB0.09765625 KB
110 Bytes0.11 KB0.107421875 KB
120 Bytes0.12 KB0.1171875 KB
130 Bytes0.13 KB0.126953125 KB
140 Bytes0.14 KB0.13671875 KB
150 Bytes0.15 KB0.146484375 KB
160 Bytes0.16 KB0.15625 KB
170 Bytes0.17 KB0.166015625 KB
180 Bytes0.18 KB0.17578125 KB
190 Bytes0.19 KB0.185546875 KB
200 Bytes0.2 KB0.1953125 KB
210 Bytes0.21 KB0.205078125 KB
220 Bytes0.22 KB0.21484375 KB
230 Bytes0.23 KB0.224609375 KB
240 Bytes0.24 KB0.234375 KB
250 Bytes0.25 KB0.244140625 KB
260 Bytes0.26 KB0.25390625 KB
270 Bytes0.27 KB0.263671875 KB
280 Bytes0.28 KB0.2734375 KB
290 Bytes0.29 KB0.283203125 KB
300 Bytes0.3 KB0.29296875 KB
310 Bytes0.31 KB0.302734375 KB
320 Bytes0.32 KB0.3125 KB
330 Bytes0.33 KB0.322265625 KB
340 Bytes0.34 KB0.33203125 KB
350 Bytes0.35 KB0.341796875 KB
360 Bytes0.36 KB0.3515625 KB
370 Bytes0.37 KB0.361328125 KB
380 Bytes0.38 KB0.37109375 KB
390 Bytes0.39 KB0.380859375 KB
400 Bytes0.4 KB0.390625 KB
410 Bytes0.41 KB0.400390625 KB
420 Bytes0.42 KB0.41015625 KB
430 Bytes0.43 KB0.419921875 KB
440 Bytes0.44 KB0.4296875 KB
450 Bytes0.45 KB0.439453125 KB
460 Bytes0.46 KB0.44921875 KB
470 Bytes0.47 KB0.458984375 KB
480 Bytes0.48 KB0.46875 KB
490 Bytes0.49 KB0.478515625 KB
500 Bytes0.5 KB0.48828125 KB
510 Bytes0.51 KB0.498046875 KB
520 Bytes0.52 KB0.5078125 KB
530 Bytes0.53 KB0.517578125 KB
540 Bytes0.54 KB0.52734375 KB
550 Bytes0.55 KB0.537109375 KB
560 Bytes0.56 KB0.546875 KB
570 Bytes0.57 KB0.556640625 KB
580 Bytes0.58 KB0.56640625 KB
590 Bytes0.59 KB0.576171875 KB
600 Bytes0.6 KB0.5859375 KB
610 Bytes0.61 KB0.595703125 KB
620 Bytes0.62 KB0.60546875 KB
630 Bytes0.63 KB0.615234375 KB
640 Bytes0.64 KB0.625 KB
650 Bytes0.65 KB0.634765625 KB
660 Bytes0.66 KB0.64453125 KB
670 Bytes0.67 KB0.654296875 KB
680 Bytes0.68 KB0.6640625 KB
690 Bytes0.69 KB0.673828125 KB
700 Bytes0.7 KB0.68359375 KB
710 Bytes0.71 KB0.693359375 KB
720 Bytes0.72 KB0.703125 KB
730 Bytes0.73 KB0.712890625 KB
740 Bytes0.74 KB0.72265625 KB
750 Bytes0.75 KB0.732421875 KB
760 Bytes0.76 KB0.7421875 KB
770 Bytes0.77 KB0.751953125 KB
780 Bytes0.78 KB0.76171875 KB
790 Bytes0.79 KB0.771484375 KB
800 Bytes0.8 KB0.78125 KB
810 Bytes0.81 KB0.791015625 KB
820 Bytes0.82 KB0.80078125 KB
830 Bytes0.83 KB0.810546875 KB
840 Bytes0.84 KB0.8203125 KB
850 Bytes0.85 KB0.830078125 KB
860 Bytes0.86 KB0.83984375 KB
870 Bytes0.87 KB0.849609375 KB
880 Bytes0.88 KB0.859375 KB
890 Bytes0.89 KB0.869140625 KB
900 Bytes0.9 KB0.87890625 KB
910 Bytes0.91 KB0.888671875 KB
920 Bytes0.92 KB0.8984375 KB
930 Bytes0.93 KB0.908203125 KB
940 Bytes0.94 KB0.91796875 KB
950 Bytes0.95 KB0.927734375 KB
960 Bytes0.96 KB0.9375 KB
970 Bytes0.97 KB0.947265625 KB
980 Bytes0.98 KB0.95703125 KB
990 Bytes0.99 KB0.966796875 KB
1000 Bytes1 KB0.9765625 KB